Health Decisions Moms of Newborns Must Make

This or That? 5 Health Questions New Moms Must Answer

When you become a new mom, you need to make many decisions. Everyone wants to give you advice too. Learn to sift through the important stuff and know what health decisions moms of newborns must make, both for themselves and their precious babies.

If you’re a new mom, you’ll know that there are so many dos and don’ts passed on by family, friends, and strangers alike. It becomes impossible to decide right from wrong. Find out which advice to heed and which to chuck while keeping you and your baby’s health and sanity in mind!

New Mom Health Decisions to Make

1. Work out or sleep in?

A work-out will make you feel better about yourself, but night feeding and diaper changes will keep you awake. Lack of sleep can lead to hormonal imbalance, affecting your appetite and mood. You may end up eating fat and sugar-loaded foods instead of healthy snacks and meals. So, give your body proper rest and then muster energy to go for a walk or quick workout.

2. Breastfeed only or supplement with bottle feed?

The initial few days post-delivery can turn out to be quite challenging. Women who are breastfeeding may find the feeling a little odd and get tired. The body and mind are still recuperating and as a new mom, you may take time to foster that special bond with your child. If you’re not yet feeling relaxed and breastfeeding looks like a big task, take breaks. Speak to your doctor about partly supplementing your baby’s diet with bottle feed. Once more confident, you can switch to regular breastfeeding.

Breastfeed only or supplement with bottle feed?

3. Get help or be a super-mom?

You’re not meant to do everything on your own. It’s perfectly alright to ask for help whenever required. You can get a family member or a close friend to watch your baby for some time while you finish up long-pending work. You should also consider hiring domestic help, making you much free to focus on the baby and yourself.

4. Socialise or follow strict baby-time?

Clinging to your baby all the time is a bad idea even for a new mom. While bonding with your child is very important, it’s equally necessary to go out and meet friends. You could get a cup of coffee with your best buddy, rejoin your favourite social networking site or video chat with a friend. Do whatever makes you happy!

5. Rekindle the romance or cradle the baby?

When you become a new mom, your child becomes the focus of your life and your partner may sometimes feel left out. But, the important health decision moms of newborns must make includes taking out time for your partner. It can help the two of you become better parents. You can get someone to watch your baby when he or she is a few months older and go for candlelit dinners, movies and long walks. Bring that passion and romance back into your lives!

People will always have opinions about what new moms must do. Choose to do what suits you. You’ll be able to better perform your role as a new mom!

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