10 Best Weather Songs for Children

Best Weather Songs for Kids

Songs are a good way to teach young kids about new things. The simple and catchy lyrics of songs and peppy music engages kids in singing along and learning about different the things sung about. Young kids learn things more easily when they are actively involved in that, so parents and teachers use weather songs to teach them about different weathers. These super-simple weather song help kids understand different types of weather, build their vocabulary and develop memory, as they learn these songs.

Season and Weather Songs for Children

Teaching children about the weather, seasons, sun, rain, etc. can difficult for both parents and teachers. But songs can be easier to pick up! When little kids listen to songs about the weather, they remember and learn the seasons and lessons taught. Incorporating songs and music in kids’ daily routine is a good way to teach them. Weather songs for pre-schoolers are more than a mode of entertainment for kids. The teachers and parents can easily introduce new concepts and knowledge about weather and seasons through weather songs for kindergarten.

Some of the best season and weather songs for kids are:

1. Snowflakes Snowflakes

About The Song:

‘Snowflakes Snowflakes’, sung by The Kiboomers, is a sweet weather song known for its calming music and easy lyrics. The words in the video are easy to recognise and most kids can easily read them. The song follows the familiar “ABC” melody, making it convenient for kids to sing along.

2. Mr. Sun

About The Song:

‘Mr Sun’, by Raffl, is one of the classic weather songs for toddlers. One of the easiest weather-related songs for kids, it is loved by everyone.

3. Little Snowflakes

About The Song:

‘Little Snowflakes’, by Super Simple Songs, is known for its adorable video. The song is perfect for kids to enjoy and dance along to when it’s snowing outside.

4. It’s a Beautiful Day

About The Song:

The Singing Walrus’s popular song, ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’, is a sweet weather song for preschoolers. The song is talking about a beautiful sunny day and all the good things happening due to the shining sun.

5. You Are My Sunshine

About The Song:

‘You Are My Sunshine’, sung by The Kiboomers, is an enjoyable song, loved by kids. The easy lyrics are displayed on the screen, so kids can also learn word recognition while watching the video.

6. Snowflakes, Snowflakes in the Sky

About The Song:

This simple weather song,  ‘Snowflakes, Snowflakes in the Sky’, sung by Jbrary, is based on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. The new lyrics on the familiar tune makes it easier for kids to stay engaged.

7. All the Raindrops

About The Song:

‘All the Raindrops’, sung by Alina Celeste, is a cute song about all the favourite food items of kids, raining down! Kids love the lyrics about food falling from the sky.

8. Little Raindrops Falling Down

About The Song:

‘Little Raindrops Falling Down’, sung by Jbrary, is good for developing the motor movements of kids. The kids dance along with the songs by clapping, patting and stomping.

9. Rain Rain Go Away

About The Song:

‘Rain Rain Go Away’ b,y The Learning Station, is a cute song loved by kids of every age. The fun animations and easy harmonies keep kids engaged. As kids watch the video in the song, they are reminded about the good things brought about by rain.

10. Weather Songs for Children

About The Song:

‘Weather Song for Children’, sung by Patty Shukla, is a popular kids song. The captivating song uses sign language on peppy lyrics.

The best way to engage kids in learning about the weather and seasons is by showing them weather songs. Weather songs teach kids about different seasons and new words, as they enjoy the easy lyrics and catchy music. These songs also develop the motor skills of kids, as most weather songs motivate kids to clap, tap or do other movements.

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