Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Daycare

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Daycare

In today’s world, women are considered strong, independent, ambitious, and successful. But what about working mothers? Does being a mother make all those qualities a backseat? I think that nothing should stop a woman from growing.

As maternity leave come to an end, the question every working mother has is, “How will my kid be taken care of if I resume working?” I also went through this, but then my husband and I decided to opt for daycare and with God’s blessing my son doing great.

Here are some major parameters to keep in mind while looking for a daycare

Security: A good daycare should have a proper security system which includes CCTV cameras, locked gates, security guards, etc. Also, make sure that they have a policy in place to ensure that the kids are picked up by their parents.

Environment: The daycare should have people who are loving, compassionate, and caring. It doesn’t matter if the daycare does not have expensive toys to attract babies. A baby needs care and love, and that’s the most crucial factor to look for while selecting a daycare

Hygiene: It’s essential to check the cleanliness of the daycare. The place should be clean and well-maintained to protect the kids from infections and diseases.

Child and caretaker ratio: A daycare should have 1:1 ratio for children below the age of 1.5 years and 1:2 for above kids above the age of 1.5 years. This will ensure that the kids are looked after well.

Emergency medical facility: You must check if the daycare has tie-ups with doctors or hospitals nearby, in case of an emergency.

Food options: Many daycares provide food to children above the age of 1.5 years but not to kids younger than that. You should inquire how do they cook the food and what kind of food is provided. For kids younger than 1.5 years, you must ask them if you are supposed to send their food or give the daycare the food items to prepare the baby’s meal.

These are some important concerns one should verify while selecting a daycare. I hope these points are helpful.

All the best, Mommies!

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