16 Best Alien Movies for Kids

16 Most Popular Alien Movies For Kids

Alien movies captivate audiences with their extraterrestrial adventures, and their popularity among teens and adults continues to soar. For parents seeking family-friendly options, finding suitable alien movies for kids can be a challenge. This post not only provides recommendations for entertaining and age-appropriate alien movies but also delves into the benefits of encouraging children to explore this genre. Exposing kids to imaginative and thrilling narratives fosters creativity, critical thinking, and a sense of wonder. So, join the intergalactic fun with these curated alien movies, creating lasting memories for both you and your children. Additionally, kids alien movies offer a unique blend of excitement and life lessons, promoting values such as courage, teamwork, and acceptance of differences.

Benefits of Watching Alien Movies for Kids

Some of the benefits of watching alien movies for kids include:

1. Imagination and Creativity

Watching alien child movies that are not a part of our regular life, or something completely exotic and far away from this world, can spark the imagination of young minds! Sci-fi movies, fantasy movies and alien movies are known to increase imagination and creativity in kids at a very young age.

2. Interesting Story

We all know that children love to listen to stories. Most of the kids’ movies about aliens come with an interesting theme and story that keeps them enthralled until the end. Watching these movies would give your child an opportunity to relate to the fantasy world of aliens.

3. Moral Theme

Alien movies are the best examples to teach your kids the existence of good as well as bad people in the world. Through these movies, kids can also learn that bad people, due to their evil deeds, often find themselves in difficult positions. Parents can use good alien movies to provide their children with moral education and encourage them to choose the right path in life and work towards becoming a good person.

4. Learning the Importance of Human Values

Most of the alien movies teach us human values like friendship, kindness, love, bravery, honesty, etc. Somehow, you would have noticed that kids tend to grasp such things better from their favourite books and movies rather than from their parents.

Kid-Friendly Alien Movies to Watch

Read on to get the top 16 recommended kid alien films:

1. The Iron Giant

Director – Brad Bird 

Release Date – 31st July 1999 


The Iron Giant is an animated alien movie which was quite a hit in 2000. The movie portrays the story of a young boy, Hogarth Hughes, who befriends an innocent alien. However, a cruel government agent is behind exposing the alien. The alien is shown in the form of a huge robot. The story is quite enthralling and would definitely excite your kids!

The Iron Giant

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2. Star Wars

Director – George Lucas 

Release Date – 25th May 1977 


Hats off to the director, George Lucas, for creating an exciting series of animated movies that has 9 main titles, two side stories and animated movies that has become a legendary saga! The first Star Wars movie was released in 1977 and has been followed by a series of movies over a period of four decades. The movies portray a brilliant tale of revenge, oppression, powerful religion and rebellion with the main theme of each movie being hope! These movies belong to the sci-fi genre, which will easily become your child’s favourite!!

Star Wars

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3. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Director – Steven Spielberg 

Release Date – 10th June 1982 


E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is a Sci-fi movie that revolves around a cute young boy named Elliott who becomes friends with E.T, an extraterrestrial, who is stranded on Earth. However, the government agencies are on a hunt of this stranded alien on the earth. Elliott and his cousins help E.T find his spaceship and return back to his world. It’s an inspirational and heart-touching tale of friendship and kindness.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

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4. Aliens

Director – James Cameron 

Release Date – 11th July 1987 


Aliens is a sequel to the movie Alien which was released in the year 1979. The story revolves around Ellen Ripley, a warrant officer of the spaceship, Nostromo, which was en route to Earth from Thedus in the first part of the movie. It is then sent back to the planet LV-426 to establish contact with a terraforming colony. Once she reaches there, she encounters the evil Alien Queen, and from then, the movie is about survival.


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5. Lilo and Stitch

Director – Chris Sanders, and Dean DeBlois 

Release Date – 16th June 2002 


An adventurous story of Lilo and Stitch, your kids are going to love this one! The character Stitch is that of a genetically modified creature, created by a scientist. Stitch has been longing for freedom ever since he was created, and on one occasion, he finds freedom by escaping! He lands on earth and becomes a dog. Lilo and Stitch is one of the best-animated movies of the Disney Classics that’s worth watching!

Lilo and Stitch

Source: Pinterest

6. Megamind

Director – Tom McGrath

Release Date – 24th December 2010 


Megamind is an alien-themed movie that’s exciting and definitely a must-watch for kids! At the beginning of the movie, Megamind is shown as a villain character who easily kills his enemies. However, now the superhero he created has turned out to become evil, and so Megamind has to become the hero to stop that evil from destroying the world. It’s a fun roller coaster movie that’s hilarious and gripping.


Source: Pinterest

7. Flight of the Navigator

Director – Randal Kleiser 

Release Date – 30th July 1986 


The movie revolves around a boy named David who finds himself in a forest after accidentally getting knocked out. The twist in the story is that on waking up, he realises that 8 years have passed and he hasn’t aged even a bit. A NASA scientist Howard Hessemen then helps David unravel this mystery!

