Tips for Handling Toddler Seeking Approval

Why is Approval Seeking So Important For Toddlers?

Is your 17-month-old baby prone to seeking constant approval? Well, you’re not alone. Such behaviour usually surfaces after toddlers develop social awareness. They crave to gain the praise, attention and approval of those who matter most to them. They also love getting small rewards in the form of a “well done” or “wow”!

Why Toddlers Seek Constant Approval?

1. To Send Signs of Being In Trouble

You have barely moved away from the play pen when you hear your baby wail again. Most times, the only way your child may alert you of his physical needs is by seeking attention. Is it a wet diaper that’s making him cold or a tummy infection that’s hurting him? A child will express discomfiture by crying or throwing a tantrum. If you find your child seeking such attention, examine carefully and visit a paediatrician if need be.

2. Ignored Emotional Needs

A 17-month-old child seeking approval isn’t uncommon. kids usually require a good amount of continual attention when they’re doing something. So, you needn’t be worried if your child calls out for your attention when he’s building blocks, dragging a play cart, chasing butterflies, or doing just about anything else. The emotional demands of a toddler compel him to seek approval and praise for the smallest of actions. In case this need is ignored, there may be a natural outburst in the form of tantrums, anger, or hurting oneself/others. If such situations become a daily occurrence, you may need to consult your doctor to check for ADHD or other medical conditions.

3. Reconsider Your Schedule

In today’s fast-paced world, working parents don’t get to spend time with their children. As a result, busy dads or work-stressed moms often find themselves dealing with toddler seeking approval tactics at home, day care centre, pre-school, playgrounds, etc. This is because their free time is taken over by kids who have been waiting long enough to get a nod or praise for the things that mean most. Spending more quality time with babies will dissuade them from seeking approval for everything, and will make them more independent and carefree in the long run.

The Best Way To Show Your Attention

There are times when kids enjoy enough parental attention, yet they misbehave. In other words, regardless of you taking care of your kid’s approval seeking behaviour, you’ll find your son crying needlessly or breaking things. To curb this behaviour, along with acknowledging his good actions, you need to inflict light punishment. Your firm and steady approach will calm him down gradually. Make sure you acknowledge and encourage his acceptable behaviour and deal with all not-so good actions deftly. This will help your kid learn the right ways of getting attention.


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