What Happens To Your Body When You Suddenly Stop Birth Control Pills

If You’re on Birth Control, Here’s What Can Happen To You If You Suddenly Stop

There are a lot of qualms around birth control pills. Will your hormones get imbalanced? Will it have long term effects? Let’s look at some of the things that will happen to you body on birth control and when you suddenly stop taking it!

One of the common thoughts that often float around in a woman’s mind is the repercussions of going off birth control. While there definitely are a few important things to be kept in mind, there is no reason for you to be worried about it and spending sleepless nights trying to figure out what could happen in case you are planning to conceive (or not).

1. You Begin Ovulating Again

Once you’re off birth control, it generally takes less than 10 days for the process of ovulation to begin again. Once you do, your egg(s) would be available for fertilization and you’ll have good chances of conceiving. And since the sperms can last in your body for up to 5 days, your chances of getting pregnant immediately arise as soon as you stop the pill.

2. Aunt Flo Decides To Visit You

Now that you have started ovulating again, your uterus will begin to prepare itself for receiving the baby. In case you do not conceive, you can expect your period within a month of stopping the pill.

3. You’ll find that Your Menses is Unique

If you wish to become pregnant but do not notice symptoms of ovulation or a regular menstrual cycle, do not worry. Every woman has a different body, which means there could be some delay in ovulation in your case, but it will definitely happen. You could wait up to 3 months before consulting a doctor in case you do not get your period; anything more than 3 months definitely needs your attention.

4. You May Experience Increased Libido

Birth Control Pills, often lower the sex drive by reducing the testosterone which is generally present in greater amount during your natural cycle. Because of this, you might feel a stronger urge to have sex once you’re off the pills.

5. Skewed Cycles to Begin With

The first menstrual cycle might might be a bit abnormal, but this is only a short and temporary phase. Talk to your doctor if your cycles do not normalize even after 2-3 months.

6. Weird Discharge

During your natural menstrual cycle, the kind of discharge that comes out of your body depends on which day of the month it is. If you’re nearing ovulation, the discharge would be mostly clear, whitish while it could be creamy or pale yellow on other days. Because of the change in hormones in your body, the discharge could be different too.

No matter how many words of wisdom you listen to , there will always be myths associated with the topic. Read further on to know about these myths and their validity.

1. There could be Drastic Changes in your Body Weight

Birth Control Pills work by altering hormonal levels in your body. So, being on birth control could mean more oestrogen in your body, which could possibly make you curvier. But once you stop taking it, your hormones go back to normal, and you go back to being what you were before you started with the pills.

2. Your Monthly Cycles Could Be Affected

Again, since birth control pills cause the hormonal levels in your body to change, your period might get better when you’re on birth control and once you decide to quit, things might go back to what they were before you went using the pills. This might trick you into thinking that your periods have suddenly become more painful or wild.

3. The Hormones from the Pills Stay in Your Body

The truth is it only takes a few days for altered hormones to be flushed out of your body. As soon as they are, your natural menstrual cycle takes control.

4. You Reduce Your Chances of Conceiving If You Use Birth Control

his one has no medical backing to it. Since your body’s natural hormonal levels are restored within a few days of stopping the pill, there’s no reason why it could reduce your chances of conceiving, unless you previously had medical issues that made it difficult for you to conceive even with no birth control.

There will always be sources that spread myths about what could happen if you’re on or decide to go off birth pills. It is always better to talk to you doctor before paying heed to anything which is only remotely connected to the facts.

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