List of 20+ Best Activities for 6 Year Old Kids

Top 20+ Activities for 6-Year-Old Kids

A child is always in a learning mode, but it takes a peak when he hits six. You should introduce games or activities that would impart cognitive or emotional skills at this point. Fuel your 6-year-old’s imagination and energy with our handpicked list of the top 29 activities. From creative arts to outdoor adventures, these engaging options ensure endless fun and learning! Here are some activities for 6-year-olds that you can try.

Fun Activities

Engaging and entertaining activities are essential for the development and enjoyment of 6-year-olds. Here are five fun and educational activities that entertain and help them learn and grow.

1. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

How to Do?

Create a list of items found in your backyard or a nearby park. Give your child the list and a basket, and challenge them to find and collect these items. You can make it even more exciting by providing clues.

What Does It Teach?

This activity encourages observation skills, problem-solving, and teamwork as kids search for hidden treasures, fostering a sense of adventure and curiosity.

2. Storytime Theater

How to Do?

Choose a favourite storybook and ask your child to act out the characters and scenes with props and costumes. You can take turns being different characters and even record the performance.

What Does It Teach?

Storytime theatre enhances creativity, imagination, and language development. It also promotes confidence and public speaking skills.

3. Building a Blanket Fort

How to Do?

Use blankets, pillows, and furniture to construct a cosy fort. Let your child be the architect, arranging the materials and deciding on the fort’s layout.

What Does It Teach?

Building a blanket fort fosters creativity, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. It also provides a quiet space for reading or imaginative play.

4. Nature Art

How to Do?

Take a nature walk and collect leaves, rocks, and twigs. Then, use these natural materials to create artwork like leaf rubbings or stone sculptures.

What Does It Teach?

Nature art encourages appreciation for the outdoors, artistic expression, and fine motor skills. It also teaches kids about different textures and patterns in nature.

5. Cooking Together

How to Do?

Choose simple recipes like no-bake cookies or homemade pizza. Let your child participate in measuring, mixing, and decorating the food.

What Does It Teach?

Cooking together promotes math skills, following instructions, and teamwork. It also allows kids to explore their sense of taste and creativity in the kitchen.

Learning Activities

The age of 6 is tender but ripe for grasping new things. Teach them the following most productive learning activities for 6 year olds.

1. Creating New Words

Words are always fun and if they are used the right way, they can be used to teach your kid a lot.

How to Do?

Prepare some cards with small words of 3 letters. Ask your kid to come up with new words that have the same letters.


What Does It Teach?

Your kid is now learning new words. So it will help him memorise spellings and come up with his own words.

2. Mirror

The game requires only a mirror and nothing else. It’s as simple as it can get.

How to Do?

The game requires a lot of mimicking. Act out something in front of the mirror and ask your child to mimic it.

What Does It Teach?

The game is perfect to develop motor skills. The act of mimicking would develop his bones and motor skills, as well as teach him to deliver quick responses.


3. Discuss While Reading

A little background check can always benefit your kid and help him understand things better. This a very good reading activity for 6-year-olds.

How to Do?

Read stories or things that would make him or her interested. Keep asking your child questions or if they come up with some, give your best to clarify it.

What Does It Teach?

The process would make him curious. It would make him imagine things and the more of it the better. It would help them with a solid understanding of the subject.


4. Riddles

Riddles are a fun way to talk to someone. You can always create your own riddles to get your kid engaged.

How to Do?

Start with simpler and regular ones. This will make your child curious and if he gets the answer, he will be elated. Make your own riddles and ask your child to make some new.

What Does It Teach?

This activity teases the brain and it will make your child think in a different way by exercising his brain.

5. Finish the Story

You can always ask your kid to finish the story. This is a good way to engage your 6-year-old in writing activities.

How to Do?

Create an impromptu story and stop midway. Then, ask your child to write the end.

What Does It Teach?

This will be a fun activity. It can help your child in imagining a perfect end for the story. Also, it will help him develop writing skills.

Art and Craft Activities

Art and craft activities are always a fun way to teach your kids things that would give them a solid foundation. Following are some of the creative activities for 6-year-olds.

1. Play with Wind Vane

A simple thing to do, but your child would enjoy this activity a lot.

How to Do?

You need a paper, a pair of scissors, a paper cup with a lid preferably, a pencil with an eraser on one end, few pebbles, a straw, some glue, and a compass.

