30 Easy Math Riddles for Children to Boost Their Mathematical Skills

30 Math Riddles For Kids To Boost Their Mathematical Skills

Math riddles are fun and engaging, and solving math riddles can develop a child’s reasoning and problem-solving ability. Solving math riddles can give a boost to the mental alertness and mathematical skills of a child. For this reason, most schools and parents ask their kids to solve mathematical riddles. So to boost your child’s mathematical skills, ask them to solve math riddles for kindergarten in their formative years.

Easy Math Riddles For Children With Answers

Solving math riddles is a fun activity as it challenges the child’s logical reasoning and math skills. The child will use not just their maths knowledge but also their logical reasoning to solve them. This makes solving maths riddles interesting for the kids.

Here are some easy and fun math riddles for kids with their answers:

1. “Add any number to the number itself and then multiply by 4. Again divide the number by 8, and you will get the same number once more. Which is that number?”

Answer: The same number

2. “Tom was asked to paint the number of plates on 100 apartments, which means he will paint numbers 1 to 100 on the plates. Can you figure out the number of times he will have to paint the number 8?”

Answer: 20 times

3. “When Peter was seven years old, one day he hammered one nail into his favourite oak tree to mark his height. Ten years later, at age seventeen, Peter returned to the tree to see how high the nail was then. If the tree grew by six centimetres each year, how much high would the nail be?”

Answer: The trees grow from the top, so the nail would be at the same spot where peter nailed it.

4. “If you multiply this number by any other number, the answer will always be the same. What number is this?”

Answer: Zero

5. “A bird’s head is 9cm long. Its tail is equal to the size of its head plus half of the size of its body. Its body is the size of its head plus its tail. What is the length of the bird?”

Answer: 72cm.

6. “The distance from the earth to the sun is around 100 million miles. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, and light takes eight minutes to enter the earth from the sun. If the sun rises at 6 a.m. this morning, and the speed of light was unexpectedly doubled to 372,000 miles per second. Tomorrow, what time will the sunrise be?”

Answer: 6 am again. The speed of light is irrelevant.

7. “There are two ducks in front of two other ducks. There are two ducks behind two other ducks. There are two ducks beside two other ducks. How many ducks are there?”

Answer: Four ducks (in a square).

8. “Susy is one of the lilypads in a small pond. Susy doubles her size each day. On the 20th day, Susy covers the whole pond. On what day was Susy half the size of the pond?”

Answer: Day 19, it’s not on the the10th day because on day 20, Susy doubled from day 19, so on the 19th day, she must be half the size of the pond.

9. “You want to boil an egg for two minutes. How would you boil the egg in two minutes if you have a three-minute timer (hourglass), a four-minute timer, and a five-minute timer?”

Answer: Switch the three-minute and five-minute timers over until the water is boiling. Place the egg in the boiling water after the three-minute timer has expired. When the five-minute timer runs out, the egg has been in the water for two minutes, and it is time to retrieve it. This riddle does not include the use of a four-minute timer.

10. “ If you buy a rooster to lay eggs and you expect to get three eggs each day for breakfast, how many eggs will you have after three weeks?”

Answer: Zero, roosters do not lay eggs.

11. “It takes the town hall clock 6 seconds to strike 4 times at 4 p.m. How long will it take to strike midnight?”

Answer: 22 Seconds.

12. “How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25?”

Answer: Only once

13. “Edward is as old as Benjamin used to be when Edward was as old as Benjamin is now. Benjamin is 36. How old is Edward?”

Answer: Edward is 48.

14. “I am between zero and 10.
        I am more than two.
        I am the number before 4.
        What number am I?”

Answer: 3

15. “How do you make the number seven even without addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division?”

Answer: Drop the S from seven.

Math riddle

16. “What two whole, positive numbers have a one-digit answer when multiplied and a two-digit answer when added?”

Answer: 1 and 9.

17. “A frog fell into a well 12 feet deep. It could jump 3 feet, but every time it jumped 3 feet, he fell back 2 feet. How many times did he have to jump to get out of the well?”

Answer: The tenth jump took him out. (On the tenth jump, he reached 13 feet and was out.)

18. “If seven cats kill seven rats in 7 minutes, how many would be needed to kill one hundred rats in 50 minutes?”

Answer: 14

19. “How much will a 38° angle measure when looked at under a microscope that magnifies ten times?”

Answer: It will still be 38°

20. “A nonstop train leaves Moscow for Leningrad at 60 mph. Another nonstop train leaves Leningrad for Moscow at 40 mph. How far apart are the trains 1 hour before they pass each other?”

Answer: 100 miles (60+40)

21. “Eight years ago, Bill was eight times the age of his son Bill Jr. Today, if you add their ages together, they add up to 52. How old are Bill and his son?”

Answer: Bill is 40, and Bill Jr. is 12.

22. “Two hens can lay two eggs in two minutes. If this is the maximum speed possible, what is the total number of hen needed to get 500 eggs in 500 minutes?”

Answer: 2 hens

23. “In a pond, there are some flowers with some bees hovering over them. How many flowers and bees are there if both the following statements are true: 1. If each bee lands on a flower, one bee doesn’t get a flower. 2. If two bees share each flower, there is one flower left out.”

Answer: 4 bees and 3 flowers.

24. “I have a pound of feathers and a pound of iron? Can you please tell me which one weighs more?”

Answer: Both of them would be of the same weight. A pound remains a pound despite the type of object.

25. “Ram has 5 sons. Each of his sons has a sister. If so, how many children does Mr.Ram have?”

Answer: Six. All the sons have the same sister.

26. “Jack goes to the supermarket and buys 10 potatoes. Unfortunately, on the way back home, all but 9 get ruined. How many potatoes are left in good condition?”

Answer: 9

27. “If there are 4 apples and you take away 3, how many do you have?”

Answer: 3

28. “Farmer Brown came to town with some watermelons. He sold half of them plus half a melon and found that he had one whole melon left. How many melons did he take to town?”

Answer: Three melons

29. “Imagine you are going to the movies, and you’re the one paying. According to you, would it be cheaper to take one friend to the movies two times, or two friends to the movies at the same time?”

Answer: The latter

30. “A boy has as many sisters as brothers, but each sister has only half as many sisters as brothers. How many brothers and sisters are there in the family?”

Answer: Four brothers and three sisters.

Solving math riddles is a great activity to make maths interesting for kids. Maths riddles develop their mathematical and logical abilities and boost their mental activeness. So get your child to do these math riddles, and improve their mathematical and logical reasoning ability.

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