Wearing Makeup during Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Wearing Make up During Pregnancy – Is it Safe?

Do you feel incomplete if you don’t wear makeup? If you are in the habit of wearing makeup and one day you go without it, your friends may say that something is wrong with you. We all love that precious makeup kit we possess, don’t we? But when a woman is pregnant, she gets skeptical about using makeup. If you are pregnant, you will also think twice before using makeup. But before coming to any conclusion, find out if it is safe to use during pregnancy, and if you do want to use, which products you should go for. Read on to know more.

Why Choose the Right Makeup Products When Pregnant

There are a plethora of makeup products to choose from, but when you are pregnant, you don’t know which product is safe to use when you have a little one growing in your womb. Here’s a list of things you should be aware of before choosing any makeup product to use during pregnancy.

  • Ensure the products do not have toxic ingredients. Exposure to ingredients like parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, etc. can cause skin rashes and even skin cancer. Such toxic chemical components in skin creams, lipsticks, and nail polishes are very dangerous for expectant moms.
  • Many cosmetic products are not regulated properly. Artificial colours, flavours, retinoids and salicylic acid can harm your health to a great extent. Retinoids can also cause organ defects in babies.
  • Most commercial cosmetics lack nutrients that are essential for your skin during pregnancy.

Consider these points carefully before choosing any makeup product to avoid skin issues during pregnancy.

What You Should Look for in Makeup During Pregnancy

Women need to be particularly careful during pregnancy. Toxic chemicals can have a significant effect during conception or on reproductive health. Expectant mothers should look for terms like ‘BPA free’, ‘fragrance-free’, ‘no DEA’, ‘paraben-free’ ‘no phthalates’, before buying any cosmetics during pregnancy. Go for organic cosmetics, and you should be good, but if you have allergies or food intolerances, you may want to check the entire list of ingredients in the cosmetics. If it could be of any respite, you could even try vegan, organic products that are gluten-free. If you are unsure about the chemicals in the products, research a little bit and check with your dermatologist for side effects.

How to Choose Pregnancy-Safe Makeup Products

If you cannot go without makeup during pregnancy, make sure you buy products that are safe for you and your baby’s health. Always keep in mind the health and wellness of your baby. Here is how you can choose safe makeup products during pregnancy:

1. Lipstick

Lipsticks are generally preferred by all women, but if it gets ingested while you eat or drink, it can be harmful to your baby.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

You should avoid lipsticks with toxic ingredients like lead, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, etc. as they can pose a potential risk for pregnant women. Pigmenting chemicals or colourants are also equally harmful.

Products You Should Try Instead

Pregnant ladies can try organic lipsticks made of natural ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, sesame oils, almond oil, jojoba oil, rose oil, argan oil, honey, cocoa butter and even clarified butter. It lasts long and poses no threat to your baby’s health.

Organic lipstick

Safety Tips

  • Lipsticks used by pregnant women should be made of organic ingredients.
  • It should not contain lead.
  • You should also look for safety certification.

2. Face Cream

During pregnancy, you will need a good face cream to pamper your skin, keep it moisturised and healthy. However, finding the right cream can be difficult as your skin undergoes a lot of change during pregnancy. These chemicals are harsh on the skin and could affect the baby’s development.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

The harsh ingredients of skincare products like retinoids and salicylic acid can enter the bloodstream after being absorbed by the skin. So, avoid these products. Other chemicals like parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate should also be avoided.

Products You Should Try Instead

A face cream with a thick consistency and the one that blends easily without leaving any patches should be preferred by expectant moms. Since there are very few over-the-counter face creams with no harsh chemicals, you could go for organic creams, or check with your dermatologist for suitable face creams.

Safety Tips

  • Look for terms like ‘hypoallergenic’, ‘fragrance-free’, ‘organic’, etc. to ensure that no synthetic ingredients or chemicals have been used in it.

Natural face cream

3. Foundation

Foundation is generally used to hide or reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones, marks and spots. During pregnancy, you will be prone to acne. If at all, you want to use a foundation, invest in a good quality foundation.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

You should avoid using a foundation containing harmful ingredients such as retinoids, and beta hydroxy acids.

Products You Can Try Instead

Pregnant ladies should use a foundation which gives a natural finish to the skin. The texture should neither be runny nor creamy. It should also last longer so that you don’t have to reapply the foundation every few hours. Some brands have organic foundations in a range of skin tones. You may go for a trial and choose the one that suits you the best.

Safety Tips

  • Go for foundations made with natural ingredients and has no trace of preservatives and chemical pigment.

4. Concealer

Women use concealers to cover skin imperfections. They are used along with a foundation to give a gentle glow to the skin.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

Concealers contain colour in a controlled quantity. Avoid anything that contains Polyethylene (PEGs) and parabens as they have been linked to breast cancer.

