5 Simple and Innovative Ways to Keep Baby Memories Alive Forever

5 Simple and Innovative Ways to Keep Baby Memories Alive Forever

Welcoming a newborn is always full of happiness, excitement, but also anxiety and stress. But amidst all these fireworks of emotions, don’t forget to capture the little one’s performances in your head which is soon going to be a graveyard of brain cells. Well, that’s exactly why you need to put these special moments in your memory bank and that’s why you need a plan.

1. Make an Album

We all have tried to reach out for our phones to get that ‘first’ smile, ‘first’ laugh, ‘first’ tooth, ‘first’ time our baby crawled/walked/ran. Sometimes, we succeeded but a lot of times we missed the moment. I have been pretty lucky to get most of my baby’s firsts but not so lucky with keeping mobiles. I have a history of two broken phones and one stolen and no backup of stuff. Well, to add, I am also very lazy to transfer photos to my laptop. If you are a parent like me, please take your favourite pics out of your mobile and place them inside a beautiful family album and don’t forget to pen down on the backside of pics, the time the pic was taken.

2. Baby Record Book

This was a gift I got from my sister-in-law and it’s one of my most treasured possessions. I filled most of the pages before my kid turned one. It’s a beautiful way to jot down your feelings. Once you are done, just keep it safe and gift it to your baby when he turns older and mature. I can only imagine how my one toothed baby would feel reading what I have written when he gets facial hair and a full set of teeth.

3. Gift an Email Address

I wish I had done this earlier. I would have saved more pics like this. Make an email address in your baby’s name and write letters, send pictures, and videos, tell them funny incidents of that day. This is the best way to save photos and also keep the stories of their childhood fresh. Gift them the password on their 16th birthday and make the day even more special.

4. Jewellery

I haven’t done this yet but if I ever have a girl, I would love to do it for her. There are experts in jewellery making who incorporate whatever you give them like baby’s hair at the time of birth or first fallen tooth or even breast milk, into beautiful pieces of jewellery that your kid can wear and treasure forever.

5. Plant a Tree

There is a village in Rajasthan called Piplantri that plants 111 trees whenever a girl is born. Isn’t it to beautiful? Why not plant a tree and take care of it on your child’s behalf? This is also a wonderful way to show your kids how to keep our planet healthy.There are many innovative ways of making memories. You can come up with your own. Do share with us your ways in the comments section!
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