Black Gram (Urad Dal) in Pregnancy – Benefits and Precautions

Black Gram (Urad Dal) in Pregnancy - Benefits and Precautions

Urad dal (Black Gram) is a lentil that contains essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids that cannot be made naturally by the human body. According to Indian Ayurvedic practices, urad dal called Masha during ancient times is highly beneficial during pregnancy. It is still widely used in Ayurvedic and alternative medicines. However, there are some speculations about its safe consumption during pregnancy.

Is it Safe to Eat Urad dal During Pregnancy?

Is it an old wives’ tale that urad dal is not safe to consume during pregnancy? Or is this fact to be taken seriously? Urad dal is safe and beneficial to take during pregnancy if taken with some precautions, which is discussed in a section below. But first, we should know its benefits.

What Important Nutrients are found in Black Gram?

Black gram is not just rich in fatty acids, but has many other nutrients too:

Nutrient Nutritional value
Essential fatty acids One cup contains 603 mg omega-3 and 43 mg Omega-6.
Calories 341 g 100 gms
Total Fat 1.6 g per 100 gms
Sodium 38 mg per 100 gms
Potassium 983 mg per 100 gms
Total Carbohydrate 59 g per 100 gms
Protein 25 g per 100 gms
Calcium 0.13 per 100 gms
Iron 42 % per 100 gms
Vitamin B-6 15 % per 100 gms
Magnesium 66 % per 100 gms


10 Health Benefits of Urad Dal during Pregnancy

Packed with so many nutrients, urad dal is a power food that has the following benefits during pregnancy:

1. Foetal brain growth

The essential fatty acids in urad dal enhance foetal brain development.

2. Helps in digestion and urination

Fibre-rich urad dal helps sustain good gut bacteria that help with the digestion of food and our urinary system.

3. Preventive benefits

The antioxidants in urad dal prevent various diseases. Antioxidants fight ageing, cell and tissue damage and various types of cancer. They also help in keeping our hair and skin healthy.

4. Cholesterol check

The fatty acids can reduce high cholesterol levels in pregnant women who are at risk of cholesterol problems.

5. Bone benefits

Urad dal helps the body absorb calcium and has many minerals that keep the bones strong and healthy.

6. Anaemia prevention

The iron content in urad dal helps prevent anaemia in pregnant women.

7. Cardiac care

It protects the heart with its high fibre, magnesium, and potassium content.

8. Energy bank

It has a lot of energy-producing nutrients for pregnant women to beat fatigue.

9. Extra protein

Its high protein content gives pregnant women the extra protein required for the production of new cells.

10. Pain and inflammation control

Urad dal has properties that relieve pain and inflammation.

Delicious Urad Dal Laddu Recipe for Pregnant Women

There are dozens of urad dal recipes, but the most easy-to-make and super healthy is the urad dal laddu. It takes just a bit over half an hour to prepare this dry Indian sweet that can be eaten as a snack anytime, anywhere. Urad dal laddu during pregnancy is also a healthy option when you have cravings for something sweet!


How to Make

Dry roast urad dal properly so that the heat kills any bacteria. Then blend it in a blender. Add sugar and ghee. Shape the laddus into round balls. Fry some cashew nuts in ghee and top the laddus with the cashew nuts.

Urad Dal Laddu

Precautions to Take while Consuming Black Gram when Pregnant

Urad dal should be washed well and cooked until it boils thoroughly. This is because it may contain dangerous bacteria like E. Coli, Listeria or Salmonella. Cooking it to the boiling point may destroy them. These bacteria can be especially harmful to pregnant women because they can cause diseases that may induce pre-term labour, miscarriage, stillbirth and other serious problems in a new-born baby. Avoid them when you eat out as you have no idea how well cooked they are.

Do not eat too much of urad dal either during pregnancy. This is because it increases uric acid levels and excess of it can cause problems in the circulatory and kidney functions.

Another problem with beans is that they can cause acidity. So, you should avoid it or consume it in moderation if you are prone to acidity during pregnancy.

Urad dal can be cooked in many ways. It can also be used for tempering dishes (tadka) when you prepare other items, mainly vegetarian side dishes. It is a good source of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamin B6. It is always good to have some urad dal in your pregnancy diet as long as you follow the precautions.

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