Understanding Why Toddlers Keep Asking Repetitive Questions

Answering The What’s That Question In Toddlers

A 22-month-old toddler asking ‘why’ can leave his mom distraught and wondering ‘Why me?’ But instead of losing your cool, understand why toddlers seem to question just about anything and everything they see and hear. Maybe they’re just learning how to talk, or maybe they want attention.

Every day, and even at bed time, your child wants to know why daddy sings out loud while having his bath. He also wants to know why the dog is rolling on its back. So many questions put on repeat! What does it all mean?

The Reasons Behind Toddlers Asking Questions

1. Want Of Attention

As a mom who’s always eager to satisfy her toddler’s curious queries, you obviously leave what you’re doing and answer. Your kid knows that by constantly throwing questions at you, he will get your attention and a good response as well. He craves meaningful exchanges that will make him draw you away from your computer, cooking, or the laundry, just to be at his side.

2. Receives Better Responses

A 22-month-old baby has a restricted vocabulary of about 20 words. As such, he starts speaking when he realises that some words flow through easily while others are tough to articulate. Moreover, some terms in his treasury of words such as ’why’ or ‘what’ end up getting a better reply than a firm ‘no’ or ‘yes’. Under the circumstances, your ‘in-the-making communicator’ would love to throw a volley of questions your way to initiate exciting conversations. Just smile and go with the flow!

3. How Many Questions Does a Child Ask A Day?

There no way of predicting how many times the same or new questions are liable to fall on your ears across the day! So, even though you may feel rattled and on the verge of pulling your hair, take a step back and relax. Understand why your toddler asks ‘why’ or ‘what’ all the time. He’s just wondering about the things and people that he observes in his environment. Exercise patience and answer as many questions as you must, without stifling his curiosity.

4. Why Do Kids Ask Why?

Sometimes, it takes a little while for new information to get absorbed into the mind of a 22-month-old toddler. Hearing his parents give the same answers time and again can help drive unfamiliar concepts home. It helps him to better understand the meaning of the words he uses and hears, be it while trying to converse with his parents or siblings.

5. Why Do Toddlers Keep Asking Repetitive Questions?

They find comfort in repeating, rewinding and replaying questions. It’s just a way of seeking emotional support and acknowledgement. One way of dealing with repetitive questions is to ask him the same to see if he has answers of his own. It may not be anything related to the questions asked, but at least he’ll start thinking about it and will try to make a connection.

The number of questions toddlers ask can be numerous! Don’t shy away from answering them. Take a moment to think of the best possible answers that will satisfy your baby’s inquisitive mind.

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