10 Useful and Important Checklist on Planning A Baby Shower

Your Checklist for Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

A baby shower is a special celebration which you obviously want to make memorable. The secret to throwing or hosting an unforgettable baby shower is in being organised. Preparing a checklist for the event can make planning a baby shower stress-free and fun. Also, while hosting a baby shower, consider planning the party as the new mom would want it, and not according to how you may like it.

How to Plan a Fabulous Baby Shower

The answer to the question of how to host a baby shower lies in making a checklist in advance. The baby shower event planning checklist may include the following handy tips:

1. Pick a Date

You may like to consult the new mom and her family while selecting a date. Some families follow the tradition of having a baby shower after the baby’s arrival, while some expectant moms prefer having one during her second trimester, when she is more likely to be comfortable. Also, it may be a good idea to run the proposed date with all the guests you intend to invite to check their availability.

Planning a date

2. Select a Theme

Choose a theme which may give you enough scope to allow you to work out other details of the party, like the invites, decorations, cake, and party games, with ease. Also, themes usually echo the personality and preferences of the mom-to-be. For example, the expectant mom may favour a neutral theme like a ‘stroller theme’, if she doesn’t wish to reveal the gender of the baby (that is, if she knows it!). So do ask the guest of honour if there are any particular themes she may like.

Baby shower theme ideas

3. Guest List

You could get inputs from the mom-to-be and her family regarding the guest list. It may not go down well to accidentally leave out a close relative or childhood friend. Thus, involve the family while planning the guest list.

Guest list for baby shower

4. Invitations

There can be several options for sending out the invites. You may go in for online invitations that can be sent digitally for free. You can also make the invites by hand using craft supplies and your creativity for that added personal touch. Printable invitations can also be considered depending upon your budget. Also, the guests may receive their invitations well in advance so that they have adequate reaction time. Following up the invitation with a short call can also be a good idea.

Invitations for baby shower

5. Venue Selection

It is important to keep the weather, the number of guests, and the budget in mind while selecting a venue. You can utilise your backyard or lawn for an intimate gathering. You may like to consider a restaurant in case the guest list is big. Parks can be an ideal setting for hosting a baby shower on a sunny winter morning, or when the weather is super pleasant.

Selecting a party venue

6. Decorations

You can create beautiful party decorations like banners and flash cards out of practically nothing, by making use of simple DIY crafts. You can also consider exploring thrift shops for reasonable, yet pretty, decorative pieces. You can watch online videos to get creative ideas for using streamers and balloons in a fancy way to deck up the place. Perishable items like flowers may be bought or arranged from a friend’s garden a day before the event.

Decorations for baby shower

7. Plan the Menu

The menu of the baby shower need not be too extensive. You may want the menu to reflect the theme of the baby shower. It may be practical to go in for finger foods, light snacks or even a potluck as it will let the guests to actively participating in the event while managing their food. At the time of planning the menu, take into consideration any likely food aversions or cravings of the mom-to-be. Do include refreshing drinks too.

Baby shower menu

8. Party Games

Ideally, party games set the momentum of the party by making things lively and exciting. It may not be a great idea to pack the party with too many party games. Organise a couple of fun activities so that the mom-to-be has considerable time at hand to interact with the guests or maybe open her presents. While selecting the games, pay careful attention to the fact that they should not be a drag or embarrass anyone. Also, keep apt prizes for the winners.

Party games for baby shower

9. Gifts

You can formulate a baby registry or a list by including all the essential things the mom-to-be may require after her baby’s arrival. A baby registry may also make it easy for the guests to select an appropriate gift which is bound to be appreciated by the expectant mom. You may, of course, include the expectant mom while preparing the baby registry, and provide the list to the guests in advance.

Gifts for baby shower

10. Party Favours

Offering party favours to all the guests at the conclusion of the baby shower may be a nice gesture of thankfulness. The expectant mom may like to add a personal thank-you note as well. Little things like scented candles, handmade chocolates, or some cosmetics can make for great party favours.

Party favours for baby shower

While planning a baby shower following a checklist may help you make the joyous event a great success, whose lovely memory the mom-to-be is sure to cherish forever.

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