15 Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant Faster

Best sex positions to get pregnant faster

If you are trying to conceive, you are surely exploring ways to expedite the process. Some people believe that a couple can get pregnant sooner if they try specific sex positions, This article discusses the likelihood of exploring sex positions which may help you get pregnant sooner.

Are Sex Positions Important for Getting Pregnant?

Sex has been around since the advent of the human race and believe it or not; there still has not been any substantial scientific evidence that proves which sexual positions are better for getting pregnant. There are many beliefs and rumours revolving around the world that some sex positions are better than others for conceiving, or that certain sex positions may help you conceive the gender of your choice. Well, there is no study or theory to prove the same.

However, if you are trying to get pregnant and want it to happen soon, being impatient won’t help. The basic thumb rule for getting pregnant is that the male sperm must be ejaculated and deposited as close to the female cervix as possible. Therefore, a couple who wants to conceive should avoid positions that hamper or allow low exposure of the cervix to the male sperm.

Is it Essential to Have An Orgasm to Conceive?

An orgasm is a feeling of intense pleasure for both the man and the woman. This feeling is different for every individual and may be very hard to describe. Some describe it as a tingling sensation, and others describe it as explosive feeling in the entire body. In men, orgasm leads to ejaculation of sperms whereas in women it involves wet vaginal walls and swelled clitoris along with an enjoyable release of energy and build-up tension.

A woman can get pregnant without having an orgasm as the only requirement for a woman to get pregnant is sperms entering her vagina. A man can ejaculate into a woman’s vagina, without having a full orgasm and get her pregnant.

Many women wonder if they can get pregnant without an orgasm or whether an orgasm can make it easier for them to get pregnant, the answer is no! The female orgasm is not necessary to get pregnant, and women can conceive without it too. Orgasm makes a woman feel relaxed, and she enjoys sex, though gentle contractions in the uterus resulting from an orgasm, may help the sperm to move in the vagina. But these contractions happen without an orgasm also. Therefore, it is not vital for a woman to have an orgasm to conceive.

Best Sex Positions for Pregnancy

A fair amount of faiths and debates over various sex positions for pregnancy exist, but it has not been proven scientifically. Therefore all you can do is hypothesise and try different positions for getting pregnant. Following are some of the sex positions that you may try:

1. The Missionary Position:

You can try the missionary position for getting pregnant if you want to try most popular and common sex positions. It can also be said that most babies in the world are born because of this sex position. This sex position involves the woman lying down on her back while the man is on top. This allows the sperms to get the best possible accesses to the cervix and gives you good chances of conceiving.

2. The Glowing Triangle Position:

This sex position is same as missionary position but with slight variations. In this position also, the woman lies down on her back, and the man stays on top, but the man in on his fours, with his legs extending out. The pelvis of the woman can be raised slightly, and legs can be wrapped around the partner. This position allows deeper penetration as the pelvic region of the woman is tilted upwards, thus increasing the chances of conception.

3. The Doggy Style:

The doggy position to conceive is also very effective and increases the chances of pregnancy, as it involves deep penetration. This position helps the cervix to open up more compared to other sexual positions. The opened cervix helps the sperms to make their way in for fertilisation. This position involves both the man and woman to be on their fours, with the man penetrating the woman’s vagina from behind.

4. The Magic Mountain Position:

This position is a variant of doggy style. In this, the man bends over the woman in a manner that the woman’s back is against his chest. For better balance and support to the head, the woman can use cushions or pillows. The magic mountain position allows faster and deeper movement of sperms. This position is also effective for the woman to have an orgasm and get pregnant fast.

5. The Anvil Position:

The anvil position is also one of the variants of the classic missionary pose. Unlike in missionary, in this position, the woman has to raise her legs above her head. These positions offer good chances of conceiving because of the effective penetration. The raised legs help in stimulating the woman’s G-spot as well.

6. The Plough Position:

This position does not only give better chances of conceiving but add zing to your sex life also. The woman is positioned like a wheel burrow with her legs in the air and her partner supporting her legs while penetrating her. The gravity does its trick in this position, by pulling the sperms deeper into the cervix.

7. The Spooning Position:

This position is a very romantic position, with the woman lying on one side and her partner spooning from behind. This position allows the woman’s cervix to be angled at 90 degrees which provides better accessibility for the partner’s sperms. The spooning position is very effective in making babies.

8. The Splitting Bamboo Position:

The splitting bamboo position is an extremely adventurous pose that not only provides great sexual satisfaction to both the partners but also improves chances of conception. This famous Kamasutra pose involves the woman to raise one of her legs over her partner’s shoulder. The partner straddles over the woman’s thigh, using her leg for support during the penetration.

9. The Butterfly Position:

You can get some excitement and adventure in your sexual journey for making babies by this position. The butterfly position requires the woman to lie down on a table, and her partner raises her hips while penetrating her. It is one of the best and most effective positions to make babies as it allows the sperms to stay inside the woman’s vagina for longer.

10. The Union of the Oyster Position:

Sex can get boring and tedious when you are planning to have a baby. You can add that extra spark to your sex life by trying exciting sexual positions, and the union of the oyster is one such position. This position requires the woman to lie down on her back while bending her knees and the partner in a kneeling position during the sexual intercourse. This position allows good chances for a woman to conceive a baby.