Products You Should Try Instead:

You should use a concealer that is convenient to apply, does not make your skin dry, blends easily, and lasts long. During pregnancy, it is better you go for concealers made with natural ingredients.

Safety Tips

  • The product safety status should be checked before buying.
  • Read consumer comments on the internet, as most of them also reflect the safety standards of the product.

5. Nail Polish

Should you apply nail polish during pregnancy? Nail polish can be a tricky cosmetic to use during pregnancy, especially in India culture, because we usually use our hands to eat our meals. Here is what you must consider before you apply nail polish during pregnancy.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

Nail polishes have a compound called toluene. If it is inhaled by pregnant ladies, it may cause developmental defects in the foetus. This chemical compound also causes skin and eye irritation, nausea, and dizziness. There are many other toxic ingredients in it which can also hinder your baby’s growth. Therefore, it is better avoided during pregnancy.

Products You Should Try Instead

You should opt for quality nail paints that do not chip off easily or those that do not have a strong chemical smell. Products containing the least hazardous chemicals should be purchased.

Safety Tips

  • As much as possible, avoid wearing nail polish during pregnancy.
  • In case you have to use it for an occasion, ensure you use the brand that does not have toluene and use a spoon to avoid any of the paint particles from entering your system.

Pregnant woman applies nail polish

6. Blushes and Eye Shadows

Blushes and eye shadows also contain an ample number of chemical compounds which can be harmful to your skin during pregnancy. Dry/powder blushes and eye shadows can also enter your system and cause health issues to you and your baby. However, there are alternatives to blushes. Here’s what you can look for when buying blushes and eye shadows to wear during pregnancy.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

Eye shadows and blushes containing parabens and sodium sulfate can harm your baby if they enter the bloodstream. So, check for the ingredients before buying it.

Products You Should Try Instead

You should go for fragrance-free, BPA-free, paraben-free products in the palette of your choice. A range of organic cosmetic brands make organic blushes that you could go for.

Safety Tips

  • Go for a good quality organic brand but buy your blush only after confirming it is safe enough for you to use.
  • Buy cream-based products that blend well on the skin instead of the powder blushes and eye shadows.

7. Face Powder

Face powders are pigmented translucent powders which are commonly used by ladies to set the foundation on the skin. These should also be chosen and used wisely to avoid medical issues for you and the baby.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

Many face powders have retinoids, tetracycline, and hydroquinone. These should be completely avoided during pregnancy.

Products You Should Try Instead

Cornstarch is a great alternative for a face powder. It soaks up any oil or sweat on the face and helps set the foundation too.

Safety Tips

  • If you do happen to find a good face powder to use during pregnancy, ensure you dust off excess powder with a makeup brush.

8. Kajal

Kajal is normally used to define the eyes and enhance its beauty. It prevents eye strain and retains moisture in it. Kajal has always been a part of Indian culture. Before the availability of kajal pencils in the market, it was made in the house with simple ingredients like camphor, castor oil and almond oil. If any of the over-the-counter kajal pencils do not work for you, you may use this option to make your own kajal.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

Store-bought kajal also have a range of toxic chemicals that can lead to serious long-term problems. So, avoid kajal that contains chemicals.

Products You Should Try Instead

Kajal prepared completely with organic ingredients like castor oil, and almond oil is healthy for the eyes and is absolutely safe for you and the baby. It does not have any side effects.

Safety Tips

  • While buying a kajal, check the ingredients and do not buy a product containing lead, parabens, or mercury.

Organic makeup products

If you don’t want to take any chances with your and your baby’s health during pregnancy, you may want to avoid makeup completely. However, that does not mean you cannot look good. There are other ways you can keep looking ravishing during the term.

Tips to Look Good Without Wearing Makeup

Makeup can revamp your look, but you can look equally fabulous with no makeup at all. During pregnancy, you will have some skin issues, but you will also have the pregnancy glow. So, you can say a big ‘no’ to blushes, foundations, concealers, and kajal and still look beautiful! Here are a few tips that can help you look stunning without a trace of makeup.

  • Eat healthy food, drink fresh fruits juices and eat lots of green veggies. All these foods are known to nourish the skin and make it look fresh and young.
  • Take the right supplements. Vitamin CE, or Biotin help retaining moisture in the skin and give the skin a fresh glow.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin supple and hydrated. Water will flush out the toxins and keep your skin healthy.
  • You can apply organic moisturisers to minimise pores and reduce fine lines.

All women are beautiful, and it is not makeup that makes you look your best, but it is your inner beauty that makes you what you are. Many beauty products can be harmful to your baby, so it is best to avoid using them during pregnancy. However, if you cannot go without makeup, look for organic products and play safe.

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