Time Management Activities and Games for Children

Teaching Planning Skills To Toddlers

By teaching toddlers to develop planning skills, moms are able to set their priorities correct in life. With the ability to plan well, children excel in their academics and sports alike. They end up being smartly organised all through. Learn the various ways of teaching planning skills in your child.

Developing planning skills in children is very important. It helps them achieve success in the fields of academics, professional, as well as personal life. It is through channelised thinking that a child is able to plan and develop strategies to attain any given goal. By paving the path for them to self-learn and develop the necessary planning skills, parents actually prepare them for future assignments and exams.

How To Teach Planning Skills To Toddlers?

1. Using Vision Charts

A good way of teaching toddlers to develop planning skills is by introducing them to the concept of ‘goal setting’ using visual charts. Start with simple, real-life examples. Create a chart along with your child depicting the various activities and items involved while getting her ready for school. Here the goal is ‘leaving for school on time’. So, help your child plan the activities(such as brushing, bathing, wearing school uniform etc.) that she carries out at the time of getting ready every morning.

2. Encourage Team Activities

Make your child participate in group activities. This way, your child will learn to plan along with her friends towards accomplishing the same mission. Also, it will help in developing her social skills. You could invite your little one’s friends and give them small puzzles to solve.With team mates, your little one will be able to plan and solve the given puzzles on time.

3. Using A Calendar

Show a calendar to your child and tell her about exciting events such as birthdays, anniversaries in your family. It could be yours, her father’s or her sibling’s. Ask her what she would like to gift to the birthday boy or girl? Does she have any special plans for the cake? What would she like to wear on that particular day? This will teach her the importance of planning in advance.

4. Game Time

Spend some quality time with your child by playing board games with her.To make it interesting, get some time management games for kids. Such games require players to complete particular tasks within a stipulated time frame. Such indoor games work really well towards developing bonding and a child’s strategic thinking abilities.

5. Bake Together

One of the most fun time management activities for children is baking. When you have free time, bake some muffins or cookies with your little one. Tell her about all the ingredients required, mix in the ingredients together, and then show how you put the cake tin in the oven after setting the desired time for baking. This is indeed an enjoyable activity through which your child learns to plan(with arranging and mixing the different ingredients) and understand the value of time.

With these hacks in place, you now know more about what are planning skills essential in toddlers. Without them, kids may find it difficult to cope with classroom learning or in finishing their homework in time.

Do share your tips for making time management an easy to learn milestone in toddlers.

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