Maintaining House Hygiene With Pets And Kids

How To Maintain Hygiene With A Pet In The House

Pets are a joy to have in your house, especially if you have kids. Pet friendly home cleaning ideas can go you a long way in keeping your home pet friendly and hygienic, thus keeping your family as well as your pet, happy and healthy. On World Animal Day on October 4, resolve to make life at home healthier and happier for both you and your darling pets!

Pets make your life happier, giving you a reason to smile every now and then. Watch your little ones run and play games with pets can be a source of great joy. However, keeping a pet in your house can seriously affect the health of your kids if you do not take adequate precautions. The good news is that maintaining hygiene around pets in home is totally possible with some precautions.

How Pets Can Spread Germs

1. When pets roam around unleashed

Since pets often allow roam around freely in all corners of your house, they can spread germs like wildfire. If your pet is unconsciously carrying fleas, germs or infections, he he is likely to spread it wherever he goes.

2. When pets are not trained well

If you haven’t trained your pets well (or if you just have naughty pets!), they may not understand what they are forbidden from doing. They sometimes lick the kitchen plates or even reach the insides of your fridge, thus contaminating food.

3. When pets suffer from hair fall

The fur coat of pets is prone to hair fall with change of climate and temperature. While you may endeavour to keep pets clean and germ free, their hair fall can still spread infection in house.

Keep your Pet Friendly Home Clean

Tips to Keep your Pet Friendly Home Clean

1. Set limits

Try and set limits on the movement of your pet. Places such as your baby’s nursery should be strictly away from the reach of your pet. If he does try to come in, stop him as many times as possible. He will eventually get the message! You can always try supervised activities in the living room to develop bonding between your pets and kids.

2. Feed your pet at a fixed place

Assign a separate section of your house as “pet feeding zone”. This will mean that your pet will not look into the kitchen for food. It will also ensure that members of the family are not exposed to deadly diseases.

3. Brush your pet’s coat regularly

Keep your pet’s fur coat clean at all times. Brushing his coat twice a week will do the trick. Make sure you do the brushing in an area away from food and young children as they are most susceptible to catching infections.

4. Use easy to clean pet beds

Always select a bed for your pet that is easy to clean. Quilted fabrics might look very cute and beautiful for your pet, but they are a nuisance to clean. Sometimes, fleas and germ carrying hair remain stuck to quilted fabrics, hence infecting your pet even after you’re done cleaning.

World Animal Day is a great chance to celebrate your pets – the ones who love you selflessly! It is your duty to keep them healthy and also give them a hygienic home. Try these little pet friendly home cleaning ideas to keep your home safe at all times. Go ahead and watch your kids enjoy good times with your pet without fear!

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