Classical Music for Babies - Benefits & How to Choose One

Classical Music for Babies – Benefits and Recommendations

We all love listening to different styles or genres of music. Where some of us may be big fans of rock, jazz, pop or contemporary, there are quite a few western classical music fans too. However, are you aware that your baby can benefit greatly from classical music? Well, it may be hard to believe, but classical music may prove to be beneficial for your baby. Read this article to know how this kind of music may impact your munchkin, and we shall also be sharing some of our western classical music recommendations.

Why Should You Choose Classical Music for Your Babies?

Are you wondering if classical music is good for babies? Well, many experts are of the opinion that there is a great significance of classical music for babies’ brain development. Here’s why you should opt for classical music for your babies:

1. It May Help with Your Baby’s Language Development

Listening to soothing music, such as classical music, may prove to be helpful for your baby’s language development. This is because babies or young children who listen to such kind of music on a regular basis develop better memory skills. Improved memory skills help in improving a baby’s language skills, both verbal and written.

2. It May Help in Impacting Your Baby’s Health in a Positive Way

Classical music and songs have soothing music and tunes. Such kind of music has a calming and soothing effect on your baby. A baby who feels calm and happy does better in terms of growth and development. Proper growth and development means improved overall health.

3. It May Help Your Baby Sleep Better

The relaxing and soothing effects of classical music help babies sleep better. It is observed that babies who sleep better, or are better rested, do better in terms of their overall development, in comparison to babies who have disturbed sleeping patterns or babies who do not sleep well.

Helps your baby sleep better

4. It May Help in Improving Your Baby’s Mental Health

Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand. Just the way a baby requires proper nutrition for maintaining good physical health, it is equally important to nurture a baby’s mental health. Classical music does wonder in making your baby feel happy and calm. Listening to such kind of music helps in releasing feel-good hormones, also known as endorphins, in the body. Endorphins help in relaxing the brain and thus, improve the mental health of the baby.

5. It May Be Helpful In Creating Mozart Effect

Mozart effect is a term, which was first used by a French researcher Dr Alfred A.Tomatis. This researcher was of the opinion that listening to classical music can increase spatial-temporal reasoning abilities and also improve IQ. However, this theory has limited evidence. Where some researches support it, others negate its effect. Whatever may hold true, there is no denying that classical music has soothing and calming effects on babies.

What Kind of Classical Music Should You Choose?

Now, the next question that will pop into your mind is the kind of classical music you should choose. We suggest that you do not choose something too loud. Whenever you choose classical music for babies, make sure you consider the following points:

  • Opt for music that is simple to understand or comprehend. Any music that has a lot of instruments or vocals may confuse your baby. Opt for music that has fewer instruments and preferably no vocals. Simpler music pieces are not only enjoyed by younger children, but they may also understand the sounds better.
  • Choose a steady and regular beat or rhythm. Anything that has steady beats may help your baby to work on his memory skills. Irregular beats may interest your baby or gain his attention but it may not be an ideal option for soothing or relaxing your munchkin.
  • Choose music with beats instead of music with complicated vocals.

Keep these points in mind while selecting classical music for your little one to listen to, and let your baby soak in the true essence of some mesmerising classical beats.

Best Ten Classical Music/Songs for Infants

Now that you know that classical music works wonders for your baby’s development, you may want to know what the best options for your baby are. Well, we have compiled a playlist of popular classic numbers that can help you decide:

  • Air from Orchestral Suite No.3  by Johann Sebastian Bach

Source –

  • Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano by Johannes Brahms

Source –

  • Clarinet Quintet in B Minor by Johannes Brahms

Source –

  • String Quartets Op. 18 by Ludwig van Beethoven

Source –

  • Piano Trios by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Source –

  • Haydn String Quartets by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Source –

  • Concerto for Flute and Harp by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Source –

  • String Quartets Op. 33 by Joseph Haydn

Source –

  • Suites for Solo Cello by Johann Sebastian Bach

Source –

  • Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach

Source –

These are some of our recommendations; however, there are many options or versions of classical music available for babies. You can also ask your friends or family members for recommendations as they may also know a few good numbers from experience.

Music is soulful, and we will all agree to this. The kind of happiness, calmness or relaxation music lends us, we cannot achieve from anything else. Tune into some beautiful classical music and let your baby soak in its melody and goodness. However, make sure you do not play music at a high volume because that may not be good for your baby’s ears. Also, never use earplugs for babies as they too pose a threat to your baby’s ears. Play your baby some classical music and see how your baby starts enjoying it. You may even notice your baby moving his arms and legs in excitement. Wait until he starts walking, then he may start dancing too!

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