11. The Union Of The Wolf:

This standing up position for sexual intercourse requires the woman to stand to face her back towards her partner. The partner penetrates her vagina from behind while holding the woman’s waist. The woman leans forward in this position for the sperms to find better access to the cervix. This position allows quicker conception because of better penetration.

12. The Indra Position:

This is one of the variations of classic missionary pose. The Indra position requires the woman to lie down on her back, and her partner penetrates from the top. The only difference is that in this position the woman has to raise her hips (pillows and cushions can be used to raise the hips). This pose is good for getting pregnant as it allows better and deeper penetration.

13. The Sphinx Position:

This sexual position requires the woman to lie on her tummy with her weight on her forearms, and one of her legs bent to the side and the other straight. The partner then straddles from behind with his weight on his arms. This is an excellent position as it allows proper penetration for faster conception.

14. The Peg Position:

This position of sexual intercourse involves the woman to be on top, while her partner lies down on his back. This position is not only good for the woman to have a good orgasm but it is very effective in conceiving. This position is also good for women who have heavier partners.

15. The Reverse Cowgirl Position:

This is another position for the woman to be on top. This adventurous pose is excellent for the partners who want to have a baby. The reverse cowgirl position involves the man to lie down on his back with the woman sitting on top of him, facing his feet. This position gives the control to the woman.

Apart from various sexual positions that you may try to conceive a baby, there are other aspects also that may help you to conceive faster. Following are some the factors that may help you to conceive:

  • Refrain from consuming alcohol as it may affect your ovulation, menstrual cycles and hormones and these, in turn, can make conceiving difficult for you.
  • Do not consume too much tea or coffee, as it affects the reproductive health and fiddles with conception.
  • Refrain from smoking, as it may lead to infertility or may also cause genetically deformed eggs.
  • Keep your body and mind healthy as a fit body has better chances of conceiving.

Are There Any Specific Positions for Conceiving a Baby Boy or Girl?

It would have been an ideal situation where parents could decide the gender of their babies. Though people have been trying to figure out the best sexual positions for conceiving a boy or girl, there has been no scientific proof or study that states that sexual positions can influence the gender of your baby. But some studies state that certain sexual positions can facilitate the chromosome of a particular gender. It is believed that the boy bearing sperm is faster but weaker in comparison to the girl bearing sperm. Therefore, during the sexual intercourse the boy sperm tends to swim faster, but for a short period, thus sexual positions that involve deeper penetrations result in higher chances of boy sperm reaching the egg. Whereas the girl sperm swims slower but stronger and can travel further to fertilise the egg. Thus, shallower or limited penetrations will give better chances to the girl sperm and deeper penetrations will give better chances to the boy sperm to fertilise the egg.

Many people believe that certain love positions are effective in selecting the sex of your baby. Thus following positions may be tried, that have been popular amongst people for the conception of the gender of your choice:

The Best Position to Get Pregnant With a Boy:

  • The Rear Entry Or Doggy Style: This position is effective in conceiving a boy, as this allows the boy sperm to travel faster to the egg. The male penetrates the female from behind when the female is bent on her knees.
  • The Standing Up Position: This position allows quick access to the boy sperm to reach the egg by allowing deeper penetration. This position requires both the partners to be in standing position, and the sperm needs to swim upwards in the vagina.

The Best Positions to Get Pregnant With a Girl:

  • Woman On Top: The woman can control the intensity of penetration. If the penetration is shallow, then the chances of having a girl are more, but if it is deeper, then you may have a boy.
  • Spooning: This position involves both the partners to lie down in a cuddling position and man hugging the woman from the rear. The positioning of the woman’s legs in this position makes the penetration shallow and thus more chances of having a baby girl.
  • Missionary: This position involves a man on top of the woman during the sexual intercourse. Though this position can also allow deeper penetration if it is limited to a shallow penetration, then chances of having a girl child increase.

Apart from above-mentioned sex positions to conceive a particular gender, it is very important to keep in mind your ovulation cycle. The above mentioned sexual positions are only suggestive and do not guarantee the gender of your choice. It is imperative to be healthy, happy and relaxed whenever you plan to have a baby, as it helps your chances of conceiving.

What is The Right Time to Conceive?

Making babies is not easy as it requires the right time to conceive. Your right time to conceive or fertility period can last up to six days in a month. These six days include the ovulation day and the five days leading to the ovulation day. The egg released on the ovulation day will only survive for a day, but the sperms can stay as long as seven days inside your body. Therefore, the sperms have a six-day window to wait for the egg and fertilise with it.

If you need more precision on your ovulation day, it will depend on the length of your menstrual cycle and its regularity. Irrespective of the length of your menstrual cycle,  ovulation usually takes place 14 days before your next menstrual cycle.

You are most likely to get pregnant if you have sexual intercourse within a day or two before your ovulation. But it is not that easy to pick out the exact day or days when you should have sex to conceive. Therefore, if you are planning a baby, it is a good idea to enjoy sex every two to three days

Getting pregnant is one of the biggest joys, and every couple looks forward to becoming parents. It is essential to be healthy and fit before you plan a baby. You may also try different sex position for conceiving a baby. It is recommended to get a complete health check p done before you plan to start a family.

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