Strategies for Making Toddlers Climb Up & Down Stairs

Teaching Your Toddler The Correct Stair Climbing Method

At what age do babies climb stairs? It begins the moment they start crawling although they begin walking up them later. It’s natural for kids to be enticed by stairways. But, parents need to remember to keep them safe and secure when they strive to become Edmund Hillary!

For babies who have no developmental delays, the process of stair-climbing starts just a little before or after they turn 1 year old. Now that your toddler has started crawling, she’ll be drawn towards all kinds of stairs. With her taking an active interest in going up and down stairs, it’s time for you to be extra vigilant. Always assist your baby when she attempts climbing stairs.

Points to Remember when Teaching Toddlers How to Climb Stairs

Start Small

Don’t overwhelm your child by trying to make her climb many steps. Tackling a few at a time is the right way of initiating this development milestone. This will also help her get the right balance, and will ensure that she does not fall or hurt herself in any way. Make sure you’re holding her hand or standing behind her at all times. Once you think that she’s gained some confidence, you may let go a little but keep watching. Do teach her to hold on to the railing for added support.

Dangle Her Favourite Toy

One of the best ways of making toddlers climb up and down stairs is by using their favourite toys. Stand a few steps above your baby and hold the toy in your hand, just a little out of her reach. Dangle it in front of her, so that she feels tempted to reach out for it. Use this method to encourage her to climb a couple of steps at a time. Stop once you feel that she’s getting tired, and start again when she’s ready to climb once more.

Practice Makes Perfect!

In the beginning, your child’s movements will be slow with two feet together on one step. Once she’s able to do this on her own, teach her to hold the railing and then place one foot on each step. With regular practice, she’ll learn to alternate her tiny feet on the stairs.

Choose The Right Stairway

If possible, make her practice on carpeted stairs instead of the hardwood or concrete ones. Make her wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict movement. Don’t put on socks either. Try to avoid steep stairways as well and have your little one climb an enclosed staircase- with a wall on one side and a railing on the other.

Pick The Right Time

Many toddlers don’t begin climbing before 2 years. However, the age for this development milestone varies from child to child. Once your 22-month-old is comfortable handling a few steps, you can begin with an entire set of stairs.

Climbing stairs is a natural process. As a parent, you can make the whole experience a lot more fun-filled and easier by being cautious. Strive to make your baby feel comfortable at all times. Soon, you’ll find her jumping from one step to the other!

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