Top 230+ Muslim Boy Names With Meanings

230+ Islamic or Muslim Baby Boy Names With Meanings

There are many wonderful Muslim names for boys and girls. Muslim names are inspired by the holy book of the Quran or the ancient Islamic words that are both meaningful and elegant. Traditionally, Arab Muslim male names, as well as, female names originated from Islam and traditional Arab names. In this article, we have compiled 195 Muslim names for boys. If you have recently given birth to a baby boy and are looking for Muslim names for him, then these Muslim names for boys will be ideal to choose from. From famous names in Islam to ancient Arab names, you’ll find everything here.

Unique Islamic Baby Boy Names

Having several names to pick from can make it tough to find a unique name for your baby. Listed below are several options, whether you are looking for a name with panache or uncommon boy names that have swag:

1. Ashir


2. Askary

Army or soldier

3. Atif

Kind, merciful

4. Ayaan


5. Azamat

A proud man; grandeur

6. Alyan

Great, high, and one who climbs upwards

7. Bahat

Flawless, pure, and spotless

8. Basili


9. Baqer

A man of knowledge

10. Einas

To be at peace

11. Fardan

The one who is unique

12. Fatihi


13. Fuzail

Praiseworthy and generous

14. Ghuraib

Gold or silver

15. Habrur

It means living in luxury or blessed

16. Hanan

Gracious and compassion

17. Harees

Keen, willing, and desirous

18. Hibr

Ink, scholar, or a virtuous man

19. Husnain

The two grandsons of Prophet Muhammad

20. Huzaifa

Wise, intelligent, intellectual

21. Idris

A prophet and a fiery leader

22. Ilhan

To say something with eloquence and to read beautifully

23. Imran

Happiness, great pleasure

24. Iqdam


25. Israr

Determination, resolve, and firmness

26. Iyad

Support and a powerful person

27. Jazeel

Fabulous, tremendous, and great

28. Kamil

Whole and complete

29. Kashaaf

Finder or the discoverer

30. Khateeb


31. Lazim

In demand or sought after

32. Maatuq

One who is free

33. Maaz

An Arabic name meaning shelter or refuge

34. Mirzai

Content, satisfied, and one who gains the approval and satisfaction of others

35. Moiz

Respectful, Allah’s name, one who protects

36. Mubeen

One who appears, light

37. Muhammad

Name of a prophet of Allah, appreciated

38. Muneeb

One who turns to the right path

39. Muyassir

One who makes something easy or possible

40. Nahyan

One who prevents or discourages others from doing bad things or one who has reached the heights of wisdom

41. Natiq

Articulate and clear and apparent

42. Oraibi

Keen, perceptive, intelligent, and, one who has vision

43. Owaib

One who repents

44. Parsa

Pious and virtuous

45. Qamar

The moon, bright and radiant like the moon

46. Qudair


47. Rafan


48. Rayan

One who is satisfied

49. Sajjad

One who does many prostrations

50. Saqlain

Doubling of gravity or weight

51. Sawlat

Influential or commanding

52. Shaharyar

A king

53. Tabish

Warmth or brilliance

54. Tayyab


55. Turhan

Of mercy

56. Umair

One who is intelligent

57. Umran


58. Uzair

The name of a Prophet

59. Wajih

Noble and eminent

60. Yazed

To grow or increase

61. Yaqeen

Faith and belief

62. Zafar

Triumph or victory

63. Zarrar

A great Muslim warrior

64. Zohaib

King, leader

65. Zubair

A wise and intelligent person

Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names

If you are in search of modern Muslim names for your baby boy, check the list below.

1. Abbas

Stern; lion

2. Abdullah

Servant Of Allah, Name of a prophet’s father. 

3. Adan


4. Adnan


5. Afzaal

Kind deeds

6. Azam

One who is the greatest of all

7. Basheer

One who brings good news; a bearer of good tidings

8. Basil

One who is fearless and brave. A variant of this name is Baseel

9. Basim


10. Bilal

The prophet’s companion

11. Burhan


12. Daniyal

Intellectual man, Name of a prophet

13. Dawood

One who is a beloved friend

14. Dilbar


15. Eijaz


16. Farhan

Cheerful, Joyful, or happy

17. Faraz


18. Fawad


19. Ghalib

A person who wins a competition or fight

20. Ghazi

A fighter or a warrior

21. Hafeez

Protector. A variant of this name is Haffaz

22. Hamid

The one who deserves praise

23. Haroon

Name of the Prophet Aaron, warrior lion

24. Hashim

Destroyer of evil. A variant of this name is Hashaam

25. Hasnain

Handsome one

26. Hassan

Handsome, benefactor

27. Hussain


28. Ihsan

Benevolence, kindness, and generosity

29. Irshad

Order or guidance

30. Izhar


31. Jamil


32. Javed


33. Kabir

The great

34. Kaizer

An emperor

35. Kasim


36. Latif


37. Mahir


38. Mahtab


39. Murad


40. Nadeem


41. Nadir


42. Naeem

Happiness, benevolent, blessing

43. Nafees


44. Noman


45. Qasim

The distributor

46. Rafay

To elevate rank

47. Rafeeq

A kind friend

48. Rayhan


49. Rayyan

The door of heaven, plentiful

50. Rehan

King, sweet-scented, star

51. Riaz


52. Rizwan

A messenger of good news

53. Sameer

A pleasant companion

54. Shadab


55. Sharif

A gentleman

56. Shaukat


57. Sohail


58. Tahir


59. Tariq

Morning star

60. Tuhin


61. Umar

Life; age

62. Waseem


63. Yasir


64. Zaheer


65. Zain

Good light

Popular Islamic Baby Boy Names

Some names that have become popular Muslim baby boy names lately are listed below:

