Don't Panic! Babies Do Have Mood Swings!

Don’t Panic! Babies Do Have Mood Swings!

For parents, baby mood swings are unpredictable and sometimes never-ending. Every child is different; that’s how their behaviours are too. Some of them are too fussy while some are pleasant; their moods change in a fraction of second.

New parents can be frustrated by baby mood swings, but it takes time and patience to identify baby behaviour. There is nothing to panic because the behaviour changes every two weeks as they learn something new on a regular basis. But it’s important to remember not to compare your child with others, not even siblings.

The reason behind their fussy behaviour is that they go through so many development stages at the same time. Learning new skills can leave the baby frustrated and scared as learning is hard work for everyone.

Sometimes they get clingy because of insecurities, and they want their parents or caregivers around them throughout the day. Babies do recognise them with touch.

It takes time for a baby to learn how to express their feelings. In between what they want to say and what they tried to say, tantrums commence.

Here are some tips to make the child happy:

  1. Take Your Child Out

Taking children out is important for physical, mental health, and overall development. Take your little one to open areas or gardens where he/she can play freely, but with some precautions. More outdoor time is linked with improved motor development and lower obesity rates

2. Give a Bath (if he/she enjoys it)

A bath helps in resetting the baby mood and its soothing, too. Babies love being in the water, and warm water can be fun and relaxing for them.

3. Change Works Wonders

If the child is out of control, then change the room or give a favourite toy or play a favourite rhyme. Do something which can distract your child.

4. Follow Up Routine

The key to babies’ happy mood is to follow a routine. Therefore, ensure your child adheres to set sleep and nap schedule, mealtime, and playtime. This gives a sense of security and comfort to the child.

Here are some more tips for the parents:

  • It’s important for parents to stay calm.
  • Try a new activity with them.
  • Speak in a soothing voice.
  • Spend time with them.
  • Observe their behaviour.
  • Create a happy place.
  • Play with your children.

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