10 of the Best Pets to Consider for Your Kids

A little girl playing a puppy

The moment your kid laid its eyes on an animal, the first thought he would have is to take it home and play with it. Pets have been known to nurture the growth of children in an effective manner. Pet animals for kids can range from the usual ones to some strange animals as well if your kid suddenly has an affection for it. Here is some information that could help you make an informed choice.

Top 10 Pets For Children – What’s Perfect for your Child?

Here are some pets that are perfect for your kids.

1. Dogs

A puppy

The default pet choice for every household across the world- dogs are well-loved by most.


The bond a child forms with his dog is extremely strong since dogs are very loving in that manner. They can quickly learn from your kid and be a good companion inside the house as well as outside when they go out to play.


Dogs themselves require a good amount of care on a daily basis. As playful as they might be, dogs are known to accidentally bite their owners as well as scratch in defence when suddenly alarmed.

2. Cats

A cat

Cats are both adorable and can be a great part of the family.


Cats are not as playful as dogs and are generally more likeable if your kid likes something soft and fluffy that they can be kept in their room. Cats are generally calm and comforting, busy with themselves.


There is a higher chance of allergies from cats as compared to dogs. Cats can easily get angry and defensive and do not hesitate in retaliating if disturbed.

3. Birds

A parrot

These are not only colourful to see but bring a melody to your home too.


Certain kids do not like the physical intimacy of an animal like dogs or cats. For such kids, birds are a pretty good option to go with. The musical sounds can be a great factor in a developing kid’s life. Most birds are non-threatening and stay in their cages without any trouble.


Handling and training a bird takes time and patience, and it is important for your kid to have them both. Birds can quickly get messy and cleaning their cages is another art in itself.

4. Fish

Gold fish

Quiet and calm in its own world, a fish can add beauty to your home as well.


Certain kids prefer pets that are more calm and silent and can be observed without any worries. A fish is one of the best pets for toddlers since it is easiest in that regard since all it takes is cleaning the water they stay in every once a while.


Making sure they eat the right type of food in the right amount is absolutely necessary. Cleaning the container every once in a while is necessary to prevent a buildup of waste and germs inside it.

5. Hamsters

A hamster

Tiny and entertaining, hamsters rarely run out of energy.


Extremely cute at first sight, these tiny little animals can be a great pet, provided your kid likes to constantly look after and ensure that their pet is good. Giving their cage a hamster wheel is the best way to keep it occupied.


Hamsters are known to get messy rather quickly and their stink can sometimes be unbearable. Hamster cages require frequent cleaning and maintenance and skipping on it is not an option since the odour can get unbearable very quickly.

6. Ants


These are less like pets and more of an interesting entity to be observed.


Such pets are usually preferred by kids who like to observe and learn rather than take care of someone. Creating a small ant farm and watching their activities as they gather food and create their homes can be quite interesting.


Your kid might get bored with the ants since they lack the human entanglement that most other animals have. Also, all it takes is a slight break in the animal farm or an opening, for the ants to escape inside the house.

7. Guinea Pigs

A guinea pig

Rather unconventional, but can be found in many households.


They can be handled easily since they rarely bite a person. They are rather smart in understanding the daily activities and can be responsive to certain actions of your kid.


Guinea pigs are generally social and require at least one more companion with them. They hate tiny spaces and require a large area to live. They largely depend on vitamin C and hence require healthy food items constantly.


A mice

You may want to eradicate the ones in your home, but they make good pets as well.


Mice don’t require a large place to live and can be easily taken care of. Put a bunch of female mice together and they will lead the happiest lives possible. Kids can easily play with the mice and will be quite entertained by their activities and their noises.


Mice, by their very nature, are agile and skittish, which makes them difficult to grab hold of. It is best to keep them as an observational pet than a playful companion. These are generally nocturnal and hence can make sounds and movements through the night.

9. Rabbits

A rabbit

The most adorable pets of them all, after dogs, of course!


Extremely cute and cuddly, rabbits take their time to get used to human touch but once they do, they are great pets. Your kid will have fun carrying the rabbit around the house in his pocket or on his head and the rabbit will mostly stay put, simply observing around.


Since rabbits are social, they require constant attention. At the same time, they do not like to be constantly held. Their cages also require regular cleaning and unattended rabbits can create quite a mess in the house.

10. Turtle

A turtle

This pet may soon end up being the oldest member of your family and also the wisest.


Turtles are the most peaceful and calm pets of the lot. They have a wise look to them that can inherently make a child be a better human being. Children are known to have long conversations with turtles since these animals can stay in one position for lengthy durations.


A turtle requires multiple environmental conditions to be appropriately set for it to survive. Turtles also have a tremendously long lifespan so your kid should be ready to take care of it even when he’s in college. If your kid is less than 5 years old, avoid getting a turtle since they are known to spread salmonella.

Having pets can teach your kids a lot of things about life and about social interactions. Small pets for kids are easier to look after and your child can also learn to handle them the right way. Make an informed choice based on your preference and practicality, and your kid will have a companion they have so looked forward to.

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