How to Survive Pregnancy With a Toddler - 10 Tips

10 Tips to Survive Pregnancy with a Toddler

Are you expecting your second baby and have a little one running around the house? This can seem like a lot to deal with at first but with some guidance and help, you will be able to survive pregnancy with a toddler with ease.

At first, you will feel tired, run down and overwhelmed, especially with the second pregnancy as your hormones also wreak havoc on your body. On top of that as a mom of a one or two-year-old, you are well aware of the fact that your little munchkin has an abundance of energy and won’t stay still. You have to constantly run around, play and make sure that your toddler is well cared for.

When you have a little human running around, chasing him can get a little rough during pregnancy. Here’s how you can ensure that your second pregnancy is as wonderful and interesting as your first one. With a little bit of help, of course!

Why Is It So Challenging?

The best part of your first pregnancy was that you could rest and eat whenever you wanted. When you have a little one tugging on your clothes, asking to play catch or house it gets much harder. The second pregnancy with a toddler is challenging, primarily because the mom has to match the energy and attention of her first child while establishing a routine to care for the second one in the making.

On top of that, the guilt of not being caring enough, attentive enough for your first child due to exhaustion can leave you feeling upset. Thankfully, you are not alone in this feeling! We are here to help by providing you with the best ways to deal with your pregnancy with these top 10 ideas.

Ways to Manage Pregnancy While Caring for a Toddler

Being pregnant itself is hard work especially if you are in your first trimester as your body is making room for the little one inside. With the morning sickness, hormones and many other things to deal with, there may be little or no time for your first child. Yet, you might be wondering how other mothers are dealing with it. What’s their secret? Is there a special routine that can get you by your second pregnancy while taking care of your first child? Well, as mentioned, the biggest secret is that you are not alone and there are many ways to ease your pressure during your second pregnancy.

1. Planning is Everything

Once you realise you are pregnant you have 35 weeks to plan out everything including the hospital visits and doctor’s appointments. Take a little diary, sit down with your husband and prepare a game plan. Little questions such as ‘How long will you be on maternity leave? Will you send your toddler to daycare? Are you going to hire help once the baby comes? need to be detailed out before your delivery. Planning will calm your nerves and will give you control over the major decisions thereby reducing stress.

2. Don’t Try To Do Everything

Realise that what you are doing at the moment is amazing in itself, so you need not try hard to be a supermom, because you are already one. It will leave you stressed out and overwhelmed. Go easy on yourself and lower your expectations. If things go a little here and there, know that its okay and remember that you are doing the best you can. If you are having a tough day, take a deep breath and get some fresh air and know that everything will be alright.

3. Don’t Burn-Out

The biggest mistake that second time moms make is to burn out. Running around, doing chores, taking care of family leaves little room for rest making moms overwhelmed. Take a little time off to go get a massage, a hair-cut or a mani-pedi to avoid burn-out

4. Ask for Help

A pregnant woman sleeping

If you are a parent who can afford help or have in-laws or relatives staying close, feel free to ask for help. Often as mothers, you try to do everything by yourself leading to overtiredness. Do not be afraid to ask your friends for help who can perhaps babysit your toddler for a little while when you get some rest. In addition, if there is an opportunity for day-care and little cutie is old enough, don’t hesitate! It may be overwhelming at first, but you will definitely appreciate the freedom over time.

5. Nap

Combat exhaustion with a nap! When you are pregnant with a one-year-old, get your little one to take a siesta with you. Shut your eyes and pause the world and get some rest, as this will go a long way in dealing with the rest of the day. A tiny nap will give you the much-needed reprise, get your stress levels low and give you the energy to deal with the toddler once you are up. In another scenario, if you are extremely caught up, get your hubby to watch the kid and get a 15-minute snooze. Once you wake up you will be less irritable and more patient.

6. Make Your Child Independent

Your toddler may follow you around and ask for help when it comes to things, but make sure you encourage your kid to pick up a few habits and learn to be a bit self-reliant. Let them play by themselves, encourage play-dates to avoid clinginess especially when the new baby arrives. Make sure you shower them with lots of kisses and hugs when they complete a task by themselves.

7. Plan Your Delivery Night

Discuss before-hand with your gynaecologist a birthing plan and a delivery schedule. Make sure that someone is there, preferably a family member or in-laws who can watch your little one while you go to the hospital. Keep emergency contacts handy prior to your due date.

8. Relax

A pregnant woman with her son

When you are pregnant, people often advice and say that your mind should be calm. The way you feel affects your baby’s health and well being so it’s important to relax. If your mind is clouded with negative feelings, sit down and take gentle breaths. Meditation is a good way to relieve anxiety or stress. If that doesn’t work, go for a short walk in the park if you can. It is important to exercise, care for yourself and love others deeply when pregnant, as your mood is your baby’s mood.

9. Focus on Your Marriage

It is easy to forget about your spouse and your special time together when you are exhausted and have a naughty toddler running around. Remember, that your marriage comes first! Get someone you trust to babysit, take help from your in-laws, parents and take a day off to go on a date. Make it a weekly or bi-monthly ritual if possible. It can be as simple as going for a movie, getting ice-cream or a nice walk, but make sure you spend time with each other. Your biggest ally is your hubby so include him in this journey of motherhood again!

10. Exercise

You may have heard this advice during your first pregnancy as well, but move. With a second pregnancy and a child, you may feel more exhausted than before. The best way to prevent this is by moving around, going for walks and staying active. When you do small exercises such as yoga, walking or jogging, your body releases endorphins keeping you happy and relaxed. This, in turn, will give you the energy to deal with your toddler.

Remember, being hard on yourself will not make it easy for you to survive the second pregnancy, especially when you have a toddler. What you are doing is a tough job, so you need not feel guilty for not doing enough. Pregnancy comes along with numerous good and bad days. What you should keep in mind is to make the most of every day and enjoy this beautiful experience of motherhood.

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