Top 100 Vietnamese Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

100 Vietnamese Names for Girls and Boys

Naming your child is the first gift that you give to your little one. Traditionally, the names of children in Vietnam consist of three parts: a family name, a middle name, and a first name, and they are used in this order. As the last names in Vietnam are quite common, children are mostly called by their middle name or first name. Vietnamese baby names are meaningful and are often chosen for the traits and characteristics that parents hope their children would adopt as they grow up. As the Vietnamese language is tonal, the spelling of these names may be the same, but the tone can be entirely different. Here is some up-to-date information on names that are on-trend and can be chosen for your little one.

Vietnamese Girl Names With Meanings

Vietnamese baby girl names often embody beauty. They may refer to mythical creatures and attributes of nature like birds, flowers, rivers, or precious objects. Often two names are combined for a special meaning. Thus, they are positive and meaningful while ushering good luck into the lives of children. Here are some precious Vietnamese female names for your little girl:

1. An

This name has Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese origin. Pronounced un, it means ‘peace’ and ‘safety’.

2. Ai

Derived from Chinese, Ai is an old Vietnamese name. Pronounced as eye, it means ‘sentimental love’.

3. Am

Am is a beautiful Vietnamese name meaning ‘lunar’.

4. Be

Pronounced beh, Be means ‘doll,’ which is the perfect choice for your little baby girl.

5. Bian

This stylish Vietnamese name for girls means ‘hidden’ or ‘secretive’.

6. Bich

Derived from Sino-Vietnamese origin, this name denotes the gemstone ‘jade’ or the colour ‘bluish-green’.

7. Binh

Binh has Australian and Vietnamese roots, and it means ‘peaceful’ and ‘section’.

8. Ca

This Northern Vietnamese name refers to the ‘first’ or ‘eldest’ child.

9. Cam

Cam is a unique and voguish Vietnamese name for girls. It stands for ‘orange – the fruit’.

10. Chau

Chau is a unisex Sino-Vietnamese name that means ‘pearl’ or ‘gem’.

11. Chi

It is derived from African, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese origin. This common name means ‘tree branch’ or ‘twig’.

12. Dieu

Dieu is another bold name which stands for ‘exquisite’ or ‘mysterious’.

13. Duyen

Girls from Christian families of Vietnam mostly have this name. Pronounced as D-AYEHN, it refers to ‘a charming and graceful person’.

14. Dep

This Vietnamese name means ‘beautiful’. Dep is the ideal choice for your pretty daughter, who is the apple of your eye.

15. Diep

This Sino-Vietnamese name means ‘love of nature’ or ‘leaf’.

16. Gia

This Vietnamese name is a variant of Giah, Gya, or Gyah, and means ‘excellent’.

17. Hai

Pronounced as HH-AY, Hai is a Sino-Vietnamese name that means ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’.

18. Hang

This Vietnamese name means ‘angel in the full moon’.

19. Han

This common name of Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese origin means ‘faithful’ or ‘moral’.

20. Hoa

If you are looking for a floral name or anything sweet, Hoa is the best bet. Hoa in Vietnamese means ‘flower’.

21. Hue

Hue or Huệ is a gorgeous name and would perfectly suit your daughter. The name stands for ‘intelligent’, ‘bright’ or ‘tuberose flower’.

22. Kieu

Pronounced as Kie-u, this Vietnamese name means ‘graceful’, ‘beautiful’, or ‘beloved’.

23. Kim

For your precious daughter, we suggest a precious name – Kim. In Vietnamese, the name Kim means ‘gold’.

24. Lan

Lan is a common name in Australia, China, and Vietnam. It means ‘orchid’.

25. Lanh

This name is common in Vietnam and Australia. Lanh means ‘happy’, ‘good’, or ‘gentle’.

26. Lien

This common name of Chinese and Vietnamese origin means ‘lotus flower’.

27. Loan

For something very fancy and mystical, try this name. Loan is referred to as a mythological bird in Vietnamese.

28. Mai

This Sino-Vietnamese name means ‘apricot’, ‘plum’,’ tomorrow’, or ‘future’.

29. Nhat

This Sino-Vietnamese name means ‘long life’, ‘to shine’, or ‘the sun’.

30. Nguyêt

This rare Vietnamese name means ‘moon’.

31. Phuong

This common Vietnamese name means ‘orientation’, ‘direction’, or ‘phoenix’.

