16 Best New Year's Eve Party Ideas For Kids

16 Ways To Celebrate New Year Eve With Your Family

New Year is one occasion when kids are often left out of the celebrations. But this New Year, if you are thinking of doing something different and are wondering how to make it special for your kid, look no further! Here are some smashing party ideas that will let you bring in 2024 wonderfully!

When it is cold outside, stay warm at home and spend these special moments of this year with your children. Instead of dressing up and going to the party organized at pubs or a friend’s place, turn into a party organizer yourself and have fun with the kids.

Here are some mega fun ideas for organizing a kids-appropriate New Year’s Party at home:

New Year’s Eve Celebration Ideas for Children

1. Create a Resolution Table

What’s your New Year’s resolution? What about your husband and kids? Whether it’s weight loss, securing an A in Maths, or finding a new job, this is the best time to promise (and keep them too!). Set up a table and pin individual resolutions onto a soft board. You may want to double-check with this list of hilarious resolutions your toddler is making!

Create a Resolution Table

2. Do an Indoor Camping Night

Set up small tents inside the house and ask the kids to imagine that they are spending the night under the starry sky. Tell stories of how the year went by and what you want the new year to be like. This activity has the potential to be a lot of fun without being messy at all!

Do an Indoor Camping Night

3. Throw a Pajama Party

Do something different and throw a pajama party! It could either be a family affair or go ahead and invite your kid’s friends too. There’s no need to dress up, just throw on your most comfortable pajamas and relax. But it does not have to be boring, pep up your pajama party with some card and board games like bingo, monopoly, etc. You can even have pillow fights!

4. Start Populating a Memories Jar

We wish your new year is full of glorious memories. Why not start curating them from New Year’s Eve? Create a memories jar where you put in little chits every day, representing the day’s highlight, experience, or takeaway. Open it on December 31, 2024!

Start Populating a Memories Jar

5. Organise a Movie Night

Make a playlist of your kids’ favourite movies and watch them all night long. Snuggle together in warm blankets, make some snacks, and don’t forget the popcorn! Some ideal movies for such a party would be The Polar Express, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, or Frozen. Or pick from some of these 10 magical movies for Christmas night with kids. Prepare a celebratory meal and serve it in between the movies. How ’bout movie-themed snacks?

6. Have a Rocking Dance Party

Make the kids feel all grown up by organizing a proper dance party for them. First, decide the theme of your dance party. Next, turn your living room into a ballroom or discotheque. Arrange chairs around the room so that there is ample space in the middle of the room for the kids to dance. Hire a DJ or be one yourself, make your own song mixes of hit party numbers to get everyone in the mood, and if possible, make it more exciting with karaoke. No matter what theme you choose, this is one party where even the adults could join in.

7. Welcome 2024 With Scrumptious Food

Why have a tiring party when you can all sit around and gorge on delicious food? Give the kids their favourite treats – whether it is some hot chocolate or milk and cookies. Make easy snacks like sandwiches, pizza, french fries, and treats like juices, hot chocolate, or milk and cookies. You can also set up a buffet-style snacks table – this will mean less work for you too. If you have kids staying over, you can cook up a fabulous New Year’s breakfast for them the next morning. There are reasons aplenty to make 2024 the year of great food!

Scrumptious Food

8. Create and Put Up New Year Decorations

Choose from one of these 16 creative New Year’s art and craft ideas for kids and work on them with the kids. When you are done, take turns to put them up and hang banners. You could also add some glamour quotient to the party by getting a disco ball or setting up a balloon drop in your living room.

9. Watch The Fireworks

If you have a terrace or balcony at home with a view of the sky, you should be able to see New Year fireworks. Huddle around (make sure you all are warm) and watch the sky light up in multiple colours. You can even ask the kids to make a wish and pray for it to come true – you never know when a shooting star is watching you!

Watching The Fireworks

10. Have a Fancy Dress Party

According to the theme, choose and allocate a dress code to the kids. You can also have them dress up entirely in white or like their favourite movie stars. How about dressing up as famous characters in the past year? Mark Zuckerberg or Narendra Modi – who will it be?

11. Exchange Surprise Gifts

Nothing’s better than a surprise gift or two to welcome the new year! Exchange little tokens with the family that represent the year gone by. Time this with the arrival of the new year. You may want to take your pick from this exhaustive gifting guide for everyone close to you.

Exchange Surprise Gifts

12. Do a Countdown

This will be the highlight of the night. Crowd around a timer, or the television, and countdown to 12 midnight. When the clock strikes 12, make sure you make lots of noise (without getting people over!). If your kids are old enough to stay up this late, they are going to love feeling all important!


13. Make Fancy Kid-Friendly Mocktails

New Year Party even at home requires drinks. Whether it is summer or winter where you are, you need drinks at the table for easy conversations to flow. Make sure you make healthy and easy drinks with your kids that can cheer any tired mind. If it is cold at your place, then look for hot drinks, such as hot chocolate, mocha, eggnog, winter smoothies, hit masala milk, etc. If it is hot at your place then make some chill lemonade, smoothies, shakes, punches, apple cider drink, eggnog, etc. By making mouth-watering drinks will not only allow you to spend some quality time with kids but will also help them learn new things.

Fancy Kid-Friendly Mocktails

14. Enjoy Karaoke

No New Year is a New Year without music. And if you and your family have a knack for music, then why not put a playlist of popular festive songs and have a karaoke session? You can invite your kid’s friends and they can have a blast singing kids’ songs, carols, and festive songs.

children enjoying karaoke

15. Storytelling and Puppet Show

Organize a storytelling session or a puppet show where kids can gather around to hear tales about New Year’s traditions or create their own imaginative stories related to the holiday. Encourage them to participate by making their own simple puppets or acting out stories.

16. New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt

Plan an exciting scavenger hunt around the house or in the yard, filled with New Year-themed clues and challenges. Incorporate fun tasks related to the upcoming year, and the kids can work together or compete in teams to solve the clues and complete the hunt.

These are some fun ideas but don’t let them limit your imagination. This New Year’s eve, forget being a grown-up, revisit your childhood again with your kids and create unforgettable memories.

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