Exhaustion During Pregnancy

Exhaustion During Pregnancy

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I am going to share the story of my pregnancy while I worked in a multinational firm. My pregnancy journey was not really normal. I was hospitalized for three days while I was three months pregnant. I actually came to know about my pregnancy when I was already 8 weeks pregnant. This news came as a surprise for me. I had mixed feelings about it – I was happy and worried at the same time.

I was happy because I was going to be a mommy but at the same time, I was worried about how I was going to deal with my pregnancy as I was working and living with my husband and not with in-laws. For the first 3 months, I experienced almost all the symptoms of pregnancy like vomiting, mood swings, irritation, stress, and the likes. Then the ligament pain started. I started feeling so exhausted and felt that I should not go to the office. During that time, it became very difficult for me to sit on a chair and work. Although I used to get 1 extra hour to take rest because of my health condition, that didn’t help much. I pushed myself way too much.

The result was that one day in the office, I started bleeding. It was my 3rd month of pregnancy. I started crying and called my husband. He came leaving all his work aside and took me to the hospital. In the hospital, the doctor performed two ultrasound scans in the emergency. The doctor said that the blood was coming out of the placenta. Doctors gave me a few injections and prescribed a few medicines, which I took on time. I was on complete bed rest for 3 days. I felt so blessed and lucky that everything was normal afterwards. That was the day when I had to decide whether I should take a risk and go to work or take bed rest as per doctor’s recommendation. Later, my doctor recommended me to be on complete bed rest for the next 3 months. Finally, I made my mind and decided to take leave for a few months – paid and unpaid both.

I realised that in critical situations like these, it is always good to keep the job on hold for a while. If you are pregnant, you should ask for unpaid leaves if you don’t have paid leaves. Looking back, I realise that I shouldn’t have stretched myself so much. I was fortunate that everything turned out normal and just fine for me after that incident. But pregnant women should not take these kinds of risks. If you stress yourself and feel fatigued or exhausted, don’t wait for maternity leaves – take unpaid leaves if it is possible for you. Remember, your baby’s life is important and your health too. Consult your doctor and take rest. Have a healthy pregnancy!

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