150 Sahabi Names For Baby Boy With Meanings

150 Best Sahaba Islamic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

As a parent, one of the first duties you have is to name your baby boy aptly. His name will be something that stays with him for life. It also plays a great role in how your child develops, in terms of his personality. So here is a selection of great Sahaba names in Islam.

As-sahabah refers to the many companions of Prophet Muhammad. These include his friends, disciples, family, relatives and even scribbles who used to be close to the Prophet. These men used to live in the time of the Messenger of Allah, and are widely considered to be some of the highest-calibre men, right after the prophets in Islam. Therefore, choosing from Sahaba Karam names in the Quran will be a great choice if you want your child to grow up well and emulate these great men from the Holy texts.

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As Muslim baby boy names of Sahaba are not easy to find all in one place, this list of best male Sahaba names for baby boys has been compiled in order to help you choose wisely. The names here are of those companions of Prophet Muhammad- some have great meanings in Arabic, while some are the names of the people who lived at that time, with less meaning.

List of Sahabi Names for Baby Boys

In Islam, choosing a name is something that has to be done with great care- in fact, it is the right of a baby to be given a meaningful and honourable name. It is said that the person will be called by his and his father’s name during judgement day, so let us take a look at a few meaningful names which can be chosen for your child.

Name Meaning
Abbad Worshiper or servant of Allah
Abd It has historical significance, as Abe AL-Brahman was one of the first people to accept Islam.
Abu Bakr He was the companion of Prophet Muhammad and the owner of a hundred camels.
Abyad It is the name of a narrator of Thad
Adiyy Refers to a sahabi who was also the leader of the Arab tribe of Tayy; a warrior
Agharr He was another companion of the Prophet; beautiful, handsome or illustrious
Ahnaf He was a narrator of hadith
Ali High in status and rank
Allaq Something which clings, or hangs on and adheres
Amanat Translates to trust, fidelity or dependability
Ammar A person who fasts and prays often, and is hardworking
Anas Finding comfort through familiarity with a person or place
Arqam Associated with the individual whose home was used for the earliest Muslim community meetings
Asim Protector, the guardian or the shield
Bilal The name of the first muezzin of Islam; one that satisfies thirst
Budayi It was the name of another companion of the Prophet
Bustaani One who is from a green field, a beautiful garden or a meadow
Butrus The Arabic form of Peter
Dihyah Military commander
Duraid Toothless
Eemaa The act of trying to communicate with a person without using speech
Fadl Outstanding, honorable, respectable
Farafisa It was the name of another companion of the Prophet
Fayruz Turquoise in Arabic, and Faraway AL-Daylight was one of the first people to renounce the Chooses and recognize Islam
Hakim Wise, Judicious
Hanzala Water, pond, one who can adjust anywhere
Harith Green, plowman, cultivator
Hassan To be good, to be beautiful
Hashim Generosity, destroyer of evil
Hatib A wood collector
Hubab Aim, friendship
Hudhayfah Refers to one of the trusted companions of Prophet Muhamad
Hurairah He was a narrator of the Thad
Hussain Little citadel, or fortress in Arabic
Hussein Beautiful, handsome one
Huyay Alive or flourishing in Arabic
Ibrahim Named after a prophet, it was the name of the son of Prophet Muhammad
Ikrimah Female pigeon
Imran A name of historical importance, as it was the name of an important narrator of the Thad and one of the first people to convert to Islam
Ishaaq To be uncertain (Arabic); Laugh (Hebrew)
Ishaq Laughs
Iyad Reinforcement, support or mountain in Arabic
Iyaz Substitute or replacement
Jabalah Mighty mountain or hill, in Arabic
Jabir Comforter, consolation
Jabr A compulsory name of a companion
Jafar Little stream, rivulet
Julaybib Small grown; short
Jarood It was the name of another companion of the Prophet
Jumanah Pearl in Arabic, and is the name of a companion of the Prophet
Junaid Soldier in Arabic
Jurmooz Male wolf cub in Arabic
