7 Ways Your Husband Irritates You After You Have a Baby

7 Ways Your Husband Irritates You After You Have a Baby Without Even Meaning To!

During and after pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through several changes. Weight gain, morning sickness, weird movements in the tummy, cranky mood swings and fluctuating hormones – everything is almost all over the place. This is an experience of its own kind, which only women are blessed to experience. However, after the baby comes into this world, several things change – your relationship with your husband for instance.

You might not realise but your husband’s actions which at one point you perhaps found flattering, might just start to get on your nerves. He might be the loveliest and the most supportive partner you could find; however, there will be little things you simply will not be able to overlook. And the most ironical part is that your husband may have no intentions of irritating you at all!

7 Things Husbands do to Irritate you after the Little one arrives

Here are 7 of those things about your husband that may irritate you after your bub arrives in your life!

1. Not Much Seems To Have Changed In His Life

With pregnancy come tons of changes. You give up things you like and adapt to things you aren’t particularly fond of. ‘Can I eat this, or will it be harmful for my baby’ is the question you always end up asking yourself before eating anything. You might have had to cut down on those 4 mugs of black coffee, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with your husband. He still gets to drink what he wants and eat what he wishes to! Even after the baby arrives, there are restrictions you may need to abide by but he doesn’t. Not much has changed for him, has it?

2. His Body Doesn’t Bear The Consequences of Pregnancy

Let’s face it, perhaps the only physical involvement your partner has during your pregnancy is when you both had to make the baby! Post that it’s a woman’s body that has to undergo the morning sickness and bloating and labour pain. However, this doesn’t just last for 9 months. Post childbirth too, you may have to deal with bleeding, soreness, stitches and leakage. But your husband’s body remains completely unaffected by this whole experience. It isn’t his fault, but you just sometimes wish he would understand and feel what’s it like, isn’t it?

3. He Still Thinks Things Are Just The Same As Before

‘Honey, what’s for dinner’ is the question you completely despise now! 24 hours in a day isn’t enough for you to complete a day’s task and you probably have not even had the time to shower before evening, but for your husband it was just a normal day at work and now he simply looks forward to coming home to the food cooked by you. You might have had to take a break from work to look after the baby and manage schedules and your days are just not the same. However, some husbands tend to be completely oblivious to that fact. And the only ‘me’ time you get is when you lie down on your bed at night. All that you might want to do is crash, but your hubby might have different plans. Extremely irritating, right?

4. His Work Is Noticed By All And Yours Isn’t

You know what they say about a mother’s job being a thankless one? Guess what, you are living the saying. They don’t call a mom supermom for no reason. From changing, bathing and feeding your baby to cleaning cooking and shopping – you manage to do it all. But when it comes to recognition, your husband takes the cake. You may have left your 6 figure paying job to look after the home and baby, but sadly, there is no one to take notice or appreciate your efforts. On the other hand, for your husband, promotions and recognition come hand in hand. Also, most of the times when he comes home, your hard work of keeping the place together in one place (quite literally) simply goes unappreciated by him. It could get disheartening and irking!

5. His Contribution To Baby Work Seems Like a Huge Deal

Ever noticed how baby and house chores you do seem completely normal, but the moment your husband does them, it seems like he has conquered a milestone? For example, if at a party your husband decides to change your baby’s nappies instead of you, people around would completely be in awe and applauding his efforts, but isn’t parenting team work anyway? A statement like ‘you are so lucky to have a husband like that’ should make you feel wonderful but ends up irritating you. No one will tell him how lucky he is to have a wife who sacrifices her sleep, gets up multiple times in the night to change the baby’s nappy and literally works like a machine.

6. He Is Usually Present For Your Baby’s Highlight Moments

Almost every mother would vouch for the fact that husbands tend to experience the best of their baby’s moments and enjoy it to the fullest, while moms get to experience it ALL. Because your hubby is unable to spend less time at home, he actually gets to enjoy his time with the baby better. He will be involved in playing, evening strolls and cute little nothings. But he doesn’t get to experience the constant pooping and nappy changing sessions and other related exhausting tasks. Once again, probably not his fault, but you do envy him.

7. He Gets To Enjoy Sleep While Insomnia Becomes Your Buddy

As trivial as this may sound, it is absolutely true. After a baby, it’s quite likely that you will forget what a peaceful night or a lazy Sunday morning actually feels like. When you get up in the middle of the night hearing the cry of your baby and find your hubby snoring next to you, it simply makes your blood boil. Even if he offers to help, it doesn’t take away the lack of sleep you’ve been experiencing for weeks and months.

All these emotions might seem extremely negative but almost all moms do experience them. And it is completely alright to have these bouts of irritation. What isn’t okay is to let these emotions take control of you. There is always a flipside to the story, and that is the fact that you will appreciate and cherish the beautiful life you both have created together. And in the end, that’s all that matters.

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