10 IUI Success Tips to Increase Chances of Pregnancy

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We all want children at some point, however, conceiving a child can be a far-away dream for some women. For many different reasons some women cannot conceive normally, and this becomes a huge emotional struggle for the family. However, there is hope for parents of this day and age. With many advances in medical sciences, it is now made possible to conceive in different ways.

IUI is a fertility treatment that is done by transferring semen into the uterus using a device called catheter. When you have decided to go through IUI, you need to be aware of some tips and suggestions to improve IUI success rateArtificial Insemination, IUI, is a medical means to conceive and is mostly given to patients who have abnormalities in cervical muscles, patent fallopian tubes, in the absence of sperm, and for lesbian couples. IUI is not the only way to conceive through medical means. IUI success rates have been between 10% to 30%. However, IUI is a treatment that works on some based on their biological condition. So, it is best to reach out to an expert to find out if this is the best way to conceive a baby.

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Tips and Suggestions to Make IUI Successful

There are different lifestyle changes that you can make to be sure you are successful in the process. Some of the IUI pregnancy success tips are listed below.

1. Meet an Expert

You must make sure that the IUI process is governed by a reproductive endocrinologist who can even cancel cycles if too many eggs are produced. The IUI process needs to be monitored closely as well. Most of all, you must be sure that this is a process that is ok for your body type. There are times when doctors suggest other ways and so make sure that you are reaching out to the right person for treatment.

2. Research Well

First, if you choose IUI because of infertility reasons, then you should know that there are other options that might be easier on your pocket such as the IVF. For women who are above 40 years and above, IUI is not as recommended as IVF because the success rate of IVF is usually higher for older women who naturally take time to get pregnant.

3. Adopt a Healthy Diet

Your diet matters to make this process more efficient. Some good diet options are protein-rich food and fewer carbs on your plate. In fact, even if you are struggling with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, it really helps if you change your diet to make it more healthy and suiting to your body. A good diet always makes way for a better pregnancy.

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4. Start Exercising

Moderate exercise is also good after IUI. However, you must not get into rigorous workouts as this is not recommended by the experts. Your body needs to move, so moderate exercising is good.

5. Avoid Smoking

As per research, women who smoked needed more gonadotropin doses for ovarian stimulation. This negatively affected the success rate to a great extent. Hence, the best option is to quit smoking for better success rate.

6. De-stress Yourself

Ease yourself and don’t stress out too much in life. Going through the process is definitely an emotional journey, but learn to relax and calm yourself during the process. This will make a difference in how your body reacts to IUI.

7. Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture increases the flow of blood which eventually improves the egg quality. This increases the chances of getting pregnant. In fact, it is suggested to start acupuncture at least 3 months before the treatment begins.

8. Consider Supplements As Per a Doctor’s Advice

Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) and DHEA are supplements that are quite helpful. However, these options must go through your doctor. Find out if there are specific supplements that are good for you based on the diagnosis.

9. Having Sex After IUI

Doctors say that having sex after an IUI procedure actually helps. This is because the uterus begins to contract, resulting in pushing the sperm towards the fallopian tubes and the egg.

10. Be Happy and Fulfilled

This might sound like an age-old myth, but it is absolutely true. Do things that make you feel happy and content. When you are looking to get pregnant, your life must reflect the joy of having a baby. It is true that your emotions increase the success rate of getting pregnant.

For reasons unknown, many parents have to go through a struggle of not conceiving normally. The stigma and baggage that comes along with not conceiving are huge in a society. In some cultures, women are embarrassed and could also be rejected for not being able to give birth to a child. However, over the years, things have changed. Thanks to the science and technology, it is possible for people to conceive and have their baby despite all the barriers that stop them from having their own bundle of joy. Although it is a possibility, it is important to follow specific medical instructions and advice to make sure your pregnancy is successful. Going through IUI process needs to be monitored and done with the help of an experienced doctor.

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