Top Silly Songs For Preschooler & Children

Top Silly Songs for Preschoolers and Kids

Kids especially pre-schoolers learn new things through various fun activities. Sitting and learning is boring for them. So parents and teachers keep them engaged in various things, which facilitate the learning of little ones. One such entertaining activity is listening to silly songs. Music is the most effective tool for teaching new things to kids while having fun. Listening to simple silly songs kids pick up new words, develop their language and cognitive skills. Silly songs for kids have rhyming words/phrases with repetition with peppy music and are based on various entertaining premises aimed at teaching different activities, tasks or subjects. These innovative songs are easy to remember and inspire kids to learn more about the subject of the song or do the activities mentioned in the song. Apart from learning new things, the songs make the kids move and dispel their boredom by making them laugh.

Popular Silly Songs for Children

1. ‘Boom Chicka Boom’ by The Learning Station

This cute song is sung by ‘The learning Station’ and focuses on repetitive words which are easy to follow. The kids learn and repeat words such as cowboy style, baby style, janitor style, Elvis style, or motorcycle style along with dance actions. Simple phrases accompanied by various actions teaches the kids about many things and people.

2. ‘All I Eat Is Pizza’ by Koo Koo Kanga Roo

This simple and silly song by ‘Koo Koo Kanga Roo’ is ideal to make the kids get up and move along with the lyrics. Kids love to sing silly lyrics about pizza and dance like pizza slices. Bonus is the laughter whenever the words “fruit loops” are sung.

3. ‘The Goldfish’ by Laurie Berkner

“The Goldfish” sung by Laurie Berkner is loved by all kids due to its fun and easy lyrics. Kids love to dance to the silly music and imitate the words of the song. They love to do the fun things a goldfish does or don’t do.

4. ‘Tony Chestnut’ by The Learning Station

This cute song is sung by “The Learning Station” is good enough for kids to move their body from head to toe. The kids learn the different body parts and other action words as the sing-along this song. The silliness of the lyrics grabs their attention and motivates them to work their brain.

5. ‘Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?’ by Super Simple Learning

“Super Simple Learning” is known for their educational songs for kids, though this one is popular for its fun lyrics. Kids love the entertaining lyrics about silly food combinations.

6. ‘The Hairbrush Song’ by VeggieTales

This is one of the very silly songs for kids and is about Larry, a cucumber who finds his hairbrush is missing as he comes out of the bath. The song tells the story of Larry in a towel as he searches for his hairbrush everywhere.

7. ‘Banana Dance’ by Dr. Jean

Banana Dance sung by Dr Jean is a cute and engaging song about a banana. Kids love the simple lyrics, and dance along with Dr Jean as she moves her hands on the song.

8. ‘Raining Taco’s by Parry Gripp and BonneBum

Raining Taco is a song where the rains or the weather is tacos. This delicious song about raining tacos is hilarious and makes the kids imagine a world where food can rain from the sky.

9. ‘Space Unicorn’ by Parry Gripp and Brianne Drouhard

Space Unicorn is one of the best silly songs for kids. This fun song takes the kids to an imaginary world where there are unicorns, rainbows, and marshmallow laser.

10. ‘Silly Pirate Song’ by Jack Hartmann

Silly Pirate Song tells the story of a pirate who wants to sing his song but he is constantly interrupted by many hilarious people. Kids love the funny incidents happening in this song.

Silly songs are loved by all kids as they engage and entertain the kids. These songs are easy to learn due to simple lyrics and peppy music. Apart from teaching new words these songs also help in behavior modification of the kids.

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