Let Your Kids Flourish the Way They Are

Let Your Kids Flourish the Way They Are

Pandal Hopping – That’s the most common word and activity for us during puja days. This year pandal hopping in a real sense was not possible as our little one is just three and a half months old. But still, we went to visit one pandal. After carefully putting all the items in his diaper bag, I missed one. The most important thing during monsoon- an umbrella! So we got stuck in the pandal and here comes the main part of the story; one conversation that was going on just beside me.

It was between two ladies, both of them I think had daughters who were 12-13 years old. The conversation went like this – one mother complaining about their daughter’s development and how her growth was not up to the mark. She is lagging behind the kids of her age. Then the second mother enquired why she felt that way and her answer was the real shocker!

Do you know what made her think like that? It was because her daughter doesn’t like to spend her time on social media. Like really?! Yes, that is what she said, and she continued, “Her friends are very active on social media and the internet. She said she is not interested in that stuff. She spends her free time doing handicrafts and paintings. How will she keep up with her peers in the future?”

This is entirely my personal opinion. Still, most of you may agree that using social media or Tik-Tok is not bad, simultaneously not using them doesn’t mean that any kid or adult is lagging behind. It should be about ‘choice’, and not ‘compulsion’ right? I am very active on social media, but my husband, who is a doctor, does not use it. Does that make him less intelligent? I don’t think so. When all of us are struggling to limit our child’s mobile usage, this lady’s daughter’s preference should be seen as a blessing. I am sure that the mother also wants what is best for her daughter. But we should not compare our kids to others’ kids. All of them have their unique talent.

Let them flourish the way they want. Let them grow. Support them, guide them. Make them better human beings. That will be more rewarding than anything else.

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