100 Best Rainbow Baby Quotes And Sayings

100 Beautiful Rainbow Baby Quotes and Sayings

When parents find themselves with a child again after losing one, they are in both a happy and a difficult position emotionally. These positive rainbow baby quotes and sayings may be just what is needed to calm their nerves, overcome anxiety, and stir those feelings of hope and joy. 

100 Comforting and Meaningful Rainbow Baby Quotes 

100 Comforting and Meaningful Rainbow Baby Quotes

If you are looking for rainbow baby announcement quotes, quotes to help you feel better, or rainbow baby girl quotes, here are 100 relatable rainbow baby quotes:

  1. “When we lose one blessing, another is most often unexpectedly given in its place” – C.S. Lewis
  2. “A rainbow baby is a special kind of miracle that only exists because of your loss, not instead of it” – Anonymous
  3. “A rainbow baby is the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravage of the storm” – Anonymous
  4. “Rainbow babies fill our hearts with renewed hope and boundless love” – Anonymous
  5. “When I look at my rainbow baby, I know a little bit of heaven is looking back at me” – Anonymous
  6. “Where one thing falls, another grows. Maybe not what was there before, but something new and wonderful all the same” – Anonymous
  7. “It is like a rainbow after a storm: something beautiful after something scary and dark” – Jennifer Kulp-Makarov
  8. “Handpicked by our angel above for us to cherish and love” – Anonymous
  9. “Having a rainbow baby brings hope and love to everyone” – Anonymous
  10. “A rainbow baby marks the beginnings of all things—wonder, hope, and a beautiful dream of possibilities” – Anonymous
  11. “Even though I am carrying another child, my first child will always be in my heart” – Anonymous
  12. “It’s okay to feel overwhelmed with emotions by the birth of your rainbow baby. You can feel saddened by your loss and overjoyed by your little miracle” – Anonymous
  13. “A rainbow baby doesn’t negate your loss. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or that it doesn’t still hurt” – Anonymous
  14. “Dreams really do come true, my sweet rainbow baby, I’ve been waiting for you” – Anonymous
  15. “A rainbow baby is welcomed with love and hope” – Anonymous
  16. “Nobody had ever had a rainbow baby until they had the rain” – Jim Croce 
  17. “Some only dream of angels, I held one in my arms” – Anonymous 
  18. “God placed a rainbow in the sky to let me know you were on your way” – Anonymous 
  19. “You were carried for only a moment but are loved for a lifetime” – Anonymous
  20. “Without darkness, nothing comes to birth, as without light, nothing flowers” – May Sarton 
  21. “Rainbow babies are magic. I wanted that” – Chaunie Brusie
  22. “No more teardrops now that I’ve found a love so true; I got a pocketful of rainbows, got an armful of you” – Elvis Presley
  23. “Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith . . . it is the price of love” – Anonymous 
  24. “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true” – Wizard of Oz
  25. “Rainbows remind us that even after the darkest clouds, and the fiercest winds, there is still beauty” – Katrina Mayer
  26. “Your wings were ready, but my heart was not” – Anonymous 
  27. “If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain” – Dolly Parton
  28. “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends” – Corinthians 13:7,8
  29. “It hurts because it matters” – Anonymous
  30. “You are the rainbow that adds colors to my grey skies” – Avijeet Das
  31. “You’ll never find a rainbow if you are looking down” – Charlie Chaplin
  32. “Listen for my footfall in your heart. I am not gone but merely walk within you” – Nicholas Evans
  33. “Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come shining through” – Gilbert K. Chesterton
  34. “None appreciates rainbow and sunshine better than he on whose parade it has rained” – Vincent Okay Nwachukwu
  35. “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness” – Desmond Tutu
  36. “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope” – Maya Angelou
  37. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice” – Bob Marley
  38. “He has made everything beautiful in His time” – Ecclesiastes 3:11 
  39. “An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth. Then whispered as she closed the book, ‘too beautiful for earth” – Anonymous
  40. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13
  41. “Rainbows are fleeting reminders of what is lost and what is promised” – Anonymous
  42. “A rainbow glistens bright when the stormy clouds break, and the sun shines once more” – Anonymous
  43. “A rainbow brings joy and hope arching over us in a display of the colors of love” – Anonymous
  44. “I would have given my last breath to see you take your first” – Anonymous
  45. “Whenever I bring clouds over the Earth, the rainbow appears in the clouds” – Genesis 9:14
  46. “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there” – Robert Browning
  47. “The pain you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming” – Romans 8:18
  48. “She is the gold at the end of our rainbow” – Anonymous
