Child Development - 15-18 months

Tracking Toddler Development from 15 to 18 Months

Every day is a new developmental milestone for toddlers. You will realize that he is growing up every single day. The pace of development is different for every child. At 15 months your child can walk, climb, jump and explore on his own. Therefore, it is recommended that you should not leave your child unattended even for brief periods of time.

Physical Development

You need to check on your toddler’s physical development in terms of being able to stand on his own without support. He should be able to walk well around 18 months, if not it is advisable to seek medical help. You may notice your child trying to kick anything that comes in his way, and he will be very excited to do it. He should be able to do a little dance to music. By this time, your child also learns to hold a spoon or a fork. His favourite hobby can be scribbling on the wall; however you could provide him with a board to encourage his feat. Let your baby grasp a ball or a fruit, let him pick up small crumbs from the ground on his own. Teach him to build blocks and check his responses, you may notice that he loves playing with colourful blocks.

Language Development

Your child should be able to speak a little more than ‘Papa’ and ‘Dada’. You will see an increase in his vocabulary now. He should be able to use 5-6 words in everyday conversations. He should be able to understand a single instruction at a time. You will realize that now he associates the word ‘mom’ with you. A few toddlers can imitate and sing as well, and they can recognize their favourite songs.

Emotional Development

He will start feeling possessive of his toys now and may use words like ‘me’ or ‘mine’. The child may flare at any small thing because he is trying to adjust with the social norms. His confidence and self – esteem are growing because of which he is trying to be more independent each day. He might throw a fit at you, but do not react aggressively. You need to control your temper and refrain from yelling and spanking, even if you have repeatedly explained something

When to Seek Help

You may consult a doctor if your child:

  • Does not make eye contact with you or enjoy playing with you.
  • Does not speak anything till 15 months
  • Does not show hand movements like waving or twinkling
  • Has trouble seeing or hearing things
  • Does not walk by himself
  • Uses one hand much more than the other

Every time that you see your child reaching a milestone, make sure you appreciate him. Remember children learn by appreciating. Physical and emotional development at this age is very fast and you should be able to see changes in your baby as he grows. Only if you see your child not responding to your communication regularly, you may consult your medical practitioner. Some children can be slow during this time, but they will catch up very soon.

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