Importance of a Physiotherapist During Pregnancy

Importance of a Physiotherapist During Pregnancy

A few days back, I was having severe hand and neck pain. This time around, I consulted a Physiotherapist instead of popping in pain killers. In one sitting, I felt the difference! That’s without any medicine. She counseled me with some compensatory movements for my day-to-day routine. Only then, I realize that I had spent so much money on pain relief gel and medicine without giving physiotherapy a thought. Curiosity struck, and I wanted to indulge more in the importance of physiotherapy in a women’s life. The knowledge I gained is a revelation. Read on to find out…

  • A physiotherapist helps you with prenatal pregnancy postures. This helps reduce the strain in the lower back and helps deal with discomfort in pelvic joints. Many women also face issues with breathing during pregnancy. Breathing exercises play a vital role in pregnancy.
  •  A physiotherapist helps you with postnatal (post-pregnancy). Post-pregnancy, a women’s health gets poorly impacted. In India, post-pregnancy, we take more than a week of body massage. It is in our culture! However, delivering a baby is not something one can get over with a massage. A genuine physiotherapist will lead the way firmly to make you a fitter person.
  •  Numbness in hand during pregnancy and in new mother (Carpal Tunnels Syndrome). The swelling in hand compresses the underlying structure. This leads to numbness and swelling in fingers and palms. A physiotherapist helps you to deal with that to make your hand movement pain-free.
  • Incontinence during pregnancy. Many women suffer from urine leakage throughout the pregnancy, and a few experience it even after pregnancy. We all know how much our body changes during pregnancy to accommodate the baby. Once you consult a physiotherapist on this matter, they guide you with Kegels exercise that trains your bladder. They even provide you with a diet plan!
  •  Suppose you are a working mother who has all the house responsibilities along with managing the kids. You know what body aches are! To be functioning, many of us take pills that, in turn, harm us extensively. You don’t even realize what syndrome you are inviting next. Consulting a physiotherapist for any bodily discomfort and aches is the best option!

A physiotherapist naturally solves some of the issues you face pre and post-pregnancy and helps your body become more robust with minimum to no medication!

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