32. Ping

This Sino-Vietnamese name means ‘peaceful’.

33. Quyen

This Vietnamese name has an anglicised spelling, and it means ‘a kind of bird’.

34. Quy

This name of Vietnamese origin means ‘treasured’ or ‘precious’.

35. Sangh

This unisex name of Vietnamese origin means ‘from the nobility’ or ‘belonging to an upper class’.

36. Suong

This rare Vietnamese and Australian name means ‘fog’, ‘mist’, or ‘haze’.

37. Thi

This common Sino-Vietnamese name means ‘poem’ or ‘verse’.

38. Thanh

This common Vietnamese name means ‘bright’, ‘sunny’, ‘a sound that is pleasing to the ear’.

39. Tien

This spectacular girl’s name ranks No. 39 in Vietnam, so it’s no doubt that it is something extraordinary. Tiên or Tien stands for ‘immortal’ or ‘fairy’ in Vietnamese.

40. Tuyen

This common Vietnamese name means ‘angel’, ‘line’, or ‘ray’.

41. Tuyet

Tuyet or Tuyết is a beautiful Vietnamese name meaning ‘snow’.

42. Van

This name means ‘cloud’.  Commonly used in Dutch, Greek, Vietnamese, and Scandanavian languages, this name is quite popular around the world.

43. Vinh

Derived from Sino-Vietnamese, this unisex name means ‘glory’, ‘gulf’. Pronounced Vynn, it is a beautiful name for your little girl.

44. Xuan

Taken from Sino-Vietnamese word, this name is pronounced as ‘shwen’ or ‘soon’. Xuan means ‘spring’ and has nicknames like Xuan-Xuan.

45. Yen

This common name of Thai and Vietnamese origin means ‘peace’ or ‘serene’.

Vietnamese Boy Names With Meanings

Typically Vietnamese baby boy names are abstract name that represents a personal quality. Here are some examples of Vietnamese names for boys with meanings that are stylish, unique, and define a child’s individuality.

1. An

An refers to the one who is gracious by nature. Pronounced un, it is derived from Chinese and means ‘peace or quiet’.

2. Anh Dung

This simple name means ‘heroism’ and ‘strength’ and represents a boy who possesses a valiant character.

3. Ba

This unique and rare Vietnamese name means ‘third’.

4. Bach

In Vietnamese, Bach is the ‘name of a mountain tree’. This name also has Jewsing roots, and it refers to ‘someone who lives by the stream’ because the word bach means stream in German.

5. Bao

This name of Vietnamese origin means ‘protection’ or ‘security’. Another origin of this name is Chinese, and it means ‘treasure’ and ‘praise’ in Chinese.

6. Bay

This male Vietnamese name refers to those ‘born in July’.

7. Bianh

Bianh is a common Vietnamese name for boys which means ‘average’ or ‘piece’.

8. Buu

If you are after a sophisticated name, then look no further. Buu in Vietnamese means ‘principle’ or ‘guide’.

9. Cadeo

Cadeo is a humble and pleasant male Vietnamese name meaning ‘folk song’.

10. Cuong

Pronounced as Kwaong, this Vietnamese name means ‘flourishing’ and ‘healthy’.

11. Chi

This name means ‘branch’ or ‘man with a purpose’ in the Vietnamese language, and it means ‘pond’ in the Chinese language.

12. Dang

This popular name has its sources in both Asiatic and Indo-European languages, and it means ‘valuable’ and ‘prestige’.

13. Dung

Dung is a Vietnamese name that means ‘courageous’.

14. Dương

This Vietnamese name for boys means ‘masculine’. This name is very popular in the country.

15. Gia

This stylish name means ‘family’. This uncommon name for boys has different spellings like Giah, Gya, or Gyah.

16. Gian

Originating from Hebrew, Gian means ‘gift from God’. Pronounced ‘Yaahng’, in the South and ‘Zaahng’ in the North, this name is quite popular among Vietnamese parents.

17. Hien

Derived from a Vietnamese origin, this name belonged to Emperor Le Hien Tong, and it means ‘quiet,’ ‘kind’, and ‘gentle’.

18. Hung

This name with Vietnamese and Chinese origin means ‘hero’ in Vietnamese language and ‘wonderful’ in Chinese. It is also common in English speaking countries.

19. Khuyen

Originating from Vietnam, the unisex name Khuyen means ‘to give advise’.

