20 Best 90's Books for Children

20 Best ’90s Books for Kids

Whether you are an avid reader yourself or not, it is always good to inculcate a good reading habit in your growing children. There are umpteen genres and writers to choose from in the present times. But the magic and nostalgia that the books from the ’90s will bring to you and your child are beyond measure. Read on to know the list of some of the best books for kids from the ’90s!

Children’s Book From the ’90s

Here is a list of old children’s books or some literary treasures from the 90s that your kid would enjoy reading and these books will also help in making some memorable moments for your kids. Take a look at some of our top picks that you should definitely indulge your kiddo in!

1. The Giving Tree

The Giving TreeSource: Pinterest

This epic book is written by Shel Silverstein, who is one of the best-selling children’s author. This classic and one of the most popular children’s picture books from the 90s tells young readers about generosity.

About the Book: The book shares the story of a young boy and his strong bond with a tree. The story teaches the kids about being selfless and generous.

2. Go Away, Big Green Monster

Go Away, Big Green MonsterSource: Pinterest

This is one of the best classic 1990s kids’ books that teache kids to overcome their fears! This interactive book is written by Ed Kimberly.

About the Book: This beautifully illustrated picture book is a great way to shoo away kids’ fear of monsters. As kids browse through the pages, they will the monster disappear and the kids will also learn to master various other fears!

3. All the Colors of the Earth

All the Colors of the EarthSource: Pinterest

This vibrant book written by Sheila Hamanaka explains the importance of diversity and uniqueness that everyone beholds.

About the Book: The book describes how everyone is different and how one should celebrate that uniqueness and ethnic diversity. The book in every true sense celebrates the colors of love as we teach kids about embracing diversity around us!

4. Hello! Good-Bye!

Hello! Good-Bye!Source: Pinterest

The two mundane words ‘Hello and Good-bye’, are given due importance by the author Aliki, who explains how different cultures use these two words differently.

About the Book: Sometimes simple things like saying Hi or Good-bye can hold different meanings for people and cultures around the globe. The kids will learn all this and more in this simple yet engrossing book.

5. I Love You As Much

I Love You As MuchSource: Pinterest

This adorable book by Laura Krauss tells the kids about the pious and pure love that all mothers share for their children.

About the Book: The book celebrates the bond of love between a mother and her child. This lullaby-themed book shares the testament of the love of various animal mother and their offspring too.

6. The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow FishSource: Pinterest

The eye-catching illustrations make this modern classic and international best-seller popular amongst young kids.

About the Book: The book shares the story of a beautiful fish who is alone because of its vanity and how then it embarks on a journey to make friends. How it lets go of its most valuable and prized possessions in the journey, is the story all about!

7. My Father’s Hands

My Father’s HandsSource: Pinterest

The engaging read that is written by Joanne Ryder encaptivates the young readers as it shares the beauties and treasure of nature around us!

About the Book: The book unfolds the story of a little girl who starts noticing and appreciating the beauty of nature as her father helps her find nature’s treasure in the bushes, flowers, and other such things around them.

8. The Kissing Hand

The Kissing HandSource: Pinterest

This heart-wrenching book written by Audrey Penn beautifully captures the pain and fear of separation anxiety in young kids.

About the Book: The book shares the story of a raccoon named Chester who is afraid to go away from his mother. However, his mother rests his fear of separation by sharing the family secret that helps him feel reassured of his mother’s love.

9. What the Sun Sees and What the Moon Sees

What the Sun Sees and What the Moon SeesSource: Pinterest

This two in one book by Nancy Tafuri explains to young readers what happens during daytime and nighttime.

About the Book: The beautifully illustrated book helps kids to find out what happens when the sun comes out and when it is flipped over and turned upside down the inquisitive minds learn about what happens when the moon comes out.

10. Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love YouSource: Pinterest

This utterly cute and simple read that is written by Sam McBratney is all about parent’s love for their kids!

About the Book: The story revolves around a little hare and his dad and how they share their love for each other. Both keep describing their love for each other by comparing it to various parameters.

11. Jamberry

JamberrySource: Pinterest

This adventurous book by Bruce Degen shares a fun-filled story of a boy and a bear!

About the Book: This book shares the joy ride of a bear and boy and their love for all sorts of berries such as hay berry, shoe berry, paw berry, strawberry, etc., and how they embark on an adventure filled journey to find various kinds of berries.

12. Magic Tree House Series

Magic Tree House SeriesSource: Pinterest

This series of books written by Mary Pope Osborne shares the time-traveling adventure of the protagonists.

About the Book: This series of books shares the adventures of Jack and his younger sister Annie as something magical happens when they discover a magical treehouse in the woods. The book shares the adventures of the kids in various scenarios which make these books utterly appealing to young minds.

13. The Important Book

The Important BookSource: Pinterest

The vivid illustrations and lyrical text by Margaret Wise Brown tell the kids about basic day to day objects and how important they are to us.

About the Book: The book explains some of the basic things around and why they hold importance to us such as the spoon, an apple, a shoe, etc. A great book to teach kids in a fun and interactive way!

14. My Monster Mama Loves Me So

My Monster Mama Loves Me SoSource: Pinterest

A beautiful book that explains a mother’s love and how special it is for the child. This book by Laura Leuck is written in a poetic form with whimsical illustrations.

About the Book: The book is about a little monster and how he comes to know about his mother’s love as he connects with other characters in the book, is something that young readers will enjoy reading!

15. Chrysanthemum

ChrysanthemumSource: Pinterest

You can’t miss this classic children’s book by Kevin Henkes, which is an honest and funny story that should be shared with young kids!

About the Book: The book revolves around a girl by the same name and how she bonds in school with other children is something that young kids can find very relatable and amusing at the same time.

16. Stellaluna

StellalunaSource: Pinterest

This informative and delightful book is written by Janell Cannon, is about a baby bat that will keep the kids entertained and amused!

About the Book: The book shares the story of a baby bat’s struggle after she is snatched away from her mother and how she gets adopted by the residents of the nest she falls into!

17. I Spy Series

I Spy Book SeriesSource: Pinterest

This series offers a number of theme choices to young readers to keep them fruitfully engaged.

About the Book: Each book comes with its own set of activities to keep the young minds engrossed. It is amusing how the creators of the books turn everyday objects into something captivating.

18. The Boxcar Children Series

The Boxcar Children SeriesSource: Pinterest

This set of four books written by Gertrude Chandler Warner is a great way of introducing mystery books to young readers.

About the Book: This series takes the readers on various adventures embarked upon by the four protagonists as they solve mysteries and explore the world around them.

19. Meet Addy: An American Girl

Meet Addy: An American GirlSource: Pinterest

Set during the time when America was struggling with slavery, this heartening story of Addy Walker written by Connie Walker will give young a sneak-peek into that era.

About the Book: This book is about Addy Walker and her family and how they get separated. The hope that the family will meet again is something that will keep the young kids glued to the book.

20. The Eyewitness Series: Dinosaurs

The Eyewitness Series: DinosaursSource: Pinterest

This is a non-fiction series of books with captivating photographs that share some mind-boggling facts with the kids.

About the Book: For all those dinosaur lovers out there, this set of books cover various dinosaur periods and kids learn about these magnificent monsters of the bygone eras.

We hope this mind-blowing collection of 90s books is enjoyed by your kids. These must-read books will give a glimpse of some heartwarming stories that will amuse the young readers for years to come!

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