Surprises of Being a Mom and How to Deal with Them

6 Unexpected Surprises of Motherhood You’re Sure to Love – #MothersDaySpecial

While all moms have different experiences, there is one thing that everyone agrees with – they were completely surprised by motherhood. Motherhood brings with it daily surprises – some good, some unpleasant, but all memorable. No amount of reading or expert opinion can ever prepare you for the real deal.

If there is one thing common between all going-to-be moms, it is that they spend hours researching everything under the sun to prepare them for motherhood. No page is left unturned in their quest to be completely prepared for the changes that a baby will bring. But interestingly, there are still plenty of revelations that nature has in store for you! At the end of the day, whether you have read up or not, you will end up being surprised by motherhood.

Things You Never Knew about Motherhood

1. “Teat”ING issues

Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon and young moms are prepared to nurse their babies for as long as possible. However, what they are not prepared for are the initial few days when it is painful, stressful, and all in all an anxious experience. The good news is that this is one thing where practice does make perfect.

2. Waste not, want not

It doesn’t matter what your personal philosophy is on the “waste” situation. The fact is that most of the clothes that you buy for your newborn will probably end up being too small too soon. Babies tend to grow up really fast in the initial few days and the chances of you getting them to wear every outfit they have are pretty slim.

3. Smelly affair

One of the biggest surprises of being a mom is to see how big a mess your cute little bundle can create with that tiny body! From puke to smelly gas, your baby will train you for things you never thought you’d have to deal with. They will try your patience, but you’ll succumb to the charms of your tot and turn a blind eye to all that waste! The only word of advice here is this – to be forewarned is to be forearmed!



4. A fine balance

You might have worked out your schedule for joining work after delivery. What you probably didn’t work out was that you might end up facing separation anxiety even more than the baby does! Setting up a proper childcare system is sure to take the edge off a little.

5. Lactation issues

You might think that you know all about what to expect after delivery, but you may be unpleasantly surprised while dealing with lactation. It is difficult to figure out the precise triggers for the milk flow. Unless you are armed with an extra supply of breast pads, be prepared to deal with a messy situation.

6. Deciphering the cries

Did you always think that a mother instinctively understands what her child wants? Well, here’s the surprise! In the initial few months, you will be driving yourself crazy trying to decode your baby’s cries. Does he need food, sleep, or is he feeling unwell – these are a few questions you’ll be juggling with each time your child cries. However, the good news is that this quandary will diminish with time.

Motherhood is a roller-coaster ride where the ups are definitely more than the downs. However, you have to take each day as it comes. There will be surprises along the way, but hey, both of you are learning together!

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