Flight of the Navigator

Source: Pinterest

8. Mars Needs Moms

Director – Simon Wells 

Release Date – 11th March 2011 


It’s a heart-touching tale about a boy named Milo, who wishes that he never had a mother. However, his wish comes true when his mother gets kidnapped by the Martians, and Milo sets off on a mission into the outer space. He gains a deep appreciation for his mother once she gets kidnapped.

Mars Needs Moms

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9. Super 8

Director – J.J. Abrams Bryan Burk and Steven Spielberg 

Release Date – 14th September 2011 


Super 8 is a sci-fi monster thriller that begins with a train crash which starts off a series of strange happenings in a small town. However, a shocking secret is revealed when Deputy Sheriff Jack Lang investigates the matter. This movie was highly appreciated for its special effects and would be loved by teens.

Super 8

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10. The Last Starfighter

Director – Nick Castle 

Release Date – 13th July 1984 


Starfighter is an arcade game that’s quite popular among teens. The story is about Alex Rogan, an everyday teenager, who gets to meet the designer of the game after he achieves a high score in it. It is an action-packed, adventurous movie that would be loved by kids who like video games!

The Last Starfighter

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11. Gremlins

Director – Joe Dante 

Release Date – 08th June 1984 


Gremlins is a one-of-a-kind comedy horror film that was quite famous in the 1980s! The story revolves around Billy, who’s father gets him a pet from China and gives three very specific instructions to be followed. However, when Billy fails to follow the instructions, a horde of monsters is unleashed!


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12. Earth to Echo

Director – Dave Green 

Release Date – 2nd July 2014 


Earth to Echo is a classic Sci-fi family entertainer that was directed and released in 2014. The story revolves around three youths Tuck, Alex, and Munch who receive strangely encoded messages on their cell phones after a construction project begins in their neighbourhood. Once they start cracking the code and tracing the messages, they are led to a robotic extra-terrestrial who is in desperate need for help!

Earth to Echo

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13. Muppets From Space

Director – Tim Hill

Release Date – 14th July 1999 


Muppets from Space is an animated sci-fi movie with the lead character named Kermit. Kermit and his friends are set on a mission to rescue Gonzo when he is kidnapped. Once rescued, they reunite him with his family! With so much fun and many memorable characters, your kids will surely love this one!

Muppets From Space

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14. Spaceballs

Director – Mel Brooks 

Release Date – 24th June 1987 


Spaceballs is a hilarious, action-packed movie in which the lead character and his trusted half-man, half-dog set out on a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess who has been captivated by an evil despot.


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15. Monster Vs Aliens

Director – Conrad Vernon and Rob Letterman 

Release Date – 18th March 2009 


Monster vs. Aliens is an animated movie that portrays a story about a young girl, Susan Murphy, who transforms into a giant on her wedding day after being hit by a meteorite. Now, she’s made a part of a monster team that has been formed to defeat an evil alien from destroying the planet.

Monster Vs Aliens

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16. Home

Director – Tim Johnson

Release Date – 27th March 2015


“Home” tells the tale of Oh, a misfit alien who finds himself on Earth while running away from his own species. Oh befriends a human girl named Tip, and together, they embark on a journey to save both Earth and the Boov, Oh’s alien race. Packed with humor, heart, and vibrant animation, this movie is an enjoyable and family-friendly exploration of friendship and acceptance.


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1. What Is the Recommended Age Range for Kids’ Alien Movies?

The recommended age range for kids’ alien movies varies, but many are suitable for children aged 6 and older. Parents should consider their child’s sensitivity and maturity level when selecting movies.

2. Do Alien Movies for Kids Contain Scary Scenes?

While some alien movies for kids may have mild suspenseful moments, they generally aim to be family-friendly and avoid overly scary scenes. Always check ratings and reviews to gauge appropriateness for your child.

3. Are There Educational Elements in Alien Movies for Kids?

Yes, many alien movies for kids incorporate educational elements. Themes of teamwork, friendship, and problem-solving are common, providing valuable lessons in an entertaining way.

4. Do Alien Movies for Kids Always Have a Positive Message?

Alien movies for kids often convey positive messages, promoting values like courage, acceptance, and the importance of diversity. However, it’s advisable for parents to review the specific content to ensure alignment with their values.

5. How Can You Determine If an Alien Movie is Suitable for Your Child?

Parents can determine a movie’s suitability by checking its rating, reading reviews, and considering their child’s sensitivities. Online parental guides, such as Common Sense Media, can offer insights into content appropriateness.

6. Do Alien Movies for Kids Usually Have a Happy Ending?

Many alien movies for kids tend to have happy endings, emphasizing resolution, friendship, and triumph over challenges. Checking reviews or trailers can provide hints about the overall tone and conclusion of the movie.

We hope that you enjoy watching the above alien movies with your kids!

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