Kahil Friend or lover in Arabic
Kaliq Creative – in reference to a quality of God
Karam Generosity
Kaseeb Fertile, or fine in Arabic
Khabbab A Person who runs, walks ,trots
Khaldoon It is an old Arabic name of historical significance
Khalid Never-ending, everlasting
Khubayb Refers to one of the preachers sent by Prophet Muhammad to preach the values of Islam
Khulus The pure or clear one
Khunais Hidden, secretive
Kumail One who has a lot of good qualities
Kuraib The one who pushes everyone to hurry
Labid Companion – He was a companion of the Prophet and a great Arabic poet
Luhaib The flame of a fire
Lutfi Kind, or gentle in personality
Madani Urban, civilized or modern in Arabic
Mahfuz One who is always protected by God
Mahmoud The praised one- a variation of Muhammad
Malik Master, or king in Arabic
Mazin The one who walks hurriedly- it is an old Arabic name
Miqdad A name of wahhabi
Miyaz The preferred, or distinguished one
Muawwaz One given restitution
Muaz A person of historical significance who embraced Islam despite coming from another religion
Munabbih The one who alerts someone
Musab The first ambassador of Islam, he died fighting in the Battle of Thud. It means able, or strong in Arabic
Nafi A physician recommended by the Prophet Muhammad; Useful or the one who gives benefit in Arabic
Nuaym The narrator of Thad, and the historical figure converted to Islam during the battle Trench
Owais The name of a companion of Prophet Muhammad
Qatadah Another companion of Prophet Muhammad
Rabaah Profit in Arabic
Raees Chief, or president in Arabic
Rashdan Well-guided or wise; one who is on the right path.
Rawh Breeze, relaxation or  peace of mind in Arabic
Riab Peace, harmony or a lack of conflict
Ruhail Wanderer, or nomad in Arabic
Ruwaifi One of high status or rank
Saab Lion, or obstinate in the Arabic language
Saad To have joy, or to have success and happiness
Saaib To run quickly, or to flow in Arabic
Saalih To be wholesome or virtuous and to be the opposite of corrupt
Saalim A variation of Salish – to be safe and sound or to be not corrupt
Saamit The one who does not speak, and is always silent
Sabiq A person who is superior, or excels at everything he does
Sabrah The cool temperature at the dawn
Sadaqah To give to charity, or to be generous
Safwan To be radiant, or elegant and simple all at once
Sahban A flood or avalanche that can destroy everything in its path
Sahl Easy, smooth, simple
Sa’id Happy, lucky
Saleet One who is eloquent in speech, and talks a lot
Salim Peace; safe
Salit Strong, solid, boy
Salman Safe and sound, without any fault
Shams Sun
Sanbar The sagacious, or skilled one
Sawad One who possesses a lot of wealth
Sayf Sword
Shabeeb The young one, or youth
Shadad Serve, firm
Shaddad The fortifier or strengthener
Shareek Partner
Shibl The cub of a lion
Shihab A shooting star, or a meteor in the night sky
Shouaib It is the name of a prophet who is mentioned in the Qumran
Shujaa To be brave and powerful
Simak Great, or powerful
Sinan Leopard, or the head of a spear
Suhayb Something or someone of reddish hair or complexion
Suhayl The name of a star; gentle
Sulaim Whole or healthy, without fault
Talha Kind of tree
Talhah A fruitful tree from the heaven
Tameem One who has the maturity, virtue and wisdom, or the perfect one
Tamim Complete
Tareef Something that is rare, and good. It also refers to a witticism in speech
Thabit Firm
Thawban Companion of prophet
Thumamah Millet plant. The name also belongs to one of the most influential and powerful Arab rulers.
Tulaib Pursuit, or demand; Lover
Tulaiq To be cheerful or happy always
Ubaidullah Servant or slave to God
Ubayd A little servant of God
Usama Lion
Ukashah Web, cobweb, spiderweb
Umar An eloquent or capable speaker and it was also the name of a great Muslim caliph
Uqbah The end of everything
Urwa Hand-held, support
Urwah Lion
Utbah Belongs to the seventh person to accept Islam; the threshold
Uthman a friend of Muhammad
Uwais Small wolf
Waleed A newborn child
Walid Newborn
Zubayr Fierce; intelligence
Zayd Progress or growth
Ziyad Abundance
Zubair Strong and intelligent

You have to choose the name of your child correctly, as it plays an important role in his personality. More often than not, children grow up to be exactly what their name means- so choose wisely!

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