Cut one square and one triangle out of a large piece of paper. Then, slit the straw on both ends. Add the triangle piece on one end and on the other, and fix the square one with glue. Put some pebbles in the cup to make it stable, and then close the lid. Erect the pencil in it with the eraser side out of it. Fix the straw with a pin on top of the rubber in such a way that the straw stays away from the rubber tip. Now, take it outside in the wind with a compass placed beside it. Let your kid note the direction of the wind.

What Does It Teach?

It can give your child exposure to craft while teaching how wind can cause movement.

2. Origami

This old form of Japanese art is both elegant and creative.

How to Do?

You can always buy a set or you can cut out square pieces from newspaper and colour them. Then show your kid how to make little frogs or a bunny.

What Does It Teach?

This little game would keep your child hooked and let him explore his creativity.

3. Act Out Stories

It is a fun way to teach your kid new stories.

How to Do?

Just take a favourite story of your kid and play characters in it. Ask him or her to write their own dialogue and then act. You can always do it in front of your family members.

What Does It Teach?

This will hone their acting skill and help them get involved in characters. It will give them a different perspective and help them overcome the fear of performing in front of others.

4. Drawing

Colours can always get your kids excited.

How to Do?

You just need some paper, a pencil, rubber and colours. You can always get some books with pictures to colour as well.

What Does It Teach?

It is a creative way to help your kid give colours to his fantasies. As it is more primal in nature, it will assist your kid in noticing things minutely.


5. Basic Cooking

Involving your kids in the kitchen would be fun to start with. They may make a mess, but they will learn more.

How to Do?

Start with basics like how to flip a pancake or make scrambled eggs. Discuss the steps involved in it and teach them the art of measurement. Gradually, you can grade up to little snacks.

What Does It Teach?

It will make them responsible and give them the skills to be independent. They will start showing you respect for what you do in the kitchen.

6. Marble Painting

This is a unique and creative activity for your six year old: 

How to Do?

Gather a shallow box or tray, paper, various coloured marbles, paint, and small containers with lids. Place a piece of paper in the external box or tray. Dip marbles into different colours of paint and place them on the form. Tilt the tray gently, causing the marbles to roll and create colourful, abstract patterns on the paper.

What Does It Teach?

Marble painting enhances fine motor skills hand-eye coordination, and introduces kids to the concept of gravity and motion in a fun and creative way.

7. Leaf Printmaking

How to Do?

Collect leaves of different shapes and sizes, washable ink or poster paint, paintbrushes, and paper. Apply a paintbrush with a thin layer of ink or paint to the undersides of the leaves. Press the inked side of the leaf onto a sheet of paper to create leaf prints. Experiment with different colours and leaf shapes.

What Does It Teach?

Leaf printmaking introduces kids to the world of printmaking and allows them to explore the intricate details of leaves. It also promotes creativity and an appreciation for nature.

Indoor Activities

If you involve them in various indoor activities, they will quickly learn to organise things independently. Get them interested in these 6-year-olds’s cognitive development activities.


A good activity to start with is LEGO. It is one of the finest activities for 6-year-olds at home.

How to Do?

Playing with LEGO blocks is fun. This will challenge your child and provoke him into using his imagination. Guide him as little as possible.

What Does It Teach?

The game helps kids understand shapes and precision. This can also lead to arguments where they would start thinking rationally.

2. Treasure Hunt

It is an extremely motivating game that can get your kid excited.

How to Do?

Hide some object or a reward somewhere inside the house and leave clues for him. Let him decode clues on their own.

What Does It Teach?

Your kid will learn to focus and focus on details to solve a problem.

3. Make Cards

Be it any occasion, ask your child to make a card.

How to Do?

You only need paper and some colours. If your kid likes it, he can add glitter and other things.

What Does It Teach?

Making a card for someone would create an association. Your child will learn the value of occasions, and culturally, it would enrich him.

4. Writing in a Diary

Ask kids to maintain a diary every day.

How to Do?

Buy your kid a nice diary with pages providing ample space for days to write about.

What Does It Teach?

A diary would help him to vent out his personal things. It can also make him more empathetic. He will start noticing things closely and feel them in detail.


5. Chute and Ladder

This Indian game can help you make your kid’s boring days cheerful.

How to Do?

Buy a chute and ladder board game and play the game with your child.

What Does It Teach?

This game is a perfect way to teach your kid about probability and luck.