1. Abdul Hadi

One of the names of God in the Qur’an, servant of the Guide

2. Abdul Rehman

Servant of the most gracious

3. Aidan


4. Amam


5. Anzar

An angle of paradise

6. Aymaan


7. Bashar

A bearer of good tidings

8. Behzad

Caring and honest

9. Danish


10. Dayyan

A mighty ruler

11. Dinar

Grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit

12. Ehsas


13. Fahad


14. Faheem

Intelligent, understanding

15. Faiz

Prosperous or successful

16. Faizan

Ruler, grace

17. Fardeen


18. Faseeh


19. Gauhar

Precious stone

20. Gulzar


21. Hadi

A guide

22. Haider


23. Hamdan


24. Hamza

Strong, lion, steadfast

25. Himayat


26. Ibaad


27. Ilahi


28. Isam


29. Jafri

A yellow flower

30. Jazib


31. Junaid

A warrior whose strength equals that of an army

32. Kaysan


33. Khurram


34. Moin

Spring fountain

35. Munaf


36. Murtaza

Attainer of the pleasure of God

37. Musa

A messenger, Drawn out of the water

38. Muzammil

Title of Prophet Muhammad

39. Nabil


40. Noor

Light of Allah

41. Ozhan


42. Parvez


43. Pir

Wise man

44. Qutub


45. Qazi


46. Rauf

Kind and merciful

47. Raza


48. Raees


49. Rohan

Spiritual, ascent

50. Saad

Friend, companion

51. Saahil

Guide, support

52. Saif


53. Sajid

One who bows down to God

54. Shaan


55. Tameez


56. Talib


57. Wajeeh

Commanding personality

58. Waqas


59. Wasif

Virtuous man

60. Wali


61. Yaseen


62. Zahi


63. Zafer


64. Zeeshan

Of high standards

65. Zimar


Traditional Islamic Baby Boy Names

Traditional names are known for their ever-lasting significance. Let’s check up on some amazingly beautiful traditional Islamic baby boy names we have in our store for you.

1. Emir

From the times of monarchy and rich traditions, Emir is a renowned name referring to males. It means ‘prince’ or ‘king.’

2. Farid

Farid is a traditional yet ecstatic Arabic-originated name associated with the lucky number 6. The name also refers to ‘one of a kind.’ 

3. Habib

You might have heard of this joyful-sounding name which means ‘loved one.’ This is a perfect name to give to the cutest member of the family! 

4. Ibrahim

Ibrahim is a common yet very traditional Islamic name that has been in use for centuries. This beautiful name resonates with strength and means ‘father of many.’

5. Jamal

Preferred almost everywhere in the world, Jamal is a classic Arabic name which means ‘beauty.’ 

6. Mohammed

Pronounced in different ways, like Muhammad, Mohamad, etc., Mohammad is one of the top traditional Islamic names. It is also the name of the founder of Islam and the Messenger of God – Prophet Mohammad.

7. Nazir

Nazir is a classic name that has been a favourite name with parents for centuries. This beautiful Islamic name means ‘observant’ and ‘spectator.’

8. Yusuf

A beautiful old-fashioned name finding its association with a detailed narrative in the Quran as Surat Yusuf, the name belongs to a renowned prophet named Yusuf or Joseph (biblical reference). If you are after a classic and traditional name, we highly recommend this one as this means ‘God gives.’

Nature-Inspired Muslim Boy Names

Islamic names are highly inspired by the gift of God, i.e. nature. Here are some of the most affectionate nature-inspired Muslim boy names with meanings for your kid.

1. Aafaq

Aafaq is a quintessentially elegant name for boys that is starting to revive its old charms. The name refers to the horizon – the place where the sky and the Earth meet.

2. Aariz

Surely, Aariz is the ultimate baby boy name that should make your shortlist. This charming baby name means ‘rain-bearing cloud.’

3. Charagh

What an exquisite name! Charagh is a fine baby boy name that finds its roots way back to the older times. It has several meanings, including the very famous ‘sun’, ‘lamp’, ‘lantern’, and ‘light.’

4. Daysam

We are sure you must not have heard of this unique and mysterious baby name, which means ‘extremely dark’, ‘black night’, and ‘baby fox.’

5. Fahed

Crossing boundaries, this feline-inspired name is the house favourite. Fahed means ‘leopard’ or ‘panther.’

6. Naaim

Naaim is another Muslim name for babies that means ‘peaceful’ or ‘soft.’

