List of 8 Best Low Maintenance Pets

These Are the 8 Best Low Maintenance Pets

Not every family has the space, time or means to own a large pet like a dog – that doesn’t mean the kids have to miss out on the experience of owning a pet. There are a number of critters that make great pets that can be owned at low cost and maintenance.

Pets That Require Low Maintenance

All pets require different amounts of care, attention and maintenance. Some can do with just a few feeds a day, fresh water and air and no need for playtime or walks twice a day for exercise and poop. Here is a list of low maintenance pets for kids that you can consider having at home.

1. Budgie Bird

The little Budgie bird is the most popular pet animal after dogs and cats. They also rank high among low maintenance bird pets due to their size and how well they do in captivity. These tiny affectionate birds are inexpensive to buy and are available in all pet stores. What makes them really cool is how well they can mimic human speech when trained properly.

Why They are Low Maintenance 

Since they are small, they can be kept in a small birdcage. If you have only one bird, you will become its flock by default, and you will have to spend time with them. A second budgie can solve his isolation problem, and they will do well together. Their diet need not only consist of seeds you get at pet stores; budgies can eat most of the veggies and fruits that we eat. A diet consisting of seeds, leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect to keep these little birds healthy and happy.

Life Span 

5 to 15 years.


INR 300 to 400 for a pair.

budgie bird

2. Mice

Despite their bad reputation throughout history, mice are highly intelligent and fond of social interaction, making them easy low maintenance pets for children. The fancy white mouse is a widely popular variety that is kept as a pet or used in medical research. They differ from their wild cousins in the colour of their fur, their ability to be tamed, size, and other features. They are easily trained, independent and quite loyal.

Why They are Low Maintenance 

Mice are incredibly easy to care for; they only need a cage, some toys and food to live a happy pet’s life. Their cages need to be well ventilated and cleaned once in a while. Since they are such fun loving animals, they also need playtime outside their cages. You can let them play on the couch or the carpet with the kids as they like running around. They are especially cuddly when raised from a young age. While the mouse can be fed mice-food bought from pet stores, they will happily eat most of the foods that we do. Just make sure you give them plenty of fruits and vegetables while avoiding junk.

Life Span 

2-3 years.


They can cost around INR 200 per pair.


3. Hamsters

Hamsters are the cutest rodent pets you can pick for your children. They are petite fur balls that fit entirely in your hand and are fun-loving, active creatures. They come in several breeds and colours, and different breeds are known for their distinctive traits. Some of the most common are Chinese Hamsters, Dwarf Hamsters and Syrian Hamsters. These rodents are mostly nocturnal and become active around the time kids come back from school. They can also keep you company if you’re up late at night working.

Why They are Low Maintenance 

Hamsters are relatively easy to look after. Hamsters need water and fresh food every day, and something to play with so they can keep themselves entertained. There are numerous hamster cages available online and in pet stores that have a variety of games for these little rodents to play in. Give them a good play-park with hamster wheels, tubes and toys, and they’ll be happy. They can be put on a diet of store-bought seeds and treats and a variety of other fruits, vegetables and proteins for a balanced diet.

Life Span 

2 years.


Price can vary from INR 500 to 1000, depending on the breed.


4. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are popular as pets around the world mainly because of their gentle and affectionate behaviour. Although at first sight, they seem like overgrown hamsters, the two animals are very different. Guinea pigs are much more active and have a more lively personality. Once you get to know them, you can understand when they are happy, excited, sad or mad. They respond well to being handled gently and do not need as much attention as dogs. They can also get lonely and need the company of another guinea pig; therefore it’s ideal to buy them in a pair.

Why They are Low Maintenance 

They need a cage with sufficient space to play and things to hide next to. Freshwater, food, and good ventilation is a basic requirement for them to be healthy. They are simple to care for and have a small appetite like most rodents of their size. Food purchased from a pet store can be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables for much-needed nutrition.

Life Span 

4 to 6 years


About INR 600

guinea pig

5. Guppies

Guppies are one of the most attractive and popular fish among aquarium hobbyists. Children would love their striking colours and long flowing tails and spend endless hours looking at them move about.

Why They are Low Maintenance 

Most guppies are tolerant of a wide variety of water types and thrive all around the world. They can be raised in a fish bowl or a small sized tank that is filtered. Guppies are peaceful and normally do well in community tanks. They get along well with fish of their own kind and other species, too. They thrive on general fish food and love frozen bloodworms.

Life Span 

2 years, depending on tank conditions


Around INR 20 per fish

guppy fish

6. Gold Fish

Goldfish are the most popular fish among aquarium owners. These low maintenance aquarium pets are inexpensive and readily available in all pet stores. There are hundreds of different varieties with the smaller species (fancy goldfish) being ideal pets for children to raise in a fish bowl. A little-known fact is that the common goldfish can grow to enormous sizes and even reach 2 feet in length!

Why They are Low Maintenance 

The smaller varieties such as the Fancy goldfish can be kept in an average sized bowl. However, if you want the common goldfish, they’ll do well in a medium sized fish tank. Goldfish feed is inexpensive and can be bought from pet stores. Since they are messy eaters, your tank would need a filter to keep the water clean.

Life Span 

Average 5 to 10 years.


Prices start from INR 20.


7. Assassin Snail

These critters aren’t exactly a pet your child can bond with, but they make interesting additions to their aquariums. They are brightly coloured and have shells with yellow and chocolate coloured stripes. The assassin snail, as the name suggests, is a snail that eats other snails – mainly the nuisance-causing types. They do not attack the fish and are generally peaceful. Most commonly bought from pet stores at sizes less than 1cm, these snails can grow to 75cm long.

Why They are Low Maintenance 

Assassin snails are tolerant of different water types as they are commonly found in freshwater streams and ponds. They are opportunistic omnivores and their diet consist of algae, biofilm, and both live prey and scavenged detritus.

Life Span 

About 2 years


INR 35

assassin snail

8. Cats

Although cats do not bond with humans as strongly as dogs do, they are nonetheless just as loved by everybody, especially children. They are endlessly entertaining with their goofy antics that are sure to make everyone laugh. Their purrs and meows are oddly relaxing which make even the naughtiest of the kids to want to play nice with them.

Why They are Low Maintenance 

Most types of domestic cats are low maintenance as they are surprisingly independent and can look after themselves even when you’re not around. Cats do not take up too much space and are perfect pets for those living in a small apartment. They don’t need frequent baths as they are built to keep themselves clean. The only thing you will have to spend on is cat food and kitty litter.

Life Span 

10-18 years


Kittens of the indigenous cat varieties can be adopted from animal shelters.


Whether they are low maintenance or not, all pets need loving care and attention from their owners. When buying one for your child, ensure they understand that the animals should be treated with respect and commitment.

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