List of 8 Best Apple Arcade Games for Children

8 Best Apple Arcade Games for Kids

Apple has done it again! They have come up with some fun arcade games for kids this season. From action-packed, story-based, to pinball games with a little bit of RPG element to them, every game on the Apple store is getting innovative. If you’re looking for the best apple arcade games list for kids, you’re at the right place. Some of these can be played in groups for hours of endless fun. Keep reading to find out!

Fun Apple Arcade Games for Children

Apple arcade is a special feature on the iPhone app store that gives parents access to various kid-friendly games. New releases come out every year. and no ads are displayed when playing these games. Most games can be played by kids aged three and up. Here’s a list of the top arcade games for children in the store. They are easy to set up, and it doesn’t take very long to get used to the gameplay mechanics for each of them.

1. Pinball Wizard

Do your kids like pinball? Pinball Wizard puts a new spin on the old-school classic!

Age: 4 to 8

About the Game: Pinball Wizard is the classic pinball game revamped with a backstory. It features a character on a quest to restore his homeland. The goal of the game is to survive each level and reach the top of the tower. This game is considered to be one of the best apple arcade sports games out there.

2. Sonic Racing

Sonic the Hedgehog is a delight among the kids, and this time, he’s back in action with his very own racing game.

Age: 4 and above

About the Game: There are numerous racing tracks throughout the game with over 15 different variations. Each character can get powerups and be customised. Players can make their own team, play in single-player mode, and have a fun time with the multiplayer option. If you’re looking for thrilling apple arcade multiplayer games, we would recommend this one! More characters get unlocked when you level up.

3. The Enchanted World

The Enchanted World is an amazing innovation by NoodleCake Studios and definitely one of the best released among various arcade games for iPhone devices. Here’s what’s unique about it.

Age: 4 and above

About the Game: It’s a cute, puzzle-based adventure game where players navigate their characters through mazes. The more puzzles you solve, the more mysteries and interesting designs get unlocked. There are video effects and cool music bundled inside, which make it delightful for children.

4. The Get Out Kids

The Get Out Kids isn’t your average adventure game. It has an interesting narrative with various mini-games and touch-based interactive quests.

Age: 7 and above

About the Game: The storyline is extremely well-done; kids will be hooked the more they make progress. The game has a diverse character casting, and there are many hidden elements waiting to be explored inside. Just try it out and see for yourself! It’s designed for older kids, but anyone above the age of seven can play it.

5. Dodo Peak

Dodo Peak is a simple, fun, and colourful game that has birds trying to rescue their eggs and navigate their way through all the craziness!

Age: 4 and above

About the Game: Your mission is to rescue lost babies from various peaks and collect coins while you’re at it. You can get different powerups as you unlock through tons of beautiful islands. The game features touch-based control, has offline leaderboards, and can sync stats across various iOS devices.

6. Way of the Turtle

Go on a mission with a turtle to rescue his honey on a tropical island, which is not as safe and innocent as it first seems.

Age: 4 and above

About the Game: It’s a single-player, platform-based arcade game involving a turtle moving through different landscapes on an island. You collect coins and powerups along the way while dodging obstacles and enemies. The challenging part is that the turtle never stops moving, and your fingers have to be ready to complete each level.

7. Sneaky Sasquatch

Sneaky Sasquatch involves having the player sneak into campsites and filling up their backpacks. The game is all about wit, stealth, and speed.

Age: 4 and above

About the Game: You take your character out on missions and live life in the wild. There are various quests through caves, jungles, and you get tons of opportunities to steal and have fun doing it.

8. Rayman Mini

Rayman Mini is another fun, adventure-based game just like Sonic. You’re not restricted by a timer, and there’s tons of jumping, sliding, and action-packed moments. Think of it as being similar to Temple Run when it comes to gameplay mechanics, except it’s more colourful and designed for the kids.

Age: 5 and above

About the Game: It’s a running platformer arcade game, and the focus is on landing the highest score. You slide down waterfalls, rush through obstacles and collect coins and powerups. Different levels get unlocked, and the theme is overall fast-paced. We absolutely recommend it.

This list of arcade games is perfect for keeping your kids busy during the summer and winter months. There’s something for every age group and families can join in on the fun if they want. The best part about these games is that you can play them solo or in multiplayer mode. Developers are constantly working on releasing the latest updates, which means you won’t be left out in the upcoming releases.

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