Kids With Buck Teeth: Reasons, Risks & Treatment

Buck Teeth in Kids – Causes and Treatment

Buck teeth can be a cause of embarrassment and low morale amongst kids. Unfortunately, kids can be mean, and make fun of those who have buck teeth. A lot of people choose to live with it, of course, but many also prefer to fix it while they’re still young. Some famous people with misaligned teeth include musicians Freddie Mercury and Madonna. They chose to live with their misalignments, because it made them who they are. However, for the people who decide that they want to fix it, there are treatments available.

What Are Buck Teeth?

Buck teeth is a form of misalignment of teeth that can be mild, but in some cases, it can be severe. When the top front row of teeth overlap the bottom row, it is known as an overbite. Buck teeth usually refer to the front two teeth on the top row that slightly overlap or could protrude such that the person may not be able to close their lips over the teeth. Kids with buck teeth can often have issues with self-confidence, as this glaring feature can lead to other kids making fun of them.

What Causes Buck Teeth in Children?

Although buck teeth are mostly natural and should not be made fun of, there are some causes that can lead to kids having buck teeth.

1. Heredity

Buck teeth are hereditary, much like the shape of your jaw, hair, and even skin quality. In case one or both of your parents had buck teeth when they were young, the possibility of their offspring having it becomes high. This is natural, and one should not feel ashamed of it.

2. Thumb Sucking

Habits such as sucking your thumb and using a binkie can exacerbate symptoms and lead to buck teeth as well. Parents must be careful with the amount of time that their baby spends with a binkie or sucking its thumb.

3. Tongue Thrusting

Thrusting your tongue constantly against the back of your teeth can also lead to buck teeth. This can take the form of a subconscious act, and you may not even realize that it’s happening.

4. Teeth Size

Sometimes, large teeth size can lead to buck teeth. The size of individual teeth determines the mouth structure and smile. In case the front two teeth are naturally large, it may give the appearance of buck teeth.

5. Missing and Impacted Teeth

Spacing between the teeth or even crowding can lead to other teeth getting misaligned. This can also lead to your front two teeth getting pushed outwards, which leads to the appearance of buck teeth. Crowding or impacted teeth can also lead to alignment issues, as there are too many teeth in too little a space.

6. Tumors or Cysts

Tumors and cysts can change the alignment and shape of your jaw, which in turn changes the alignment of your teeth. When a persistent growth around your jaw is applying constant pressure, it can lead to your teeth getting pushed outwards. This is not only a health hazard, but can also lead to pain and sores.

Health Risks of Overbite in Kids

Overbites can be a nuisance, and can also lead to some health risks amongst kids. Depending on the severity, children with buck teeth can have issues such as:

Treatment Options for Buck Teeth

Fortunately, thanks to science, there are multiple treatment options available for those who think that their buck teeth issue is getting out of hand. Depending on the severity, you can opt for different treatment options.

1. Braces

Braces have been used for aligning teeth for many decades now. It has helped fix millions of people’s teeth around the world, be it adults or children. This is a popular treatment option for overbite correction in children.

2. Advanced Braces

These are a kind of functional appliance that work in such a way that they help push in the buck teeth and push out the lower teeth, so that they are almost aligned. The doctor may choose to replace them with braces once they have reached a stage where the teeth start to look somewhat aligned.

3. Invisalign

In this process, the doctor makes transparent plastic aligners from the mold of the patient’s teeth. Gradually, over time, the teeth change their position. This is a slightly more expensive option, when compared to braces.

4. Expansion of Palate

This is a suitable option for kids or early teens; it helps to expand the palate for those whose upper jaw is too small to make room for adult teeth. An expander is attached to the top two molars, and an expansion screw helps to move them apart and widen the palate.

5. Jaw Surgery

For people whose teeth misalignment is severe and the buck teeth protrude too much, leading to associated issues, jaw surgery might be the only option. Since kids continue growing, there could a small hope of their teeth aligning later in life, but for adults, in case the jaw alignment is completely off, surgery is the best option.

Can Buck Teeth Be Treated at Home?

As tempting as it might be to use home remedies for buck teeth, we suggest not indulging in that, and visiting a medical professional instead. In order to realign teeth, constant pressure, and the right amount of it, is required. It is very easy to cause more damage and hurt the teeth, if you try to fix the issue at home. In fact, for severe issues, one should definitely seek out a doctor, because surgical intervention might be required in order to fix it.

How to Live with Buck Teeth in Case You Choose Not to Get Treated

It is definitely possible to live with an overbite or buck teeth. It just depends on how severe it is, and whether the person would like to do something to fix it. In case you do decide to live with buck teeth, make sure to follow these tips:

  • Brush your teeth regularly.
  • Visit the dentist on a regular basis.
  • In case of tongue thrust, use a mouth guard while sleeping.
  • Make sure to wear a mouth guard while indulging in a contact sport.

Having buck teeth is not a big deal, unless it is severe and requires medical intervention. If your buck teeth misalignment is mild, you can definitely continue living with it, and, in fact, make them a big part of your personality. However, in case you are not comfortable, there are multiple treatment options that are available, depending on the severity of the misalignment that needs to be fixed. Make sure not to indulge in home remedies. Consult a doctor to get the best advice. All the best!

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