Top 20 Shape Books for Toddlers, Preschoolers & Kids

20 Best Shape Books for Children

The concept of shapes is amongst the first few learnings that help young kids understand the world around them. There are plenty of fun and educational book options that teach children the basic geometrical shapes, such as circles, triangles, squares, and so on. These books come in handy in laying down the foundation for better assimilation of math concepts in the coming years. Read on to find out what the best books for shapes are for kids!

Top 10 Shape Books for Toddlers

Learning about different shapes helps young kids understand how some objects can look similar, while others are different. Here are some books and storybooks about shapes for toddlers:

1. Color Zoo

This is an adorable book that offers a fun learning experience for toddlers!

By: Lois Ehlert

About the Book: This is a classic shape book for kids that teaches them about a variety of shapes. How geometric shapes are used to create different animals is something that will amaze your kids! Every page uses vivid colors to describe a new shape.

2. Touch, Think, Learn: Shapes

A great shape book, it not only helps in learning about shapes, but also introduces simple words with the aid of bright, visual stimulation.

By: Xavier Deneux

About the Book: The book offers a multi-sensory learning experience for toddlers, as they can touch soft, raised cut-out shapes to form various animals. Your child will love this book that describes various vibrant animals in fun shapes!

3. Toddlers World – Shapes

This is an ideal board book for introducing shapes to toddlers.

By: Pat-A-Cake

About the Book: Your toddler will enjoy learning about different shapes and various objects in those shapes. The children can touch the raised shapes and learn about how many sides each shape has!

4. I Lost My Sock

This is an entertaining storybook that can help young kids learn about basic geometric shapes, and also help them in learning math concepts.

By: PJ Roberts

About the Book: The book is a story of two friends, Fox and Ox, and how one friend helps the other find a lost sock by recognition of pattern and shape. This story will amuse young minds as they learn about various shapes!

5. Frankie’s Food Truck

This is a fun board book based on a best-selling game!

By: Educational Insights

About the Book: This flap book helps to describe different shapes to kids in the form of food. A semi-circle watermelon, a piece of square toast, and various other food items on Frankie’s menu contain all sorts of shapes!

6. Circle, Triangle, Elephant! A Book Of Shapes and Surprises

This book offers a playful reading experience as kids learn about the concept of shapes!

By: Mayako Takeuche

About the Book: This board book not only teaches about shapes to young kids, but silly and goofy surprise elements add to the experience of learning!

7. Walter’s Wonderful Web

This is an adorable book that shares the story of a spider by weaving the concept of shapes into the story, and helping the kids learn about various shapes.

By: Tim Hopgood 

About the Book: This book shares an amusing story of a spider named Walter who can’t weave a perfect web. However, he learns to weave a beautiful web using different shapes. Young children will adore this clever spider, and enjoy his journey!

8. Love, Triangle

This is a cute book that teaches kids all about shapes in a fun and exciting way!

By: Marcie Colleen

About the Book: The book shares the story of friendship between a Square and a Circle, and how, when Triangle comes into the picture, the fighting begins! The engaging pictures and wordplay make learning about shapes a fun experience.

9. Circle & Square: Let’s Learn Shapes

This colorful and bright board book offers an easy and fun reading experience to toddlers!

By: Connie Isaacs

About the Book: The cut-out pictures of various shapes can be felt by toddlers. The simple picture associations offer a hands-on way of learning about different shapes.

10. The Shape Song Swingalong

This is a sing-along book that teaches your toddler all about shapes!

By: Steve Songs

About the Book: This book comes along with a catchy song CD that offers a fun and exciting way of learning about shapes to young minds.

Top 10 Shape Books for Preschoolers and Kids

Here are some books about shapes for 1st graders and preschool kids:

1. Mouse Shapes

This is a creative book that explains the concept of shapes to kids in a form of a story.

By: Ellen Stoll Walsh

About the Book: This shape book shares the story of three mice who try to hide from a cat by using various geometric shapes as their hiding places. The innovative concept will thrill young kids, as they have fun, and learn at the same time!

2. The Greedy Triangle

This book offers an engaging and clever way of teaching shapes to kids.

By: Marilyn Burns

About the Book: The book describes the adventures of a Triangle who embarks on a journey to change his shape by adding other shapes. In the process, the triangle gets transformed into various other shapes!

3. Flip-a Shape: Go!

The encaptivating book comes in bold colors that will easily grab the attention of young minds!

By: Sami

About the Book: The exciting concept of finding an object from one story in another thrills young readers.

4. Round Is a Mooncake: A Book of Shapes

This book not only teaches kids about shapes, but also gives a sneak peak into a different culture.

By: Roseanne Thong

About the Book: The book talks about shapes through the story of a young American-Chinese girl who shares about her neighborhood, and gives us glimpses of Chinese culture, thus helping kids learn about shapes and other new concepts!

5. I Spy with My Little Eye

This is a classic storybook for kids that talks all about geometric shapes.

By: Paula Vasquez

About the Book: The book takes young readers on a learning journey with a little bear and mouse, as they share all about shapes with the readers.

6. Triangle

This book offers wry humor and a visually stunning learning experience to young minds.

By: Mac Barnett 

About the Book: The kids learn about Triangle – the shape is personified to explain other geometric shapes!

7. Square

Coming from a New York Times best-selling author, this simple and funny book is ideal for teaching shapes to kids.

By: Mac Barnett

About the Book: The book personifies the geometric shape Square, and shares its journey as it befriends other shapes! Along with this, the book unfolds the lessons about basic geometric shapes.

8. Miss Bunny’s Shapes

This board book features adorable rabbits on each page in eye-catching designs.

By: Becky Baur 

About the Book: This exciting flap book comes in bold designs that will excite young minds as they learn about different kinds of shapes.

9. Picture This: Shapes

This is a great shape book that offers a tribute to nature!

By: Judith Nouvion

About the Book: This shape book takes a different approach to teach the concept of shapes to kids, as it uses nature as the medium. Your kid can observe triangles on a green moth, dots on a ladybird, etc.

10. Round Is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes

This beautiful shape book for kindergarteners not only shares about shapes, but also gives a glimpse into Latin culture.

By: Roseanne Greenfield

About the Book: This book follows a fun approach of explaining the concept of shapes to young budding minds as it celebrates Latin culture while doing so!

These are some of the best shape books that you can choose from for your child, and help him understand basic math concepts!

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