20. Khanh

This unisex name of Turkish and Arabic origin is a variant of Khanh or Khann, and means ‘prince’. It also means ‘resembling a precious stone’.

21. Lahn

This name of Vietnamese origin means ‘smart’ and ‘quick’.

22. Lap

This Vietnamese name means ‘independent’.

23. Liem

Liem or Liêm is a unique Vietnamese name which stands for ‘honest’ and ‘upright’. This name will certainly help your little one become honest.

24. Ly

Derived from the Chinese surname Li, this unisex Vietnamese name means ‘lion’ or ‘reason’. Ly Ong Trong was a legendary warrior in Vietnam.

25. Minh

This unisex name of Sino-Vietnamese origin means ‘a bright or a clever person’.

26. Manh

This name of Sino-Vietnamese origin means ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’.

27. Ngải

Ngải is a stylish and chic Vietnamese name meaning ‘sagebrush’ or wormwood’.

28. Nhat

This rare name has a Vietnamese origin, and it means ‘long life’ and ‘number one’.

29. Nhung

This name of Vietnamese origin means ‘velvet’.

30. Oanh

Pronounced ohwahn, Oanh is Oriole in the Vietnamese language, which means ‘a type of bird’.

31. Phong

This name means ‘wind’ in Vietnamese. It is an archaic word borrowed from the Cantonese Chinese word ‘fung’ and ‘feng’ in Mandarin.

32. Phung

Phung means ‘phoenix’ in Vietnamese.

33. Quân

Quân is a well-known Vietnamese word which means ‘army’.

34. Quang

Pronounced as Kwahng, this name means ‘bright’, ‘clear’, or’ brilliant’.

35. Quoc

This name means ‘nation’ or ‘country’.

36. Si

This name of different origins comes from Swedish, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese origin. It means different in various languages. In Vietnamese, this baby boy’s name means ‘being a gentleman’.

37. Son

This unisex name of Korean and Vietnamese origin is pronounced as ‘SAHN’. It means ‘gentle’ in Korean and ‘mountain’ in the Vietnamese language.

38. Sinh

This name of Vietnamese origin means ‘birth’, ‘full of life’, and ‘blooming’.

39. Tai

In Chinese, this name means ‘vast’ while in Vietnamese, it means ‘talented’ and ‘prosperous’.

40. Tan

Pronounced as ‘TAH-oo’, this name is of Vietnamese, Turkish, and Tswana origin. In Turkish it means ‘dawn’, in Tswana, it means ‘lion’, and in Vietnamese, it means ‘new’.

41. Thang

Thang means ‘victory’ and is of Vietnamese origin.

42. Trai

Trai is another unique and stylish boy’s name which means ‘oyster’ in Vietnamese.

43. Vien

This Vietnamese name means ‘completion’.

44. Vuong

This Vietnamese baby boy’s name means ‘prosperous’ or ‘developed’.

45. Xuan

Derived from Vietnamese origin, Xuan means ‘spring’ and is a beautiful name that is used for both boys and girls.

We hope you find these Vietnamese male names apt and suitable for little son.

Vietnamese Gender-Neutral Names With Meanings

1. Anh

This top 10 Vietnamese name actually hails from China and means ‘peace’ or ‘quiet’.

2. Binh

This unisex name of Vietnamese origin means ‘jar’.

3. Cais

This gender-neutral name refers to a person ‘who rejoices’.

4. Giang

Giang is a highly popular name in Vietnam and means ‘river’ in Vietnamese.

5. Linh

Linh is the top name for girls in the country. In Vietnamese, this gender-neutral name means ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’.

6. Quynh

It is one of the top girl names in Vietnam. Although chosen by girls more, this unisex name can suit well for boys, too. It means ‘deep red’.

7. Thuong

This sweet-sounding name means ‘one who loves tenderly’ in Vietnamese.

8. Trieu

This unisex Vietnamese name stands for a ‘tide’ or ‘small wave’.

9. Truc

This Vietnamese name stands for ‘bamboo’.

10. Tu

Tú or Tu is a noble and short Vietnamese name meaning ‘luxuriant’ or ‘outstanding’.

Vietnamese consider names to very sacred and a part of the soul. It is mandatory to adopt a Vietnamese name when applying for Vietnamese nationality. This comprehensive list of popular Vietnamese names would certainly assist parents in choosing the perfect name for their beloved child.

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