Brewer’s Yeast for Lactation – Benefits & Side effects

A nutritious dietary supplement for breastfeeding mothers, Brewer’s Yeast contains iron, protein and vitamin B apart from selenium, chromium and some other trace materials. It does help many to increase the supply of milk because of its potential benefits, but it doesn’t always work for everyone. It is considered safe as a nutritional supplement as it is generally well – tolerated by the moms and infants. Though it is safe for consumption if you have any specific health concern, you must consult your health professional first.

What is Brewer’s Yeast?

If lactating mothers require an extra boost to the supply of milk in their breasts, a lot of remedies like lactation cookies, herbal supplements, and lactation teas show as highly recommended items. Brewer’s Yeast, also one of them, comes from a one-celled fungus as a byproduct of beer making and can be grown as a supplement. It is used as a galactagogue, a herb, medicine or food to increase the supply of milk in mother who nurse their babies.

Benefits of Consuming Brewer’s Yeast for Milk Production

Brewer’s yeast for milk supply is very popular and termed as ‘Super Food’ due to its highly digestible protein level, minerals, vitamin B, key amino acids and chromium which supports healthy milk supply for breastfeeding mothers. Brewer’s Yeast to increase milk supply is taken regularly by many mothers as it also has an amazing power of increasing the energy levels and elevating mood. The other benefits are mentioned below:

  • It helps to combat fatigue and rejuvenates a person.
  • It provides nourishment to the skin and hair.
  • It boosts the energy level and makes the person feel energised.
  • It helps in lowering the blood sugar level of the body.
  • It elevates the mood and provides a sense of well – being.
  • It helps to replenish key ingredients that nursing mothers require.

How to Consume Brewer’s Yeast for Lactation?

Brewer’s Yeast can be bought from most health food stores or online. It is available in tablet or powder form. You must consult your personal health professional to fix a dose that is right for your consumption.

  • Brewer’s yeast powder for lactation is quite a common ingredient found in milk boosting smoothies and lactation cookies. It is pretty safe to add 1 or 2 tablespoons of this powder to a beverage and consume it once a day.
  • Brewer’s yeast tablets for lactation is equally common and consuming 2 to 3 tablets up to three times a day is quite safe.

Side Effects of Brewer’s Yeast for Breastfeeding

Brewer’s yeast, as a nutritional supplement is considered to be safe for breastfeeding women. It is generally well – tolerated by young moms and little infants as it passes into the baby’s body through the breastmilk.

You must always find out about the potentially dangerous drug interactions of any supplement to prevent the side effects. For this, you must consult your doctor or the lactation consultant to know about the medication, supplement or herb that you are going to consume. Though the side effects of this supplement are mild they include the following:

1. Yeast Infection in Vagina

Brewer’s yeast does not always have the same effect on everybody who consumes it. If you happen to be prone to yeast infections, it is advisable to avoid consuming it.

2. Hypoglycemia Complications or Diabetes

Brewer’s yeast sometimes lowers the blood sugar to a dangerous level, and sometimes it interferes with the medications that you may be taking. You must consult your doctor if you are diagnosed with hypoglycemia or diabetes.

3. Diarrhoea, Abdominal upset or Gas formation

If you or your child develops some colic-like symptoms or feel irritable, you should instantly decide to reduce the intake of brewer’s yeast. If anyone of you has any stomach issues or suffer from diarrhoea, you must stop taking it altogether.

Brewer’s yeast is a kind of recourse for nursing mothers to increase the supply of milk during lactation. Lactation consultants deem it as safe for nursing mothers. It has plenty of benefits, and so it is considered to be one of the galactagogue herbs safe for breastfeeding mothers. Brewer’s yeast pills for breastfeeding are very common, and it is available in powder and tablet form as well. Brewer’s yeast has very few side effects, but mothers who suffer from recurrent yeast infections or yeast problems should discontinue the use of this supplement. Mums who are extremely concerned about the use of this supplement should consult a medical practitioner. All in all, this is a wonder supplement which should be consumed only if it suits the body very well.

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