Top 12 Goodbye Songs for Preschoolers and Kids

Preschool life and its memories are some of the best times of your little one’s childhood. Preschool is a starting point for kids to learn how to make friends and socialise, and some of those friendships may last for the rest of their lives! At the end of preschool, there are multiple ways in which schools decide to bid farewell to their little students. Some have graduations, some have little get-togethers, and a lot of them also have preschool goodbye songs. Read on to find out about our list of the best goodbye songs for toddlers.

Popular Goodbye Songs for Preschoolers and Kids

There are several goodbye songs for children that you can choose from, and they are all available on the internet along with the correct lyrics. To save you some time, we have put together a list of 12 songs that are easy to learn, sing, and execute even for the littlest of little ones!

1. ‘Skinnamarink’ By Sharon Lois and Bram

This one is a classic and an easy song to pick up, even on short notice. It has been used time and time again because it is such a hit with kids and adults alike. The song is about telling the kids that they are loved, no matter the time of the day or place. Kids need to know that they are loved and cherished, and this song is the perfect way to tell them, and also makes for a great end to a great year in preschool! The word ‘skinnamarink’ doesn’t really mean anything, but it sure is catchy!

2. ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ By Jane Taylor

This is one of the classics of goodbye songs for kindergarten. Since all the kids probably know the song already, it takes little to no time for preparation. The song is about a little star that is high above in the sky, and how it twinkles so bright, much like the kids and their individual journeys in life!

3. ‘Goodbye Song’ By The Learning Station

This is a goodbye song for slightly older kids. It is a fun rap, and a means to say goodbye using different animals. Kids love this song, and you can make it a bit more challenging for them by asking them to come up with rhymes of their own. Older children prefer this song because it really works their imagination while they come up with creative raps.

4. ‘Let’s Tidy Up’ B Amanda’s Action Club

This song is a good way to learn the names of different toys and teach kids how to clean up before leaving. The song works as a fun goodbye song, but at the same time, inculcates the learning aspect of being tidy and teaching the kids how to put things away once they’re done using them.

5. ‘Goodbye Song’ By The Singing Walrus

An easy song which is mostly repetitive and talks about how it is time to go home, the Goodbye Song by The Singing Walrus is apt for very young learners who cannot keep up with songs of a higher calibre.

6. ‘Bye Bye Goodbye’ By Super Simple Songs

Super Simple Songs live up to their name and provide songs that are easy to sing and keep up with! This one is an absolute classic with toddlers. This goodbye song for kids has easy lyrics and actions that you can change to suit your requirement for the class. It might be a bit tough for very young learners, but as time passes, they will definitely get more comfortable and will start to love this song.

7. ‘Goodbye School Song’ By Dream English

This is a unique song because it is an action song to dance along to. It helps to practice all that is being learnt in class, including spellings and actions. A fun song for all kids, you can definitely use it to finish up the school day, and even the school year!

8. ‘Hello, Goodbye’ By The Beatles

Definitely a classic among the adults, it’s important to introduce kids to good, classic music at a young age. This is a simple enough song for slightly older kids to remember, and it uses words that they probably know or are old enough to understand and pick up. It is easy to fit into a classroom setting.

9. ‘So Long Now’ By The Kiboomers

This song by the Kiboomers is a lovely goodbye song that has simple lyrics and peppy music that kids will love. The lyrics go, “So long Now, till next time; See you soon! It was so nice to have you here with me today!” and this makes it the perfect goodby song for kids.

10. ‘Shotgun’ By George Ezra

Many kids seem to love this song! Although it might seem like the lyrics are a bit difficult to learn in one go, once you have made them listen to it and practice it a couple of times, they can get the hang of it pretty quickly. To make it more interesting, you can get the kids to invent dance moves or actions to the song so that they enjoy it more.

11. ‘See You Later Alligator’ – Storytime Goodbye Song

This is a simple song that is sung to the tune of ‘Clementine’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ and has rhyming lyrics that kids will definitely enjoy.

12. ‘Let It Go’ By Idina Menzel

This popular song from Disney’s animated movie, Frozen, has taken over kids’ hearts and minds! It’s a good song to end a school day or school year on a high point, because of the energy in the song.

All these bye-bye songs for kids are popular and loved, with some of them even imparting knowledge or wisdom. Whether it’s the end of storytime, circle time, or even just the end of the day, these songs are apt for any occasion. We hope this list has given you a good idea of the kind of songs that you can sing with your kids! All the best!

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