Easy Obstacle Course Ideas for Young Children

Easy Obstacle Course Ideas for Young Kids

Obstacle courses comprise a series of activities focused on physical and mental challenges which an individual or a team must navigate. The challenges are mostly timed and may include running, jumping, climbing, swimming, crawling, and balancing activities to test the participants’ speed, agility, and endurance. Obstacle courses are just not a means to test a person’s physical ability but also help boost the agility and endurance of a person. They build physical stamina; boost physical ability and speed. Therefore, it’s no wonder that parents nowadays want their kids to participate in obstacle courses or have obstacle courses as part of games.

Simple and Fun Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids That You Can Try at Home and Outside

Obstacles courses are designed, keeping in mind the age and ability of the participants. They differ for different age groups as the objective differs. So one intended for adults will not be suitable for kids and vice versa. Having fun obstacle course games for kids at home or school is a good idea to incorporate physical activity in their playtime. Designing an indoor obstacle course or outdoor obstacle course depends on the available space and the number of participants. Here are a few simple obstacle course DIY ideas to build an obstacle course for your kids at home:

1. Tunnels

Child playing in tunnel

Kids love going into tunnels, and they are also an important aspect of an obstacle course. So make a tunnel obstacle course easily at your home by lining up chairs and tables for your child to crawl under. You can also roll up the playmat in a cylinder shape by securing it with duct tape. Clear the space by removing extra furniture and create an obstacle course by making rows of chairs, tables, and rolled by play mats. Place a few stools or pillows in-between to jump over to make the obstacle course bit interesting.

2. Boot Camp Course

One of the best obstacle course ideas for pre-schoolers is the boot camp style obstacle course. It doesn’t require much effort, just a few items such as hula-hoops, ladders, strings, boards, wide pipes, tyres, and an outside space like a porch or garden. Set up a boot camp for your kid by placing these items at different locations for them to jump, crawl under, and balance over them. The kids will love the challenges and will also invite their friends for some competition.

3. Sack Race

Sack Race

For younger kids, a simple race with a jumping twist is a good enough challenge. Give your kids some sacks or sleeping bags or empty pillowcases, and ask them to run in the garden or inside the house. To make it a bit challenging, create a diversion by placing their toys or stuff animals in between.

4. Crepe Paper Maze

You want to create a fun obstacle course for your young kids that is easy for them to complete and can be created with few household things. Just take crepe papers or even ribbon or toilet paper and make a random maze by crisscrossing the lengths through the living room. Start the music and let your kids race through the maze to the endpoint.

5. Hop Over the Lava

Kids love to hop and jump, so why not make this the main activity of your obstacle course. Line up pillows, cushions, mats, or paper sheets as rocks on the floor to reach from one point to another. The floor or carpet is hot lava, and the kids have to hop over it to reach the endpoint by jumping over the rocks. The kids will love hopping and jumping over the carpet to reach their destination.

6. Ball Pits

Add in hand-eye co-ordination activity in a simple race to make it an obstacle course for your kid. Create a tossing stop or ball pit in the race by putting in a laundry basket or a bucket. The kids need to toss the balls lying on the way into the ball pits to gain extra points. Your kid will love the free ball throws in the baskets as they race to the end.

7. Army Crawls

Army Crawls

Young kids are experts in crawling, so utilize their favorite pastime in a fun obstacle course. Create tunnels by taping strips of streamers or paper on the edges of furniture or walls. The kids have to crawl under them to complete the obstacle course.

8. Balance Beams

Teach balance to the kids by making this fun obstacle course for them. This can be made inside as well as outdoors depending on the available space. Create an elevated narrow path by lining up cushions, rolled mats, rugs, or just a strip on the floor made by chalk or paper strips. The kid needs to stay balanced on this path to complete the course. For older kids, the board placed on bricks can also be added.

9. Book Maze

Create a maze by placing the kids’ books as walls. The kid needs to hold a ball between their knees and run through the maze without knocking over any book.

10. Tape Trail

Make an interesting indoor obstacle course by using painter’s tape. It can be used to make paths, arrows, or dotted lines to mark the kids’ directions to follow. The obstacle course can take interesting turns when the arrow points over the sofa or leads them under the table or over the counter. The kids will enjoy crawling, jumping, and hopping over things.

Obstacle courses should be made keeping in mind the kid’s particular interest for them to enjoy it. Incorporating their favorite activity or interest in the obstacle course and other activities such as singing their nursery rhymes or ABCs make them interesting and fun.

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