Find Out What Your Husband Wishes You’d Know but Won’t Tell You

7 Things Your Husband Wants You to Know, But Isn’t Telling You!

Do you feel that hubby doesn’t express his feelings as much as he should? Well, there are a lot of things that husbands may not talk about, but want their wives to know. Find out what husbands want and get in tune with your other half.

While there are certain things that your husband may not want to talk about with you, there are others that he wants to tell you, but just won’t. Knowing what he’s thinking can help you surprise him and keep the excitement alive in your marriage.

What Husbands Want that Wives Need to Know

1. He Loves You. He Just Doesn’t Say it That Often

Your husband wants you to know that he loves you dearly. Just because he may not express it every time doesn’t mean he loves you any less. While you may want him to whisper those three magical words in your ears every day and hug and snuggle up with you, he may choose to show his love in other ways. Maybe he surprises you with a special dinner or your favourite perfume or your favourite dessert.

Do THIS for Your Husband: It’s on you to pick up the subtle hints he keeps dropping unknowingly. Just try to listen more for things he seems unable to put into words. Trust us, this is the simplest but most ignored relationship advice for women!

2. He Wants You to Take Charge in Bed

When it comes to sex, we usually leave it up to the man to initiate things. But guys love it when women do the same. If your husband drops hints about his sexy mood, but doesn’t make a move, that’s when he wants you to get naughty. It thrills him to know that you find him desirable and want to make love.

Do THIS for Your Husband: It can take a while to resume an active sex life after having a baby. However, slowly try and revive the spark. Try these aphrodisiac foods and yoga asanas to boost your sex life. Get going and make him feel loved and wanted. Remember – your husband wants you to enjoy sex as well!

3. He Wants You to Give Him as Much Importance as You Give to The Children

After you have a baby, your hands are full. There is little time to go on dates, have sex, or just spend long weekends together doing nothing. However, letting this strain your relationship and eat into your intimacy can be very risky. Your husband loves being a father and loves his kids a lot. However, you are the woman in his life and he wants you to pay him attention too, just like you used to do before you had children.

Do THIS for Your Husband: Don’t give up on the things you used to enjoy as a couple, as far as possible. Try to get as much help as you can from your family members, friends, etc., and make time for couple time.

4. He Wants to be Appreciated Every Now and Then, Just Like You Do

He works to provide the family with a comfortable life and would love a little appreciation every once in a while.

Do THIS for Your Husband: You don’t need to show it to him in a grand way. Just the occasional ‘thank you’ and kisses and cuddles would go a long way in answering the age-old question of how to make husband happy. Avoid saying hurtful things when he fails to do something as per your expectations, especially related to baby chores. You should also remind your children how awesome their daddy is and that it makes him happy when they appreciate him.

5. He Wants You to Cuddle Him. Who Says Men Don’t Like That?

There’s a little boy in every man who wants to be cuddled when he gets back from work. When you have children who demand all your love and attention, it’s easy to forget that even your husband needs the same things. What a husband needs from his wife may not always be evident, but men do yearn for a hug from the women they love.

Do THIS for Your Husband: Just keep in mind that your man has certain reasons for behaving the way he does, cuddle him often to strengthen your physical and emotional bond, and make his day.

6. He Doesn’t Like to Always Keep Guessing What You Want

We love it when our husband guesses exactly what we want, whether it is a birthday gift, the wish to order in food for the day’s dinner, or the desire to go on a holiday. However, it is unfair on our part to expect men to be telepathic. While some men are highly intuitive, many aren’t. They love it when we are direct about what we want and tell them honestly.

Do THIS for Your Husband: Open up your needs, wants and desires. Have straightforward conversations with him and save him from the stress of doing guesswork.

7. He Finds You Very Attractive, Even when You Yourself Don’t

He loves being the man of the house and looking after you and the kids gives him a sense of pride. He loves you, your body and the way you turn him on.

Do THIS for Your Husband: Every so often, give him even more to love by dressing up sensually, flirting with him and responding to his advances. You can go the distance by taking his fantasies to the next level.

Men being men, they seldom express their feelings, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to. Being in tune with your husband and knowing what he’s feeling can help strengthen your bond. Try to read through his gestures and hints to understand those unspoken words he’s dying to tell you, but isn’t.

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