Creative Toy Storage Ideas in Kids Room

Clever Ways to Store Your Kid’s Toys

Every mom loves to see a clean and organised room, but with the number of toys our kids own, storing them neatly becomes a monumental task. De-cluttering is nothing short of a battle for every parent but relax, we help you win the war with some amazing kids’ toy storage ideas.

Kids’ toys, more toys and still more toys—if you’re a mom, you know the nightmare of trying to fit everything in just to keep your brood’s rooms looking neat. But try as you might, sometimes you fight a losing battle. The answer? Look out for creative toy storage ideas that make the hassle of clearing space a lot easier.

Kids Toy Storage Solutions You Need to Try

1. Built-in Shelves

Go through the available space in your children’s rooms once you’ve tidied everything up and thrown out junk such as broken toys that are beyond repair. Fitting in built-in shelves that take up an entire wall or constructing them in the odd bump-outs and corners of the rooms can make for precious space. Not only will the shelves look good but your children can use them to hold toys that are delicate and need extra care. Start buying wicker baskets to store stuffed animals and smaller toys. They’ll also look cute when placed on the shelves.

2. Window Seats

If there’s a large window in your children’s rooms, create the look of a stylish built-in window seat by using a low table that doubles up as comfy seating and fitting in a large toy storage box with multiple compartments beneath. If your children have even more toys than you thought, you can store them in cardboard boxes and plastic bins in different colours and sizes. Place these into the compartments and cover the table with a comfortable mattress and soft cushions with cute little animals and cartoons.

3. Attractive Wooden Crates

Make your toddlers rooms more charming by putting their toys on display. An old painted wooden crate would serve as a great visual piece while doubling up as the perfect toy storage solution. If your children sleep in bunks, put in a few drawers below that they can easily slide in and out of. They’ll have no excuses not to keep their toys in anymore!

4. Freestanding Wall Units

A freestanding wall unit with lots of cube storage will give your children’s rooms a very contemporary look, not to mention plenty of space. The cubes can be used to store stuffed toys, footballs and action figures to name a few. You can also fill the cubes with foldable bins that are lightweight and easy for your children to reach out for.

Things to Remember

  • Consider your children’s ages and heights before starting with your new organisation plan. It should be easy and practical for your toddlers.
  • Closets with doors won’t work if they’re too small to operate them properly.
  • Open containers would work a lot better as well as storage bags for toys that little hands can open and close easily.
  • Drawers beneath beds that touch the floor should have small wheels attached to make them easy for young kids to open and shut.
  • The drawers should also have smooth channels that let your children handle them with ease.

Organising your children’s rooms can be a tad taxing but with these ideas, we’re sure you’ll solve the problem of how to store toys in kids’ rooms. Put your creativity to use and come up with more fun ways to create space where there’s none. Better still, you could even ask your little ones for ideas!

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