  49. “Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain; but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain” – Zion Lee
  50. “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” – By A.A. Milne
  51. “The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow” – Tarryn Donaldson
  52. “Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever” – The Prophet
  53. “I believe that God sent you into my life to give me something to fight for, to show me there is love in this world, to give me hope and bring me joy” – Anonymous
  54. “This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips…” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  55. “Love was a feeling completely bound up with color like thousands of rainbows superimposed one on top of the other” – Paulo Coelho
  56. “Out of difficulties, we grow miracles” – Jean de la Bruyère
  57. “Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day” – Anonymous
  58. “For this child we have prayed” – Samuel 1:29
  59. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, or touched, but are felt in the heart” – Helen Keller
  60. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” – Maya Angelou
  61. “She/he was born silent into this world, but their little life spoke volumes” – Anonymous
  62. “Life need not be long-lived for it to be meaningful” – Anonymous
  63. “Our children change us, whether they live or not” – Anonymous 
  64. “We loved you before we knew you. Even when there was just a hope for you, we loved you” –  Anonymous
  65. “Planted on earth to bloom in Heaven” – Anonymous
  66. “The dark clouds are lifting, a rainbow has appeared, and the sunshine is on its way” – Anonymous
  67. “All the stars in the universe danced the day you were born” – Anonymous
  68. “The largest of blessings are those that are small” – Anonymous
  69. “So when the winds are howling strong, and you think you can’t go on, hold tight, sweetheart; You’ll find a rainbow” – Kesha
  70. “Whenever I see a rainbow, I am saddened by my loss and ever so grateful for my blessings to come” – Anonymous
  71. “Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows; Everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when we’re together” – Lesley Gore
  72. “Well, darlin’, I’m just tryin’ to tell ya; That there’s always been a rainbow hangin’ over your head” – Kacey Musgraves
  73. “How very softly you tiptoed into our world, almost silently, only a moment you stayed. But what an imprint your footsteps have left upon our hearts” – Dorothy Ferguson
  74. “There’s a unique pain that comes from preparing a place in your heart for a child who never comes” –  David Platt
  75. “You never arrived in my arms, but you will never leave my heart” – Zoe Clark-Coates
  76. “After a storm, there is a rainbow of hope” – Anonymous
  77. “A piece of my heart will never be at peace again” – Anonymous 
  78. “May you always know you were wished for, prayed for, and will be forever loved” – Anonymous
  79. “Even those that never fully blossom bring beauty into the world” – Anonymous
  80. “Handpicked for the earth by my sibling in heaven” – Anonymous
  81. “Just when you think you will never see the light again, a rainbow so beautiful and precious comes along to remind you just how bright your world can be” – Anonymous
  82. “Love swoops down to Earth riding on the colors of a rainbow” – Anonymous
  83. “It’s when a rainbow smiles that sadness is banished from the land” – Anthony T. Hincks
  84. “To lose a child is to lose a piece of yourself” – Dr. Burton Grebin
  85. “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” – Aristotle
  86. “We are so lucky to have her as gold at the end of our rainbow” – Anonymous
  87. “Whenever the sun emerges from a storm and a rainbow appears all around us, we are filled with joy” – Anonymous
  88. “A rainbow is impossible without rain” – Anonymous
  89. “Your rainbow will be brighter the more intense the storm” – Anonymous
  90. “I know I’m loved when I see a rainbow” – Anonymous
  91. “Be the rainbow in somebody else’s cloud” – Maya Angelou
  92. “My baby sleeps with the moon and the stars” – Anonymous
  93. “We were going to have a baby, but we had an angel instead” – Anonymous
  94. “His little hands stole my heart. His little feet ran away with it” – Anonymous
  95. “But I do understand that your soul was destined to come into contact with mine” – Anonymous 
  96. “No rain, no flowers” – Anonymous
  97. “Baby girl, you are my life, you are the greatest blessing I have ever received in this life” – Anonymous
  98. “A life may last just for a moment, but memory can make that moment last forever” – Anonymous
  99. “Life is full of stormy moments, but they are offset with beautiful rainbows that bring hope and joy” – Anonymous
  100. “We rejoice when the sun comes out after a storm and a rainbow shines bright all around us” – Anonymous

If you have experienced the loss of a child and are expecting rainbow baby quotes to help lift your mood, these quotes can help you find peace after losing your baby in your new baby. So, have a look at these quotes and cheer up!

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