Pros and Cons of Gender Determination during Pregnancy

Pre-Birth Sex Determination – Should You, Shouldn’t You?

Boy or girl? If you’re an expecting mom, you may be curious. But in a country where pre-birth sex determination has such severely negative connotations, it is wiser to wait! With the International Day of the Girl Child coming soon on October 11, why not say a strict no to discrimination against the girl child? After all, girl or boy, your baby will be adorable!

There is an undeniable curiosity to find out whether your baby is a boy or a girl, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. But sometimes, there can be a negative effect of sex determination. Not only has it led to girl child abortions and female infanticides, but it is also a punishable offence in India. Here’s why you should experience one of life’s greatest surprise and not be a planner ahead of time!

Why Gender Determination May Not Be A Great Idea

1. You’ll Miss Out On The Fun Stories during Pregnancy

Trust us, you would not want to miss this! There are umpteen myths related to the baby’s gender and some amazing old wives’ tales. Carrying low or high? Holding your engagement rings over your bump or below? You have a sweet tooth or sour? All this can be far more fun than the scientific way!

2. You are Saved From Gender Disappointment

What if you are hoping for a boy or a girl, and find out the other way? Just disappointment! Pre-natal sex determination will only increase the risk of suffering from gender disappointment. Whereas, even if you’re hoping for a girl, but get blessed with a lovely boy, you will be caught up in the joy of the moment.

Gender Disappointment

3. Let It be a Surprise

Determination of sex of the baby will eliminate all the surprises. It will never be more exciting, happier, and a cooler surprise than to find out in your arms whether it’s a son or a daughter. It’s magical to watch a new life enter the world, than to find it out at the ultrasound.

4. Sex Determination Isn’t Really the True Purpose of the Ultrasound

The ultrasound is to ensure your baby’s health and its position. It is to let you know the baby is developing well. The 20 week scan is not for you to find out the sex of the baby and forgetting the actual purpose. Plus, have you not heard that ultrasounds are not 100% correct?

5. You Need Something to Get Motivated in the Delivery Room!

Would-be-moms, you need to push like a warrior! For this you need a lot of motivation. When you don’t know the gender, you can really gear up for that final tough push.

6. You Can Avoid Being a Stereotype

You hate stereotypes, but aren’t you being one of them by choosing to find out what’s in your pouch? Once you check on the sex and announce it, everything around you becomes gender specific. Starting from wardrobe filled with the blues or pinks, to the gender stereotypical parties.

Your baby is a surprise you are guaranteed to love. Today, with the social stigma attached to the birth of a girl child, many nations are getting strict about sex determination. Even the United Nations has marked 11th October as International Day For Girl Child 2015. This is to eliminate gender inequalities and promote girls’ human rights. Do your bit and wait it out. You’ll love the surprise either way!

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