Every Woman is Special in Her Own Way - Know Your Worth

Every Woman is Special in Her Own Way – Know Your Worth

‘Woman’ is the strongest and most beautiful creation of God…she is the creator of life; address of love; the asset of her entire family. Whether it is family, social life, politics or business, toady, women are walking hand-in-hand with men.

She bears so much pain and suffers from so many ailments keeping her baby in her womb for nine months and then delivers the baby; she is the first teacher. She not only teaches the basics like eating, walking, etc but she is also the mirror of her child and lays the foundation for building up a good character. That’s why it is said that as God cannot be everywhere, he created a MOTHER. Each and every woman is extraordinary in her efforts to keep her family and children happy.

In our country, women are suffering in different ways, either in the form of dowry at the time of marriag; leaving their jobs under the pressure of their in-laws; recurrent child birth and abortions in the lust of in-laws for a male child, or being beaten by a drunkard husband. Whether educated or not, women work hard inside the house, and outside to fulfil the requirements of the family. Despite of all their sacrifices and hard work, many a times they do not get the respect, love and affection they rightly deserve. So it’s high time for the women out there to know their real worth.

Be successful and independent by fighting for your dreams, your vision, your thoughts and ideas and just stop being quiet whenever your are harassed in any form. Just give up over small fights with the husband and in-laws. Just stop small fights for the attention of others and to meet everyone’s expectations from you. The most important aspect of women’s empowerment in today’s life is just to support each and every other women you know – either your friend, mother, colleague or your house help. Because when women support each other, incredible, unbelievable, unexpected things and great achievements happen. This is the real NAARI SHAKTI.

Salute to selfless love and sacrifice of each and every NAARI for the betterment of her family and society as a whole. Loads of love to all.

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