7. Qamari

Inspired by the name Qamar which means ‘moon’, Qamari is an exquisite name meaning ‘moonlight’ and ‘bright.’

8. Syrus

Your little prince deserves a name that speaks of his charm. Syrus is a cool name that will perfectly suit their modern persona. The name in Islam translates to ‘sun.’

9. Taair

Derived from the word ‘Altair’, the name Taair is kind of a modern take on the word and suits well for boys. Taair means ‘bird.’

10. Talha

Talha is that one baby name that shines brightest of all. This baby boy’s name has a religious significance with a touch of nature, meaning ‘fruitful tree from heaven.’

Uncommon Islamic Names for Baby Boy

Why go for plain and common names that almost everyone has? Let’s find your little boy a perfect Islamic name that is uncommon and super unique.

1. Ehab

Ehab is a beautiful and joyful baby boy name which means ‘gift or gifting someone.’ We are sure this name will give your little prince a unique character.

2. Jakeem

We are in love with this unique and spectacular baby name. The meaning of this name is as unique as the name itself, which means ‘raised up.’

3. Persian

While a lot of people are familiar with the word Persian, they must not have heard it in the context of a baby name. Persian as a baby name is very uncommon and means ‘a jewel’ or ‘gemstone.’

4. Rafee

We are starry-eyed about this name! Rafee rolls off the tongue, similar to the commonly known Rafi. The name Rafee is the symbol of high status and means ‘exalted.’

5. Rashid

Though the name Rashid feels common, you’ll hardly find many people bearing this name. This name is not used too often and is as beautiful as its meaning. Rashid means ‘having the true faith’ and ‘tightly guided.’

6. Sufian

Unfortunately, this name isn’t recognised for the awesomeness it harnesses. Sufian means ‘fast-moving’ and ‘light.’ 

7. Tigran

Tigran is certainly an uncommon and unheard-of name. Thanks to its uniqueness, it is rare and will surely make a perfect name for your little one. By the way, Tigran means ‘sharp’ and ‘fighting with arrows.’

8. Yagana

How about a name that literally means ‘unprecedented’ and ‘unique?’ Yagana is one such name that has uniqueness in both its meaning and use.

Strong Muslim Baby Boy Names

Names have a great significance on children as they grow, and we all want our children to grow courageous and strong in character. This is why we searched and compiled some of the best strong Muslim boy names from A to Z alphabets that relate to strength and help build a character. 

1. Aamil

Do you aspire your little ball of wonder to become an honest and hardworking person who does not shy away from risks and hard work? Let us present you with a Muslim name that justifies this emotion – Aamil. Aamil means ‘effective.’

2. Abdul

Abdul is a beautiful baby boy’s name with lots of elegance to it. It has one of the most pious meanings – ‘servant to God’ or ‘servant to Allah.’

3. Ameer

We are bonkers for this rich and strong Muslim name. A new take on the common name Amir, this is a spectacular name that has more depth to it. To let you in on the surprise, Ameer refers to the ‘ruler in the Arab world.’

4. Aziz

Aziz is another masculine Muslim name with a strongness to it. This exquisite baby name means ‘strong’ and ‘powerful.’

5. Chabuk

See your kid taking decisive matters in hand and solving them with ease? If yes, the name Chabuk is the one for your little boy. Select this ideal name Chabuk meaning ‘active’ and ‘clever’, and let your boy get physical strength with mental ability.

6. Chawish

If you are looking for a rare and strong baby name in Muslim, you’ve just found the diamond in the rough! Chawish means ‘leader of the tribe.’

7. Ghakhtalay

Because of its unique name formation, Ghakhtalay is often sidelined. The name, however, has a rich meaning – ‘strong.’

8. Iskander

Iskander is a mighty selection within our strong Muslim baby boy names list and is the house favourite because of its stylish pronunciation! It means ‘helper of the mankind.’

9. Malik

With a rich and strong meaning behind this name, Malik holds big popularity among parents. The name means ‘king’, ‘ruler’ and ‘master.’

10. Nabeel

Nabeel is a name to imbibe perseverance in your son as it means ‘one who is skilled in archery’ and ‘dexterous nobleman.’ What a strong name!

11. Waarith

Meaning similar to Varis, Waarith is a strong and spectacular baby name that refers to the ‘master’, successor’, and ‘the supreme inheritor.’

12. Walid

Walid is a quintessentially elegant name that is beginning to become popular in recent times. Walid means ‘newborn.’ It is also the name of a historical figure – the Umayyad caliph who conquered Spain in the 8th century.

Tips for Choosing a Meaningful Muslim Name for Your Baby Boy

In traditional Muslim families, babies are given a name on the seventh day of their birth. Many Muslims choose Arabic names for their babies. Here is what you should keep in mind while choosing a name for your baby.

  • Opt for a boy’s name that has the prefix ‘Abd’ to indicate servitude to god.
  • Choose a name after Prophets and righteous men.
  • The name you choose should not promote vanity and pompousness.
  • Avoid choosing names that bear connotations of bad omens or names that belong to immoral people.

It is important for Muslims to take into consideration the restrictions and suggestions made by eminent scholars before they pick a name for their children.

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