Outdoor Activities

Boxing your kid up inside the house would do no good. It is time to let him understand how things work outside. Here are some fun activities for 6-year-olds that you can conduct outdoors: 

1. Visit the Zoo and Museum

This outdoor activity can open up his imagination.

How to Do?

Visit these places with your kid and tell him fascinating stories about animals in the zoo or the historical artefacts in the museum.

What Does It Teach?

This will teach your kid about the past and heritage and introduce him to the natural world.

2. Take a Snap

This can later even become his profession.

How to Do?

Buy him or her a camera and let him explore and take pictures of whatever catches his fancy

What Does It Teach?

This can really get him intrigued and help him learn technicalities. Kids will start noticing things in a better way and create their own perceptions of them.


3. Go Camping

Go into the wild with your kids. Don’t think of it as just boy-centric, this can be a fun activity for a 6-year-old girl as well.

How to Do?

Choose a safe place away from the city. Get the essentials with you and set off. Teach your kid about little things in detail. Give him small chores to do.

What Does It Teach?

This will teach kids to be self-sufficient and manage things in adverse situations. Also, it will teach them survival tricks.

4. Go Fishing

Have fun while fishing.

How to Do?

Get some angling rods, a bucket and bait for fish.

What Does It Teach?

Fishing can teach your kid a lot of patience.


5. Plant a Tree

Gardening can be super fun. And yes, it will allow him to play with dirt.

How to Do?

Get a sapling, your garden tools, and some water. Let him dig the ground and put the sapling. Then, allow him to water it.

What Does It Teach?

It will bring your kid close to nature and teach him to care for other beings.


6. Enjoy Nature’s Treasure Hunt

Discover the wonders of the great outdoors with a game of treasure hunt!

How to Do?

Prepare a list of natural treasures, such as a uniquely shaped leaf, a smooth pebble, or a pinecone. Take your child to a nearby park or forest. As you explore, help them locate and collect the treasures on the list. You can even turn it into a friendly competition to see who finds the most items.

What Does It Teach?

Nature’s Treasure Hunt is one of the activities for six-year-olds that encourages outdoor exploration, observation skills, and an appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. It also enhances their knowledge of different types of plants and natural objects.

7. Enjoy Colourful Nature Art

Let your child’s creativity bloom with colourful nature art!

How to Do?

Go on a nature walk and collect various coloured leaves, flowers, or petals. Bring these items home and create beautiful artwork using the collected natural materials. Kids can arrange and glue things onto paper to make colourful and textured designs.

What Does It Teach?

Colourful nature art promotes creativity, an eye for detail, and an understanding of colour and texture in the natural environment. It encourages children to see the artistic potential in the world around them.


1. What Are Self-Directed Activities for Six-Year-Old Kids?

Self-directed activities for six-year-olds allow children to explore and play independently, fostering their autonomy and decision-making skills. Examples include building with LEGO sets, drawing, reading age-appropriate books, solving simple puzzles, and engaging in imaginative play with toys.

2. What Are a Few STEM-Related Activities Enjoyable for 6-Year-Olds?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities to do with 6-year-olds can be fun and educational. Some ideal options include:

  • Building simple robots or structures using building kits.
  • Conducting basic science experiments like making volcanoes or growing crystals.
  • Exploring coding games designed for young learners.
  • Discovering the world of math through games and puzzles.

3. What Are Some Team Building Activities Suitable for 6-year-olds and Their Friends?

Team-building activities for six-year-olds can help promote cooperation and social skills. 

  • Relay races or obstacle courses in the backyard or park.
  • Cooperative board games where they work together to achieve a goal.
  • Building a group art project, like a large mural or a LEGO creation.
  • Planning a mini scavenger hunt where they solve clues together.

4. How Can You Create a Daily Schedule that Incorporates a Range of Activities for Your 6-Year-Old?

To create a balanced daily schedule for a six-year-old, consider the following:

  • Allocate time for learning, including schoolwork and reading.
  • Include physical activity, such as outdoor play or sports.
  • Encourage creative time with art, crafts, or imaginative play.
  • Allow for relaxation and downtime.
  • Ensure a regular bedtime for adequate rest.
  • Incorporate meals and snacks at consistent times.
  • Adapt the schedule to your child’s interests and needs.

It is the right time to start exposing your child to various activities and get him intrigued to promote development. Be innovative in your approach and have fun to the fullest.

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