Know What is Right and What is Not When Cross Dressing Your Baby

Baba or Baby? What You Must Know About Cross-Dressing Your Child

Do you love dressing your four-year-old boy in a dress for fun? Baby cross-dressing should have certain limitations. Do immediately take a picture of him and post it online. Take stock of the situation before you post anything, lest you’re disturbed by the reactions from the world.

If you think it’s cute to cross-dress your child, go for it. However, if you’re planning on taking him out in public looking like that, make sure it’s for a fancy dress competition. Here are some points to consider before you switch genders with clothing and make a spectacle of your “supposed cutesy’ endeavour.

Factors to keep in Mind About Cross-Dressing Your Child

1. An Occasional Event

Some moms like baby cross-dressing for a little fun once in a while. However, try not to do it in the presence of neighbours. Don’t make it a habit to make your kid cross-dress as someone from the opposite sex frequently. It could confuse your child and maybe make him a butt of jokes when he grows up.

2. Playing Dress-up, Everyday

If you make cross-dressing a habit, it could spell trouble on your child’s psyche. Your little boy or girl might slip into your room once in a while to try on your dresses or raid daddy’s wardrobe. This might not come across as odd when your child’s young, but quite awkward if your boy or girl continues to cross-dress when they grow up. Dressing your girl up as a boy for a fancy dress competition or play in school is fine, but continuing it on a regular basis is not.

3. Don’t Make it Specific

Are you specifically shopping for dresses for your little boy? If yes, you need to stop right away. The compulsion to pick up dresses could stem from a deep-seated need to have a baby girl. If you require professional help, get it. The once-in-a-while cross-dressing stint could snowball into something life-altering. Your little boy might want to even wear those outfits to school. This could expose him to school bullying – the cause of most child suicides around the world.

4. Sports Related

If you happen to have a little girl, dressing her up in boys sports clothing for a game is fine. Restrict the boys’ clothes to games only. Allow her to choose dresses and cute clips to express her sense of fashion. When you give her the freedom to choose what she wants, she will be keen on wearing it. If she has regular games at schools, she might not want to look at her jerseys once she’s back home.

5. No Advertising

There’s no need to publicise your cross-dressed baby’s pictures. Taking pictures and posting it on social media sites can lead to a backlash. Your friends and family could come down hard on you. Nosy neighbours might share those pictures with each other while their kids could jeer at your little one at school. You need to be careful what you share in the virtual world.

Playing around with the idea of cross-dressing your baby is fun. However, see that they don’t get too attached to the idea of cross-dressing. Breaking the habit can be quite difficult. A photo-op only for a day is advisable.

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