15 Simple & Beautiful DIY Kids Treehouse Ideas

15 Simple DIY Kids Treehouse Ideas

Kids want a treehouse tucked up in their backyard. It’s their favourite hideout place and a place where they live their own magical tales with their friends. Treehouse is not just a small house perched up the tree for your kids; it stores many dreams, secrets and conversations for them. Your kid will always remember his treehouse and the magic associated with it. So when you finally plan to give your kid his desired treehouse, it has to be equally special. And, what can be better than a treehouse built by you for your darling baby. Here are some interesting treehouse designs you can use when building one for your child.

Cool Treehouse Designs for Little Ones to Play In

Your kid wants a treehouse, and you are worried about his safety. As a parent, your worries about your kid’s safety are justified. However, not giving your child the magical treehouse is unreasonable, too. A rational solution to ensure a safe treehouse is to make one yourself. When you make a treehouse for your kid, you will test it completely and ensure its safety for your little one.  So grab your tools and wear your thinking cap and make a beautiful DIY treehouse to astonish your little one.

In case you are wondering how to make treehouse for kids, here are some DIY treehouse designs for you to take inspiration from.

1. DIY Two Level Treehouse for Kids

DIY Two Level Treehouse For Kids

Source: Pinterest

Now a treehouse is magical, but when you make it two-storey, it goes beyond magical. You can also add a slide to the first level to make it more playful for your kid.

2. DIY Pallet Treehouse

DIY Pallet Treehouse

Source: Pinterest

Making a pallet treehouse is a simple DIY project. You just need to connect and secure the pallets in the correct manner to make a beautiful treehouse.

3. DIY Gazebo Treehouse

DIY Gazebo Treehouse

Source: Pinterest

A treehouse cum an elevated gazebo is ideal for your kid even when he grows up. It will be a memory your child will cherish even when he is no longer little to play in a treehouse.

4. DIY Curly Slide Treehouse

DIY Curly Slide Treehouse

Source: Pinterest

Make your kid’s treehouse his play area, too. Just add a curly slide to one side of the treehouse and let your kid enjoy winding down their treehouse.

5. DIY Toddler Play House

DIY Toddler Play House

Source: Pinterest

This playhouse is perfect for young kids. Your toddler under your supervision can enjoy playing alone or with his friends in this beautiful treehouse.

6. DIY Platform Treehouse

DIY Platform Treehouse

Source: Pinterest

This simple platform treehouse is easy to build by yourself. Instead of a full treehouse, just an elevated platform is ideal for the kids to play.

7. DIY Connected Treehouse

DIY Connected Treehouse

Source: Pinterest

This elaborate connected treehouse has many things in one. It has slides, double storeys, rock climbing, connecting bridges, etc. This is perfect for your kid not just now, but when he grows up. Your child will never get bored of playing in this treehouse.

8. DIY Cargo Net Treehouse

DIY Cargo Net Treehouse

Source: Pinterest

Add a cargo net to your kid’s treehouse to make it more adventurous for him. Your kid and his friends will love to tumble down and climb up on this cargo net for years.

9. DIY Modern Treehouse

DIY Modern Treehouse

Source: Pinterest

This modern treehouse is a small home for your kid with all contemporary design aspects. It is one of the popular kids indoor treehouse designs which can also be built in the porch or backyard.

10. DIY Pirate Ship Treehouse Design

DIY Pirate Ship Treehouse Design

Source: Pinterest

If your kid is fascinated by the lives of pirates, this pirate ship treehouse is a perfect choice to fulfil his fantasy to become a pirate.

11. DIY Fairytale Treehouse

DIY Fairytale Treehouse

Source: Pinterest

Add more magic to your kid’s treehouse by making it look like one straight out of his favourite fairytale book.

12. DIY Cube Treehouse for Kids

DIY Cube Treehouse For Kids

Source: Pinterest

This stylish cube-shaped treehouse will amaze your kid and his friends with its architectural design.

13. DIY Kids Garden Treehouse

DIY Kids Garden Treehouse

Source: Pinterest

Make this mesmerising garden-themed treehouse in your backyard for your kid. The beautiful garden setting and rustic treehouse are guaranteed to be loved by your kid.

14. DIY Kids Chevron Treehouse

DIY Kids Chevron Treehouse

Source: Pinterest

You can add a unique design to any kids treehouse by just using colourful wood panels to make a chevron pattern. Make a simple DIY treehouse look exceptional with few coloured wood panels.

15. DIY Tent Roof Treehouse for Kids

DIY Tent Roof Treehouse For Kids

Source: Pinterest

This elaborate tent roof treehouse is ideal for your kids to play and have get-togethers. The stylish tent roof treehouse will serve as an outdoor oasis for your kid.

Your kid will love any treehouse you build for him. Choose any design as per your child’s needs and wishes. These treehouse designs are guaranteed to amaze and please your little one as it will have your loving touch and thought.

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