My Pillar of Strength - My Father

My Pillar of Strength – My Father

I always felt that I hadn’t thanked my father enough for all the love and care he had showered upon me during my crucial days. But today, through this platform, I feel I have the opportunity to acknowledge all the things he did for me and express gratitude.

After 7 years of my marriage, I was able to conceive but it was a complicated pregnancy. I was on complete bed rest and had to depend on hormonal shots to sustain the pregnancy. Travelling was forbidden, so I had to stay back in Nagpur. And I couldn’t go home to be with my parents in Odisha.

When I entered the 8th month of pregnancy, one day all hell broke loose on us. My father-in-law, who was suffering from multiple medical issues, passed away. It was a difficult time for the entire family. My husband had to leave immediately to our hometown to perform the last rites and follow the 14 days rituals. My mother being a school teacher, couldn’t apply for immediate leaves as the final exams of the students were around the corner. So my father had to leave alone for Nagpur.

It was around this time that my baby was not gaining enough weight and my amniotic fluid level was dropping. My dad took charge of my health. He cooked food for me, in spite of the cook coming daily to her work. He made sure that I ate nutritious food and prepared all the delicacies that I love.

He didn’t leave me alone for a moment; he made sure he was always there to cater to my needs. I still remember he used to put a mattress and sleep on the floor of my bedroom just to be there for me. What if I needed something at night if he won’t be around? That’s what he thought!

To add to the agony, my gynaecologist prescribed amino acid IV drips on alternate days to improve my amniotic fluid. My dad used to accompany me to the hospital daily and would sit and wait for 8 hours for the drips to get over. One such day, after returning from the hospital I had a fever, it was due to the drip. He prayed the whole night for my well-being. I was able to sail through the most difficult days of my pregnancy because of my strength, my father.

After childbirth, I had become too weak. My baby used to stay awake all night and sometimes I used to doze off. I still remember, my dad would come and carry my son, and pacify him until I woke up from sleep. My son had severe colic pain in infancy. He used to cry for hours in the evening. It was so exhaustive for me, both physically and mentally. My mom and dad made sure that I didn’t have to go through it alone. My dad would give medication to my son and chant prayers to calm him until he fell asleep.

My father thinks that my son is the answer to his prayers. Vihaan, my son, is the apple of his eyes. My pregnancy and childbirth made me realise how much my father loves me. He would never hug me and say how much he loves me, but he has his own special ways of going out of the way and doing things for me. My son has made this father-daughter bond even stronger.

A supportive husband, a doting father, and an extremely caring and loving grandfather. He has always treated my mother as his equal. He never discriminated between me and my brother, and that makes him a true gentleman. If my son could inculcate half of my father’s qualities, I would consider myself truly blessed.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

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