Twin Pregnancy Week 30: Symptoms, Fetal Development & Ultrasound

30 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples

If you’re 30 weeks pregnant with twins, you will be glad to know that your little ones would be making their grand entry very soon. If you’ve maintained a journal right from the time you found about your pregnancy, you would be surprised to see how well you fared through the tough weeks and the fun you have had in the previous trimesters. The exhaustion and fatigue might be getting to you and you might be looking forward to meeting your babies. All will happen in due time, and it is best you be prepared if your babies come out sooner than expected. For now, read on how your little ones are developing at 30 weeks. After all, you want to know what more developments are left!

The Growth of the Babies at 30 Weeks

The fact that you are pregnant with multiple babies and at the stage of 30 weeks into your pregnancy, the feeling of delivering your babies might make you a bit paranoid, with good reason. Most twins or triplets don’t make it through to the full term of the pregnancy and are delivered prematurely. While that might lead you to worry, the 30th week is an excellent mark for their growth and their chances of survival are pretty strong even if they emerge right now.

Brain growth paves its way through everything else, carrying out the wrinkling and convolution development as speedily as possible to be its best possible form when the baby is out there. If that functioning is making sure it is at its best behaviour, the digestive system is further preparing itself to be ready to digest external nutrition that it receives. Most of the development has already been completed and any wrapping up would finish in a week or two.

The ossification of bones would reach its completion soon. It is important to know that even after birth, the bones of your babies won’t be as strong as yours. They are still softer in comparison, but hard enough to support the structure of the body effectively. These soft bones are what facilitate the arrival of the children through the constricted birth canal without any harm, and help them learn to walk easily later in life.

With the due date coming pretty close in the month, the development of lungs will begin to reach its final stage. Some babies tend to have matured lungs around this week itself, and they begin to practice the breathing process properly within the womb. If you can feel hiccups inside your body, know that your babies’ lungs are functioning appropriately.

What Is the Size of the Babies?

While the length of the babies would have increased a tad more from the previous weeks, they would still be somewhere around 38-40 centimetres. Their weight, however, would be nearly 1.3 kilograms or so, making you very well aware of their presence inside you. If you’ve ever seen a pretty large cucumber in the market, that’s precisely how large your babies are inside you.

Twin pregnancy at 30 weeks - the size of the babies

Common Bodily Changes

By the 30th week of your pregnancy, any changes that the body undergoes won’t be new for you anymore. However, these might set in some behavioural changes for you which you might need to be aware of.

  • If you’ve clicked any photos of yourself in the second trimester of the pregnancy, you would see the fantastic glow and the smooth skin that you had. Looking at yourself in the mirror now would cause you to wonder about its absence in your life. Most of the days you would be sweating tremendously, wiping your face and armpits constantly, and being upset with yourself. Hormones take the cup yet again in making this happen to you, further combined with a change in your metabolic processes, causing increased reasons to sweat often. The phenomenon itself is quite normal but this loss of water does need to be balanced by drinking more water and consuming fluids of all types.
  • The large belly would have already started making you navigate around differently, with your gait and posture undergoing a substantial change. These last months of the second trimester and the beginning of the third trimester are quite risky on this front since your clumsiness will be stronger this time around. Even while you are walking, the judgement of how far ahead your belly is would cause you to slam into things or knock them over while you turn around. While that is usually fine, make sure you walk around and climb stairs in a calculated and gradual manner to avoid any untoward incidents.
  • Thought that the first trimester was extremely exhausting for you? Welcome the fatigue yet again since you would find yourself at the end of your energy reserves while in the midst of your third trimester. The body is already battling the increased weight and internal demands, and it would leave very less energy for you to do anything at all. Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to do some usual tasks. This is normal and quite necessary for a woman to keep her strength reserved for the actual labour. Take enough breaks within the day and make sure you catch up on your sleep whenever you can.

Twin pregnancy at 30 weeks - exhausted pregnant woman

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy at 30 Weeks

Nothing new this time around that makes you wonder what’s happening with your pregnancy. The old friends that irritate you constantly will be present in twin pregnancy at 30 weeks as well.

  • You might be getting used to the constant aches and pains that you feel in different regions of the body when a new one begins to emerge somewhere else. Patience and calm is the only way to pave your way through this. The development of your babies will continue as it is through the pregnancy and keep on increasing the load your body has to bear in this final stage. Combined with insomnia and a drop in energy, the ability to stave off the pain can also reduce. Make use of any safe home remedies and tons of rest to take care of yourself.
  • Twins and triplets cannot exist inside your body that easily. Each baby would want to make some good space for itself and cause your uterus to stretch in every direction, pushing away any other organs and giving all the preference it can to the little ones. The lungs and the diaphragm are the worst ones to experience this, leaving them to settle for a tiny corner in your body with barely any space to carry out their functioning. So don’t be surprised if climbing a small flight of stairs leaves you huffing and puffing. There’s nothing wrong with your stamina, and you would be able to breathe deeply once the babies descend lower in your pelvic region.
  • All this jostling around for space can leave a couple of organs completely dumbfounded and cause them to function in erratic ways. Your stomach is one of those that seems to be utterly confused with the ongoings of the body and tends to work in a way that leads to more irritation than benefit. Your favourite food item might suddenly result in an increased bout of acidity or cause increased reflux in your throat. The hormones barely help you and the entire situation can leave you in a place of revisiting your diet all over again. Make a note of such scenarios so that you can design your meals properly.

Twin Pregnancy – Belly at 30 Weeks

The continued expansion of the tummy and the stretching of the skin makes it necessary to take better care of your belly around this phase. The abdominal region undergoes a lot of pulling internally, causing it to be weaker than usual. Using creams to keep the stretch marks in check and keep the strength intact is necessary since it can be difficult to remove the sagging folds of the stomach after delivery if care is not taken beforehand. Simple activities such as getting up from the chair or sitting up after lying down would have to be conducted in a specific way, to reduce any stress on the stomach.

Twin Pregnancy at 30 Weeks – Ultrasound

Wondering what a 30 week twin ultrasound looks like? Most mothers carrying twins, triplets or multiples tend to have an ultrasound scan around the 30th week of pregnancy. Sometimes, this scan is usually paired with a biophysical exam, which places a focus on checking the heartbeat of the foetuses and monitors other important parameters. This is non-invasive and is simply an advanced version of the ultrasounds you are used to.

What to Eat?

The requirement for proteins and complex carbohydrates is exceptionally high at this stage. Keeping a healthy diet rich in cereals and lean meat can help attain that. The quality of food should always be extremely high and any preservatives or raw food items should be strictly avoided.

Twin pregnancy at 30 weeks - what to eat

Pregnancy Care Tips

You are close to completing your pregnancy journey, so all you need to do is take a few precautions.


  • Monitor your weight regularly and report any inconsistencies to your doctor.
  • Undertake a trial run to see how long it takes to reach the hospital.


  • Avoid walking in high heels to reduce the stress on your back and stomach.
  • Stay away from any food items that might contain allergens.

What You Need to Shop for?

Since you are on the verge of completing your journey, invest in some products that can take care of you better, like:


1. Do Twins Born at 30 Weeks Require NICU?

Extremely premature babies (born before 30 weeks gestation) and those needing respiratory support will be tended to in a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

2. What Is the Best Sleep Position at 30 Week Pregnancy?

During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, adopting the left-side sleeping position is recommended. This posture enhances blood circulation to the uterus while avoiding undue strain on the liver.

Keeping track of the weight of your twins at 30 weeks and making sure their progress is without any complications can reassure you of a healthy delivery. Stay in touch with your doctor and be prepared to receive your little ones any week now.


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